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Review: Remember Me

To see a new IP on a console so late in its life is always a nice thing to see when you’ve been a user for a long time. Lately releases seem to have been full of numbers, as the console that was full of new stories to be told starts the cycle of becoming nothing but a cash cow with cash cow game number three getting all the hype. So it was refreshing watching Remember Me being shown off last year and for me as a gamer thinking “wow, that actually looks like it could be good” but you know how these stories normally pan out. We are normally sat here the day after release thinking “I expected so much more” but I was still hopefully Capcom would spring a surprise on us.

Remember Me is set in Neo-Paris of 2084 and you play the role of Nilin, a character who is somewhat part Lara Croft and part Faith from Mirror’s Edge in appearance. Nilin is a former elite memory hunter who has the ability to break into peoples minds to either rob them or alter them to change the outcome. The game begins with Nilin being captured by the authorities who wipe her mind of everything she knows, but she escapes and goes on this whirlwind ride. The game is essential you going thorough each episode learning about who your are, as you put the pieces together over the campaign that will last you a good six to eight hours. Away from the basic levels of the campaign you also have these fantastic remix sections where you must change a memory of a person to something else, which honestly I wish the game had many more of.

The campaign is utterly beautiful and the world of Neo-Paris is sometimes breathtaking to just look at, but the gameplay sort of feels like Mirror’s Edge. I’m not sure if this was the amazing music, or the fact it has that same futuristic look and feel to a Mirror’s Edge game, but whatever it was it’s not a bad thing. It can feel like you are just leaping across buildings and not much else very early on in the game, but thankfully as the game goes on it starts telling a decent story and you stop thinking you are just playing a Mirror’s Edge wannabe.

The game is set in this action adventure genre, so it has that kind of classic feel of combat like the recently released DmC, which if you read the review for that game, I loved that to. The combat became a bit of a sore point over the Internet before we got our review copy, so I was waiting to get my hands on before I passed judgement. In my first few hours of play I won’t lie it was still a bit confusing, but after a while I was bashing out combos like some kind of freakish ninja. The combos are broken up into four segments, which you can break up into certain routines via the games combo lab by pressing the back button. They are known as pressens with each one adding a certain format to the combos you can build up.

The first is a power pressen, which deals extra damage in your combos. The second is a Regen pressen, this one regenerates some of  your health when striking an enemy in a combo with this. Third is the Cooldown pressen which will speed up all your bigger super pressens (get to these shortly) cooldowns, so you can use then sooner. Finally we have the Chain pressen which multiplies the power of the previous pressen that you place before it in your chosen combo. You can make up a few decent combos that will aid you no matter what type of player you as you go through the campaign.

I spoke about the super pressens above, but without going into much detail. These are like a special power that can be used numerous times per level, but they all have a cooling down period. These powers work with a press of the LT button and choosing which one you would like to use, and you will find some working better against certain enemies that others. Things like Fury (kind of more powerful attack for your punches and kicks) to planting a power called rust in pieces which takes over control of a certain and enemy who attacks his own before blowing himself up. They work well and are really needed when you are surrounded by enemies only to eager to finish you off. These unlock in certain parts of the campaign, so you will not have them all right off the bat. You also have a gun type glove that will shoot open doors or even be able to target enemies with shields to make them drop it, therefore making them vulnerable to combat.

Overall, the whole combat system can seem a bit much to begin with, but with a bit of practice you will be fine, the only niggle I did have with the combat was sometimes the camera would let me down when I was in a tight spot and I could not see what I was hitting due to a wall being in the way.

Away from the combat what else does the game give I hear you cry? Well you have tons of collectibles to try to find in the game. These range from things called Mnesist memories, which are futuristic news clippings of certain landmarks or history in the game that let you dig a bit deeper into the world behind the game. You also have things called Scaramechs to find, which are a little bug that can only be shot with you gun glove, so these can be hidden almost anywhere. Also things like Sat patches (adds a block of health to your health bar) are littered around the campaign, so this could make the replay through the game on that higher difficulty a bit easier.

I went into playing Remember Me expecting it to be all bells and no whistles, but I’m pleased to say I’ve really loved my time with the game.
Sure it can feel short clocking in at just over eight hours for a campaign. Yes, the camera and combat can be a bit hit and miss at times, but for a really well told story and great remix sections it comes out smelling of roses. Nilen has that special something about her as well that only a few other female characters have been lucky to capture in recent times. I for one hope to see more of her in the future, as I feel we might have a new Lara on our hands.

Review: Remember Me Tony

Remember Me


Summary: A game that is something new for once that looks beautiful and has a great new character to play. Capcom you've done good!



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2 Responses to Review: Remember Me

  1. Nikmou says:

    This is high on my gaming wishlist, the review makes it feel like a rental rather than buy due to the short story. Will have to see when boomerang can get it out ot me.

  2. The game does have replay value in terms of the New Game Plus mode, the memory remixing has multiple ways to complete with each change you make able to effect it, not just to complete the target objective and it is a fun story.

    I would say rent it as well, I own my copy and dont regret buying it, but I would say if you are not sure then rent it but for new IPs they need the backup of sales to encourage their publishers to consider a sequel which in the case of Remember Me could be quite special indeed.

    Will have to see what DLC they release for it now

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