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Deals For GTA IV Hit Xbox Live

With GTA V just around the corner it seems Microsoft are out to get us in the mood with a sale on GTA IV and its DLC.
All the links and prices can be found below if you fancy taking them up on this offer.

GTA IV: £8.99 / 1040 Microsoft Points

Following content requires the above game to play.
GTA IV DLC –  The Lost And Damned:  400 Microsoft Points

GTA IV DLC – The Ballad Of Gay Tony:  800 Microsoft Points

Deals only available to Xbox Live Gold members.



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5 Responses to Deals For GTA IV Hit Xbox Live

  1. Robert Young says:

    Seriously interested in buying GTA in digital form 😀

  2. Scot Mackay says:

    I know I am going to get punched in the d*ck for this but i have to get it off my chest.

    I didnt like GTA IV (phew i said it). I thought it lacked some of the elements i had fun with in the previous installments. I understand that the scope was pretty huge and there was allot to do but it lacked the humor factor and for me that’s a pretty big thing.

    Vice City was the perfect blend and balance between comedic value, interesting characters and a plot-line straight from Tony Montana’s business plan for the Apprentice to topple Alan Sugar. It was bright and vibrant with the whole Miami Vice feel to it…..and the soundtrack was just superb!
    Even San Andreas had a fun factor about it with memorable characters and locations.

    When i began playing GTA IV i was stuck in a rainy city with a guy who spoke with an eastern European accent. Now i normally have no problem with that….but…..I live in a rainy city where the majority of people speak with an eastern European accent so maybe the wow factor was lost on me. The size of the city was great but there seemed to be a struggle to fill it with notable things to do. Sure you had bowling, darts, hookers and a comedy club but these mini-games got boring and repetitive after ten minutes.

    Now i will fully understand if i get torrents of abuse, that’s fine. I’m here to stir up some debate, So maybe if anyone would like to reply or comment and get the ball rolling on their GTA memories and even if they could change my mind into buying GTA IV again to give it another shot, They will earn an enthusiastic high five and be carried through the streets of their home town on a throne made form discarded loo rolls and sticky back plastic (saw it on Bluepeter once)

    • Alex Porter says:

      See this fist? BAM! Now that’s outta the way, I loved GTA IV! The city was huge and had a lot to explore. It was also quite nice graphically, loved the detail they went into. As for the story, I enjoyed it as a serious story and I liked the characters too.

      That all being said though, I agree that it lost some of that which made GTA special. It does lack the comedic value that the last instalments had and compared to the previous games it had quite a serious tone. The mini-games were also dull and repetitive but online free roam is a good laugh! 🙂

      It also lacks many things from the previous games. Car customisation wasn’t available like in San Andreas, and planes were also removed. Then there was the lack of tattoo parlours… clothe shops… trains… bicycles… decent cheat codes… hair dressers… combine harvesters… BIG trucks (not the piddly things they added)… Damn it! Now I hate it! 😛

      I kid! Love the game but it did lack some of the features that made the other games awesome! …Oh and levels, I always enjoyed levelling up my aircraft skills so that I could watch the airport gates open for me! I know, I’m sad 😛 …okay I’ll stop now! Casinos…

  3. Scot Mackay says:

    Two words “Love-fist”.✊

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