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Blog: Twitter police, a love/hate rant

This is Tony speaking, not Rob who does everything you guys don’t see, or any of the other guys who do a great job on the site, but the guy who does Twitter, YouTube, Email contacts, sorts out who is reviewing what, and tons of other stuff that is too dull to mention, soon all of us at HXR will be taking our next step into hopefully growing up as a website with the expansion of going multi-format for next-gen with our new site. For two years we have tried our best to give you guys honest reviews for all the 360 games that you have your eye on, and even the ones that you was not going to give a moment of your life to but as this change comes very soon I just wanted to clarify what I see “HXR” is as I feel still to this day people see us and mostly me (on Twitter) as something we never set out to be.

The one thing that will always get my blood boiling is people on the Internet who see this site as me (not speaking for the other guys) as a way of going professional. From day one this has never been my personal goal, as the site was started after a turn of events elsewhere, and me just sitting there bored as a househusband and wanting something to do with the spare time I had, but lets go with what happened previously. I was a member on another forum site that did reviews before HXR was born where I dipped my toes in the reviewing world, but I kind of got told I sucked at it all, which at the time with my confidence being low already felt like a quick jab to my ball sack, and left me feeling deflated. So I thought “screw this, how about a site where we let gamers who perhaps want to write for a site, but are scared incase they have a typo or spell a word wrong now and again” as a small knock can boot away any confidence you have. I’m not going to do the whole life story thing here, but I left school at the age of 12 through bullying, so my writing skills are sometimes a bit screwed up, yeah I might spell a word wrong here and there, but what ever I type Is always 100% honest. I’d like to think anyone who has spoken to me on Twitter has seen that what you get from me personally on the site is the same guy you can speak to on Twitter most of the day when you ask me a question about a game, and this is where my issues began.

On a few occasions now I’ve been called out on how I have done via Twitter, by guys just starting out, or perhaps trying to get into gaming journalism professionally themselves and I’m all for these guys doing that and I wish them luck, but what I don’t like is them telling me how I should do it, or how something is the correct way to do. This recently happened with one guy TELLING ME that speaking to publishers over Twitter was a big fat no-no, which I kind of took offence to, in the two years I have done Twitter many of the guys I now contact through email was through me firing away a tweet, as to me a tweet could save days on waiting on a return email from this person. Sure if we were trying to be the next IGN or next Kotaku then yes I agree, but we are what we say we are, which is just guys who love to game and want to share and talk about it with like minded people.

What these Twitter police seem to forget is that these lovely PR people who work damn hard sometimes have email boxes full of emails from guys like me, so a tweet is a perfect way to just say hello and get the ball rolling. I view Tweeting a PR or publisher almost like fishing, a tweet is you casting off your worm on the hook in the big wide world of of the Interweb, and now and again you get lucky and they have a nibble, oh and before those Twitter police give it “but you never get a bite I bet” I would just like to say that this is how our EA reviews all started, so take that in your professional pipe and smoke it.

I guess this blog post is just me saying to the these guys, I understand some of you who write about games want to have a career in it, but just remember that some of us are not that bothered about it, I love gaming, so I see what I do here and anywhere else as a hobby, and it just so happens that I like to write about my hobby, I know I’m not alone here, as I know plenty of guys who have started likewise sites just like this one, or guys with gaming blogs on the Internet that don’t do it for career but do it for their love of gaming.

So Twitter police, before you judge someone on what you think they are doing being wrong please answer me this:
– Is your tweet really going to go down well with the person you sent it to?
– Are you just doing it to try and score brownie points with the PR/publisher?

But for the love of god, and please write this down, silly request as being a pro you will be doing that 24/7,  Don’t answer a tweet that was not aimed for you in the first place, that is like me standing behind you as you do your weekly shop and changing your food to other items that I think you should get which in hashtag terms is just #FuckingAnnoying.

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