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Review: The Lego Movie Videogame

Who would have thought that a simple plastic brick that was first made in 1949 would still be loved worldwide and still be going strong after all this time, with children and even adults still to this day getting enjoyment out of this basic plastic toy, but what is the key to its success?
Not being a huge fan of the product myself (sorry internet) I couldn’t even begin to answer that question, but surely the love it still has today must be partly down to some of the licenses the game has in its catalogue. When you have the likes of such huge brands as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and Disney’s Cars in your back pocket, chances are you’ve not got to do much to have a big seller on your hands.

Lego games though are a different thing all together, as they seem to have their own following for people who perhaps don’t enjoy the toys themselves but find the game fun to play with kids or just friends.
We all remember our first Lego game, mine was Lego Batman in 2008, but to be honest with you these games have never been a must play when I’ve seen one released.

The Lego Movie Videogame ties in with the recently released movie on the big screen that sees the likes of Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson all doing some voice work (even some acting) in it, and with big stars like this onboard with it you know it’s big.
Now while not seeing the movie for myself just yet, I can tell you that the videogame does seem to follow the same story, but doesn’t seem to have many of the live action scenes that the film has. I would say if you’re planning on going to see the movie, go do that first then buy the game.

The story itself kicks off with you fighting the game’s evil bad guy called Lord Business who is trying to get hold of a weapon called the “Kragle” which he will use to end the world.
In comes your character called Emmet who’s a nobody in the world and even uses a manual on how to get through day to day life, so your typical hero it seems.
Working on a building site, soon things all change as he meets a character by the name of Wyldstyle who tells him he is “the special one” who they need to save the world from the evil Lord Business.
What follows is fifteen chapters of typical Lego fun in which you must build, work out puzzles and punch your way through with all the joy and fun you will have felt in all previous Lego games.

Listen, if you’ve played previous Lego games and liked what they offered, this game is a no-brainer by all means, so just go order it and ignore the rest of the review; for the guys who have dabbled in previous games, this is time for me and you to talk. You see I’ve never 100% a Lego game in my life, nor do I own a hand-made Lego figure of Yoda, but weirdly this felt like the best Lego game I’ve ever played.
Maybe this was because many previous games had focused too much attention on things I had no real love for.
I mean sure I like such things as Star Wars and Batman, but not to the point that I have a nerdgasm when seeing their latest costume or latest teased movie trailer, I just enjoy them on a casual level.
The Lego Movie Videogame plays that role perfect for me, as while yes it does have certain cameos with the likes of Batman, Superman and others, you feel like they are not forced down your throat, so I enjoyed it much more.

Lego games always have stuff away from the story for you to either enjoy or loathe, and this game is no different.
You have the much loved studs/game currency collection aspect of the game going on at all times, so just like other Lego games there is a reason to return long after the story is finished with.
With currency you can add to your list of characters who you can then use when making a return to previous levels with new characters that can now open previously locked parts of the level.
You of course also have all the returning favourites like Red Blocks to find and purchase, and even special pants that need to be found, all making a return to the game once finishing the story a must for any player.

You also have free roam areas away from the game levels to enjoy.
In these you can not only search for those studs to add to your currency, but also the Red Blocks I was speaking about, and other bits and pieces that will aid you in your goal to 100% the game.

The only real different thing that I noticed from previous Lego games were the cool building sets that are scattered throughout the story.
In these you must find a certain set of instructions, once those are found the build takes place and you must match the pieces up on-screen with the missing part to carry on the build.
Sure it is something really small, but something that was new and fresh and enjoyable to play with.

While the game itself was fun there was a few little things that did become annoying on playing through the game, music being one such thing.
Now while I will admit the theme song of “Everything is Awesome” was fun to hear on the first occasion, when you start hearing it all the time when playing through the game it can become a tad annoying.
The same can be said for some of the music used in certain levels, one such being the one used in the level Cloud Cuckoo Land, as it felt like a techno hook stuck on repeat making me want to pull my ears off after about ten minutes. I did end up turning the music off because of it, but this became an issue when reaching a dance section in the game a bit later on as I ended up dancing to complete silence with not being able to pause it and put it back on for a second.
To counter balance this issue though, I do have to say that the game features some great voice over work, so swings and roundabouts when it comes to audio.

Another issue I had was a glitching issue on a certain part of the game.
In one mission in the free roam area of Bricksburg (where the game is set), I had a mission where I had to find 5 cats to unlock a red brick that would give me the x10 stud multiplier.
All started off well for me, but when reaching the below image I found that the bench that needed breaking to unlock the hook for the bright yellow piece on the balcony just would not work.

It was as simple as having to smash the bench to get the hook, but no matter how many times I tried it just would not work, which was rather annoying.
This was the only glitch I hit in the game, so don’t read this as “the games is glitched to hell”, I just thought it was best to share with you what happened, so hopefully the same mistake does not happen to you.
I’ve since read that if you smash the bench and balcony before buying the character shown below, the game will not let you smash the bench again, and doing this will make the same thing happen to you.
So be sure to buy her first before going on a rampage for studs and making the same mistake I did.

Overall The Lego Movie Videogame is what it is, a jolly game for a gamer of any age who just wants to play a game where you can’t die and enjoy it.
If you’re looking for a challenging story of course this is not the game for you, but the story being movie based made for some really great cut-scenes which did make me laugh a little to myself.
The only challenging aspect of this all will be to do everything the game offers to you, as it will take both time and a good grinding if you’re an achievement guy.

Review: The Lego Movie Videogame Tony
Replay Value

Summary: Apart from the annoying music and one mentioned glitch, The Lego Movie Videogame is without a doubt my favourite Lego game to date. Great fun for both adults and kids, and not having any licensed characters shoved down my throat was my cup of tea.


Best One Yet

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5 Responses to Review: The Lego Movie Videogame

  1. Gary Mullen says:

    love the lego games but by the end of them i find myself very bored as it the same thing over and over again for the levels (think first batman was the worst for me)

  2. Andy Bell says:

    love the Lego games, this is on the “to buy” list

  3. Robert Young says:

    If this is anything like the movie it will be immense!

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