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Review: Dead Space 3

Blood soaked walls surround you and the dead scattered on the corridors of an abandoned spaceship. You tread slowly; your arm outstretched holding your pistol giving you a lifeline of some light in the dark passageway, waiting in anticipation for the next horrifying monster to leap out the wall and attempt to impale you, hopefully you will have enough time to get a couple of shots off, sever its arm and use its own limbs to impale the beast to the floor. You got it, Dead Space is back.

The original Dead Space was released way back in 2008 by EA, it was an instant hit with its great lighting and scary moments, so thus spawned the sci-fi survival horror genre. It places you in control of Isaac Clarke who has been the main character throughout the three games and he has been at the bad end of a Necromorph’s spike for the best part of 4 years, Dead Space 3 will give you a great story run-down at the start of the game so you can get up to date with what is happening with our friend Isaac, but primarily you set out to destroy the “markers” this is what is turning the dead into the horrifying Necromorph’s.

Dead Space 3 uses a “over the shoulder” third person perspective view and you wear the familiar RIG suit (resource integration gear) this wonderful bit of kit puts a spin on the normal heads up display that you may be familiar with, it puts your health along the spine of the suit and when in vacuum areas it also displays your remaining oxygen, to add you have an impressive holographic display to bring up your weapons, inventory and communications from team members throughout the game.

Dead Space returns with not many things to fix, yet the game has improved. The atmosphere is still dark and eerie and the lighting is pure joy with clear emphasis placed in this area, Isaac’s blue glow from the slits in is helmet bounce off the surfaces, and the light from your gun is essential to poking around the dark corners looking for ammo and parts. It is also nice to see that you are not just stuck on a spaceship, some cracking diversity in environments have been introduced. Although a lot of your adventure will be on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis with its snow storms and sub-zero temperatures, fabulous space walks are part of the story with fantastic views and secrets to discover but don’t worry, the familiar scary space ship and abandoned complex’s still play a great part. The combat has been improved with Isaac being a bit more responsive, the ability to roll away from danger is helpful and being able to automatically head into cover by simply approaching an area while holding the left trigger also makes sense. Although I did just find myself walking everywhere gun in hand waiting for that next Necromorph to leap out at me! And I should add there are some truly tense moments in this game, from within the first five minutes to its final hours.

There are some new additions to Dead Space, firstly is the ability to craft your own weapons; although I actually did find this a bit overwhelming at first as the multiple of different parts, weapons and add-ons that can be assembled is massive. To collect enough parts and will keep you playing and adventuring for some time, you can get some assistance in the form of neat little scavenge bots that will hunt out and retrieve parts on your behalf, just place them in a location found by radar and after a while they will reappear at a workbench with the goods. Or you can just buy them with your money! Yes Dead Space has introduced microtransactions to the game; you are probably familiar with this process on a mobile game for example (£3 will buy you 500 coins) but in Dead Space you can use Microsoft points/ PSN money to purchase further items if you cannot be bothered to hunt for them.

A large new feature is co-op, there are certain areas of the game that can only be entered in co-op mode and this does add a great element to the game. It’s great to team up against the

hordes of Necromorphs one of you dismembers the other impaling! Dead Space has placed some emphasis on getting you to play the co-op with the promise of more loot and of course the otherwise unable to enter areas.

Overall Dead Space 3 is fantastic title, not many games have had me this tense. You can have lots of fun with the weapon creation finding different ways to kill, decapitate and sever limbs off the enemy, there is also the standard collectables to find in the game to keep you playing. Truth is there is not much I can fault with the game, only to whine about EA! Introducing microtransactions and having a pass for the online co-op (so if you pick up the game preowned, chances are you will have to pay out more money before you can play online with a friend) it all seems a bit greedy to me when we already pay a handsome price in the first place, whine over!

Review: Dead Space 3 Andy Bell

Dead Space 3

Graphics - 80%
Gameplay - 90%
Presentation - 90%
Story - 80%
Challenge - 80%
Replay value - 80%

Summary: On the good side of things The game has a good story, it's scary, and has good replay value Bad points are, It takes a while to get going after a great start.


Quite good

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2 Responses to Review: Dead Space 3

  1. Juan Sanchez says:

    Great review HXR! I must say, I have really enjoyed the Dead Space series so far. I don’t agree with some of the results on the games *hint hint* but I guess EA and Visceral know what they are doing. Looking forward to playing the Awakened DLC too! 😉

  2. Luke says:

    This game hasn’t interested me in the slightest, but great review dude.

    I enjoyed reading it.

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