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Review: Scourge: Outbreak

I recently read somewhere that all new ideas are borrowed from old ideas as someone who writes a book, makes a movie or produces a game will take the best bits of other media, adapt it and make it their “own” and therefore something new.

I came to find that Scourge: Outbreak was very much designed in this fashion, but let it be clear that this is not always a bad thing. Many games adopt this approach but it is a thin line to skate as to whether what the player thinks are great areas of gameplay, are also what a developer thinks are great areas of gameplay.

But enough with my thoughts and on to the matter at hand. You will find that playing Scourge: Outbreak feels somewhat familiar if you have ever played a Gears of War game as the mechanics of the game and controls are similar. In fact the point I was trying make in my earlier text is that what lets this game down is with first impressions. It is not the similarity of the controls of Gears of War but rather the exact port of its controls and style. The weapons also look a bit too much like those of Mass Effect and the suit you wear has too many similar properties to that of the one found in Crysis 3.

Although admittedly at first, I was refreshed to play a game that seems very familiar and somewhat living in the past. It felt easy and accessible but sadly very quickly the novelty had worn off and I found myself playing a game that I have seen all before and, more importantly, played far too much in the past. So I started looking for something fresh and new that the game brings to the table to keep me interested but I failed to notice any such gameplay elements.

As for the story line, it goes generally along the lines of a search and rescue of a scientist in a large evil corporation that has been experimenting on an alien meteorite and it all goes a bit wrong. Much of the story is done through in-game dialogue but it is quite predictable and not really that engaging.
Scourge: Outbreak hasn’t come up short with what you get for your money though; there is an in game co-op and a multiplayer with the regular portion of game types and styles, and the game visuals are not that bad, it very much has the appearance of a launch title. The issue I have with the game is that it tries too hard to become something it’s not. The “borrowed” ideas from the other games are too close to the original and I found myself playing a somewhat confused game that tries to be many things bar its own creation. All of the features that I would like to shout about, like the different characters or the slightly modified weapons that you pick up in the game, just have no impact or difference. I actually find it really disappointing that somewhere there is a team of people who put this game together and added some bits probably because they looked “cool”. They had the skeleton of a game but failed to add any flesh.

Scourge: Outbreak is strictly for those missing the old Gears of War style of gameplay, with nothing added. I’m sure that with some creativity from the developers this would have been an entirely different review. It is a shame that somebody has taken the time to put this game together but failed to add sparkle or even some personal touch bar the level design.  You might get some fun with a friend if they are a like-minded shooter fan but I would leave this one alone, you’ve already been there and done that.

Review: Scourge: Outbreak Andy Bell
Replay Value

Summary: A very much “been there and done that” game, for the fans of the genre only.



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2 Responses to Review: Scourge: Outbreak

  1. Tony Winkett says:

    Really need to try this, as the demo did something for me.

  2. Andy Bell says:

    It’s because you are a old gear head like me, good at first, then you slowly go ah… ok.. right..

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