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Review: Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil games are well known in the gaming world for one reason only, back in the day they was the place to go when you wanted a great game that would give you zombies and scares. A lot has changed with the series over the years, both good and bad.
Resident Evil 6 was met with a lukewarm response by both fans and review websites globally, as it favoured more the action type of game play rather than the typical survival horror genre we had grew up and loved. But with Revelations being a HD take on the recent version released on the 3DS I was hopeful this would be a trip down memory lane.

The game kicks off with you playing the much loved Jill from previous games and a guy called Parker coming across a mysterious ship in the middle of the ocean called The Queen Zenobia. The initial part to the story is your buddy Chris Redfield is missing and you need to find out where he has gone. Away from that though you have your typical gory bad guy encounters with chunks of the game story told via flashbacks, but it’s told in such a way that I lost track of what was going on if I am honest. What hits you right away though is how it feels like the classic Resi games we all grew up loving back in our youth. With doors around every corner, jump scares on the return, and the ship being the major focal point of the story where it takes place it feels very much like the mansion did all those years ago.

But with that also comes some issues…

After a great start the excitement of playing it seem to trail off me for personally. I’m not sure if this was because I chose to go it alone and not use the co-op option, or the fact the flashbacks take you in and out of playing the main lead character of Jill. That being said, when the game is stripped of story and you’re doing your thing on the ship it will please fans of previous games no end. The tight fitting camera makes every door opening or corner turn a trip into the unknown once the scares start to begin, and I did find myself turning corners with my eyes squinted ready to crap my pants. Usually though they are not big scares like the zombie dogs jumping through the windows back in the day, which we all soiled our pants to right. This is what a Resident Evil game needs to be like, but minus the flashbacks that confuse the story, and kind of tarnish it a little.

Combat in the game is your basic combat we kind to expect in the Resident Evil series. You pick up weapons such as the pistol, shotgun, and a sniper rifle, but with limited ammo around or in my case having the aim of a guy in need of glasses you do find yourself running low on ammo away from the pistol. You also have your trusty knife at hand at all times, but if you’re stuck against a wall and try to stab your way out the camera does tend to let you down here. The guns also have upgrades around the game world that you can find and equip. These are such things as more damage, being able to hold more ammo, to one such upgrade giving me a charge shot for my pistol that let off a funny pew noise when firing. They actually felt like nothing different was happening when adding them to my chosen gun, but half my shots would end up in the wall behind the guy I was shooting!

In terms of health the much loved green herb returns, of course not to be confused with the special green herb that many a stoner likes to enjoy, but a lovely green plant. We don’t ask how these plants have stayed alive in such places, or in fact who has kept them alive by watering them, we just eat the damn things.

You do have another multiplayer mode is the form of Raid mode. Now before you expect the typical part of the review where we put “this is the games take on a horde mode” you may be in for a surprise. While it does take things from horde it’s actually a decent little mode, you play through stages with a chosen character either solo or in co-op (online and offline) to complete a mission that you are given. These range early on from reaching a beach or getting to the deck of the ship, but of course with enemies along the way. While it feels like a shorter levels from the campaign with the added enemies, it makes for a much tenser feel. Each level in raid mode only takes a few minutes to clear, but they bring something new and exciting away from the campaign. Also in this mode you earn BP which is the games XP, what this does is let you buy thing from the raid store such as guns and upgrades to your guns, and of course those much loved herbs. Playing through the mode you also unlock parts and costumes for free, so it is not all about the BP/XP. Overall Raid mode is a great addition to this game, and one I could see myself spending a lot of time on once the campaign is done.

Overall Resident Evil Revelations was kind of mixed bag for me. I loved that Resident Evil kind of returned to its roots, but also sad that it started to lose me very early on. I know other sites who have reviewed this have given scores of nine and eight, but personally for me it feels like a halfway point score. Great to return to something you love, but also still not a return to the classic Resident Evil that we are dying to see. Raid mode will be enjoyed much more than you expect though.

Review: Resident Evil Revelations Tony
Replay Value

Summary: I wanted this to be a full return to form for Resident Evil, but while it scores high in some areas it has faults in others. Campaign for me lost me after a while, but I enjoyed Raid mode a lot more than I thought I would.


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