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DLC Review – Vengeance – Black Ops 2

Due to the summer holidays arriving and just not having much time in the day to review these maps just yet, I thought rather than hold out any longer I would give a mini review of my thoughts of the map pack.

Vengeance has been out a few weeks now for the 360, and has just dropped recently for the PS3.
It offers gamers four new maps in  Cove, Detour, Rush and Uplink, and also a brand new zombie map called Buried.
So in this review I will give you a short taste of how I felt on each map, and also take a look at Buried and tell you what I thought, so here it goes.

Cove is the first map on our reviewing travels, which takes place on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean, which has a downed plane as the maps Centre piece.
When I first got my hands on this map I have to be honest and say that this map did nothing for me whatsoever.
The map is circular is shape and came across a very basic map to play on with the only real stand out feature being the downed plane that covers one side of the map, with the other side having a raised cliff face that covers the Centre of the map.
Over time though, Cove has grew into one of my favorite maps of the whole pack, infact I would say the only map, as the size, and shape makes for a very fast and frantic game of TDM.
With the outer ring of the map ticking all the right boxes for the sniper guys, the map also ticks them in the Centre of the map as it caters for those run and gun guys who like action in their face.

The only downside to this map though is the rocks that litter the map all over Cove in which the dreaded head glitchers use it to their advantage. If your not familiar with the term “head glitching” let me try my best to explain it.
It’s where opposing players hide behind a static object and can aim at you perfectly with their weapon, but as a player you can only see a small part of their forehead, which therefore gives them an advantage every time.
I use term “glitch” but it is more an exploit that some try to use to their advantage who do not see it as a glitch, but the guys who get screwed over by it a lot hate it with a passion.

Away form all this “glitch” talk though I would say Cove stands head and shoulders for me as the best map in this whole pack, so if you love fast and frantic you will really enjoy this one.
Map spot to look out for: In the nose of the downed plane, as many players love to try to control the plane to their advantage.

Detour is out next port of call, which is a map that is straight in shape and has both high levels and low levels for you to plan your attack.

Detour is set on a Highway bridge suspended in the air, so it can also make for a easy slip moment if you are trying the narrow pipes on the outskirts of the map.
This map right from the get-go felt very small to me, as being very narrow it doesn’t really leave you much choice in which way you start off your attack on each spawn, So what happens is you are kind of drip fed to awaiting enemy players as you only have a few points of entrance to make your way through to the other side of the map.
This to me has also been a map that has highlighted the bad spawning the game sometimes decides to throw at you, as occasionally I’ve spawned next to a doorway only to walk into a guy lying in wait for that easy kill.

Lower parts of the levels are not used enough in this map, as gamers tend to use one of the rooms on either side of the map with a bouncing betty and shock charge for cover.
The middle section of the game is where the action seems to take place here, with just a couple of other players hovering the outskirts to pick off any stragglers.
While Cove did this to a certain extent Detour does it without the sense of fun, as it caters more to the player who like I said earlier “likes sitting behind a bouncing betty and shock charge in a room”  waiting for the other guy to make the move for him.
Overall I was not overly infatuated with Detour, as it left me remembering why I hated other maps that seem to favour the camper type of player.

Map spot to look out for: Either one of the rooms in the middle of the map.

Rush is set in an abandoned Paintball course, which actually plays rather well.

On the initial days after release it seemed to be a map that would favour the campers, as the map is very narrow and full of cover no matter where you are on the map.
On the right side of the map you have a heightened level, which only has about four entry points, so teams try to hold this down with claymores and shock charges and is a place to go if you fancy a snipe.
The middle area of the map is more for the shotgun guys out there, as the narrow twists and turns leave the opponent open to a shotgun to the face before he even know it.
The left houses the most paintball looking part of the map, as this has the cover you come to expect when you think of the word paintball.

Overall Rush does come out a decent map, but it can be spoiled by campers, as it does seem to favour them again in this map.
Map Spot to look out for: Whole right side of the map is campers paradise.

Finally we have Uplink which the tag line of “fan-favorite” was bounded about with before release.
If you have seen any of my posts about Black Ops 2 DLC recently you will know my feelings on so called re-imagined maps.
This seems the quick way to charge gamers MSP/PSN cash lately, as they are becoming more and more part of any new DLC packs that seem to be released lately.
Uplink plays just like it did previously when it was known as Summit is Black Ops, the only new thing is a bit of a spring clean when it comes to looks.

Overall Uplink is OK, but I would much prefer NEW maps.

With my last experience of Black Ops two zombies being the much liked Mob of the Dead, I had high hopes of what I was going to get with the latest Zombie Experience Buried.
We was also teased with a new Ray gun called the Ray Gun Mark II, but to be honest with you the gun meant nothing to me as a none regular gamer to the zombie side of Black Ops 2.
I’ve never been a huge fan of this side of the game in Black Ops, as most of the experiences tend to be more about scoring high on round leaderboards rather than an actually story.
Mob of the Dead offered you some sort of story at least where as Buried returns more to Experience that revolves around the above type of gameplay.
Sure you have such things as a giant called to control with booze, a haunted house with a scary lady inside, but it just felt very dull and boring to me.
The above all sounds very cool in words, but once you’ve done them a couple of times it just becomes meh.
Once I hit around wave 10 I could always find myself reaching for the quit button, as by then I had done what the whole map had to offer.

Overall Buried fails to top Mob of the dead and to me was rather dull, but for guys all about those leaderboards it will be right up your street.
Check out this video I uploaded on release for gameplay on all the above.

DLC Review – Vengeance – Black Ops 2 Tony
Value for money

Summary: The whole map pack for me was hit and miss. A couple of Decent maps, two rather dull maps and add onto that a lackluste Zombie experience "Vengeance" for me was a map pack that never quite did it for me at all. If you use Black Ops 2 a lot chances are you have this map pack already, but if you've not bought it yet I would say hold on to your cash.


Expected much more

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