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Welcome to HGR, the new HXR!

Hi Guys,

If you are one of the regulars then you would’ve already known this change was about to happen, if not and also if you are new to the site I guess this is both ‘HELLO’ and ‘SURPRISE’!

All the guys that have been part of HXR have often discussed the possibility of changing to a multi-platform site. As most can probably guess this was no easy task and I’ve been working away over the last month to get this site up and running and ready to go for everyone to both view and be part of.

I hope you like this site, HXR will remain up for a limited time until I make the URL redirect to this site.

If there are any guys out there wishing to be part of the team to help with contributing to platforms such as nintendo, handheld, mobile, playstation or helping in general please reply in the comments and I’ll get back to you in the interim while I sort out a proper sign up feature for the site.

Oh one last thing, all content will now be posted here instead of HXR as I’ll slowly be closing the HXR site down and making sure all content is on this site as it was on HXR, some stuff is still in the process of being changed over so thanks in advance for your patience.

So, welcome to our new slice of the internet, our new home, new colour scheme and most importantly your new online destination for honest game reviews. Look forward to reading what you guys think!

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18 Responses to Welcome to HGR, the new HXR!

  1. Freddie says:

    R.I.P HXR

  2. Scot Mackay says:

    Was trying to think of something truly profound to say for my first bit of writing on the new site.

    All i could come up with was……


    Love the new look, nice to see some refreshed details and new features.

  3. Scot Mackay says:

    love the points, i think they are a great idea.

    Now all we need is our very own achievement sound.

    • Robert Young says:

      Nah been there done that, ill post up a list of what can earn you points and a point leader board today, it’s to encourage members to keep coming back, enjoying the site and as if they can accumulate points to jump over someone else. More you do more points you get, may even do milestone prizes and ranks too but also keep it fun and very simple πŸ˜‰

  4. Nikmou says:

    Few days late in popping in to see the new site. Looking good though guys.

    I can help out with stuff on all platforms (except vita) if needed.

  5. Nikmou says:

    Happy to help – don’t know what I’d be good at though.

  6. Site is looking good…cant wait to fly our flag at Eurogamer Expo this year!!

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