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Review: Killer Is Dead

The week began with me playing a relaxing XBLA game called Brothers (review here) but the whole time I knew I had this game coming up to review.
Killer is Dead is a game from the brain of Suda 51 and the guys at Grasshopper Manufacture who I have a previous relationship with these guys, as they were the reason I had to explain to my wife at 3am why I was playing a game with a guy shouting about a big boner.
She thought I had started swinging for the  different team, but she was fine, it was just me playing Shadows of the Damned a game that is weirder than a man who gets his jollies wearing ladies underpants.
Judging by my start with this game Killer is Dead looks to continue this trend, as I sit here writing this intro about three chapters into the game with a puzzled look on my face.
So enjoy the review ladies and gents, and I hope the wife does not walk in on me when some weird speech is going on 🙂

Killer is Dead sees you take control of a guy called Mondo Zappa, who is an executioner for a contact killing company run by a guy called Bryan simply called “The Bryan Execution Firm”.
For the most part of the game you are sent out on contracts from people who enter the offices of the firm, but the weak story underneath centers around a man by the name of David, but rather than ruin that you can enjoy for yourself.
In essence Killed Is Dead is your typical hack N slash adventure game, but with that Suda 51 weirdness cranked up to about a seven.

When playing through the game for this review the game did make me think of such games as DmC in terms of combat, but also a slight look of games such as Catherine for looks.
It has all the joy of stabbing things in numerous ways just like DmC did, but just not as good and I thought of Catherine just for the looks and the strange stuff that goes on in the game.
Without a doubt Killer is Dead is for a very niche market out there, but if you love Anime the whole feel of the game will hit a nerve, but as an anime noob it was lost on a person like me.

The game plays out over 12 chapters (13 if you buy the game brand new and get the free DLC code in the box), but the story can be wrapped up in around six to seven hours on the easy option, but on the harder options this will of course be a harder challenge.
The levels always differ from the last, but on the downside after about six chapters in you have seen every smaller bad guy the game has to offer, so it does start to feel a bit repetitive.
The game tries to break things up via some funny and unique mini side quests that unlock over the time playing through the campaign, but some are more weirder than others.
You do have the basic “do this many hit combos” and “last this amount of time by using the dodge button”, but also some straight up weird ones like taking ladies on a date with Mondo via Gigalo missions.
In these the rules are simple, using the analog sticks and triggers you have to stare at the chosen lady in question, the more risky place you the stare the faster the bar you need to fill fills up.

Now I’ve seen things like a zombie bikini bust and nuns in leather kick up a storm on social networks, so if this kind of thing escapes the knee jerkers out there then something is clearly wrong.
I suppose though gamers have come to expect this kind of thing from Suda 51, so he kind of gets a free pass it seems, but for me it did make me a little bit uncomfortable.
But from a gaming standpoint, which they should be judged on,they do offer a decent if not weirder escape from what the campaign offers you.

Onto combat and it’s what you would expect from any of the hack and slash games out there, with the chance to unlock new weapons via the missions above and also the chance to upgrade them via in game cash that you earn playing the game.
I never really went deep into this, as while they do offer you more ways of attacking you never really notice it unless it’s a move that will make a massive change.
The moves like the spinning sword attack and sword poke certainly helped in my quest to master the combat, others though never really stood out to me.
The combat side of things works really well though, so about halfway in you can easily dispatch a screen full of enemies with ease and look a bad ass doing it.

Overall Killer is Dead is a decent kind of game, be it short and a whole lot of weird.
If you like hacking and slashing things and staring at women’s jiggly bits, or just like a game that needs hardly no thought while playing, Killer is Dead is perfect for you.

Review: Killer Is Dead Tony
Replay Value

Summary: Weird and what we have come to expect from a person like Suda 51. Sadly if your not a fan of any previous Suda 51 games this won't change your mind, but if you did like previous stuff it will be right up your street.



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