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Review: Black Ops 2 – Uprising DLC

Another month passes in the world of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and we find ourselves with more zombie fun with Mob of the dead, and four brand new maps to kill lesser skilled opponents than ourselves with the release of the Uprising map pack for Black Ops 2. You perhaps read our review of both Black Ops 2 and the previous DLC on the site, but if you haven’t it would be fair to say I was not bowled over with what Black Ops 2 gave us on release, but I was impressed with the other DLC that was on offer. The game still has faults in multiplayer that other games in the series never had, but still I try to enjoy the game when I stick it on with friends, and I love to try any DLC the game offers.

This map pack offers four new multiplayer maps in the form of Encore, Magma, Studio, and Vertigo, but also giving fans of the zombie side of things with a much deeper zombie experience than ever before with Mob of the Dead. With this DLC pack yet again the big seller for me was the zombie side of things, as the more I play that side of Black Ops 2 the more I’m starting to enjoy it, so lets crack on with my thoughts.

Mob of the Dead:
This new Zombie adventure had me all sorts of excited, as this time around in a COD game I’ve actually liked what the zombie side of things have offered in both already on disc content, and what each DLC pack has offered. This time around this DLC map is set to the backdrop of Alcatraz prison with you controlling one of four unlucky prisoners whose quest is to escape the undead. The quest this time is to build a plane to escape the prison, but of course there is much more than just that to do, and the never ending waves of undead make it anything but an easy task. The cast this time around is full of top talented actors, such as, Ray Liotta of Terminator (and GTA) fame, and Michael Madsen of Kill Bill, and also two other guys I don’t know much about, but I did see one of them kidnap a child in much loved 90’s flick Baby’s Day Out.

The issue I’ve had with previous Zombie maps in Black Ops 2 is that they have felt like nothing more than a ‘kill lots of zombies’ scenario with not much of a reason behind it all, but Mob of the Dead changes all that, as for once I felt like I was killing the undead for a reason. Now while it won’t win story of the year at least this time around my quest was made clear rather than trying to guess what the next thing to do was.

Now while the main quest was to get a plane built there was also a few other things to do, such as easter eggs, and things to do to unlock certain achievements, which if you know me by now I won’t spoil for you guys. What I can say though is that this is easily my favortie zombie package yet, and one I will be revisiting every chance I get.

The four on offer this time are deifnetly a mixed bunch, which each map once again having its own quirky thing, but some did better than others. The maps on offer are Encore, Magma, Studio, and Vertigo, which I shall now break up into a short review of each for you viewing pleasure.

Encore is set in good old London town, with sights such as the London eye in the background, so you can go sightseeing while you plough someone down with a MSMC with rapid fire. One of the smaller maps in the DLC pack, Encore is for the run and gunners around the outer circle of the map, but if you dare to step foot in the centre of the map be ready to duck and dive as there are a couple of places where people with medium level sniper skills could pop your head off. That being said you will find a bunch of campers squeezed underneath the stage area waiting to pick you off, but with two entries to that area a sneeky run into the back entrance (ooooer missus) should take them out with ease. The middle of the map is all about the stage area and one window, control them both and you have the centre of the map at your command.

A good little map, but not one of favorites if I’m honest, as the above reason make it a dream map for the much hated camper, who love nothing more than setting up shop with bouncing bettys or claymores. Play with the right kind of gamers though and it makes for a fun fast paced map.

Magma was a map that I was looking forward to, when info was teased about it hot lava was promised, and who doesn’t love hot lavaaaaaaaaaaaa? Sadly the lava is stationary, so it only plays a role if you don’t look where you’re running, or you happen to strafe hip fire and not notice the bright orange glow staring you in the face like an idiot. Magma feels a very narrow map with long paths down each side with a few bends thrown in for good measure. The middle has either a window to look down, or you can run through a lower lava filled platform to go for a direct route.

Quite a good map with not many places to camp, but the games I’ve played of late they have been filled with Bouncing bettys, as the map is filled with corners a plenty, so be sure to tread carefully.

Studio is a map that you may have seen before, as it has been in Black Ops before under the name of Firing Range in first Black Ops. Not much has changed aprt from the look of the map now having the look of a hollywood studio plot rather than a basic firing range that it previously had. All the normal spot are around the map as before, so lovers of the map in previous years will instantly fall back in love with it again.

Overall, nothing new to see here, so one for nostalgia.

Finally we have Vertigo, which is set way up in the air on a sky scraper with a few sneaky places to get the jump on your opponent. One of my favorite new maps, as you have the outskirts of the map for snipe battles, and the inside is setup nicely for gunfire battles across the mid level area of the skyscraper, but easy access to the out area via a nicely paced ladder, so you can try to take out anyone giving grief to your team on the outside. I’ve seen this map being used by many of those gamers that love to spin with a snipe, but failing badly, so that makes it great to make those guys look an idiot at least.

This was easily the best of all the maps package.

Review: Black Ops 2 – Uprising DLC Tony

Black Ops 2 - Uprising

Replay value

Summary: A decent map pack yet again for Black Ops 2, but it will come down to if you use the Multiplayer if you should purchase it. The Zombie adventure is fun, but will only be enjoyed with buddies, as going solo is pointless. The maps have a couple of stand out good ones, but nothing that will take your breath away.


Loving it

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  1. Nikmou says:

    Really enjoying Mob of the Dead, and yes we have got some of the extras. It does feel like they have thought about it a bit more than just another zombie game

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