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Blog: Shooters Are For Big Boys Son

Unless we’ve never met before or you haven’t read the bio that sits under most of the posts I do on the site let me go into some detail. I’m a married man, and father to two children who are aged seven and six. I game with these little bundles of joy all the time, but only on games I think are right for their age bracket. This means games like Dance Central, Disney games, Viva Piñata, and tons of others that I could sit here and list all day. Now with my son being the eldest he has started to hit that age where going to school he has friends who tell him about other cool games that they play with their dads. This has lately lead to him asking about games like Black Ops 2, Grand Theft Auto, and asking the question can he play these games to which I of course replied ‘no’.

When looking for a valid case when he asks why though, I tend to struggle. Back in my younger gaming days I was never a big shooter fan, so my youth was spent on cute platform games, to me it was much more fun playing pretend army outside (we all remember that these days right?) than playing a silly computer game. I will admit games like Mortal Kombat slipped through the net later on in life, but that was behind the back of my parents through rented games with my paper round money, so they never knew about it. The question is though did these games harm me as a person? I would have to say no, so why it is now a big deal when my son asks me the same question. We’ve all been their in a queue for the latest game to give the parent or Nan dagger eyes, as you can clearly see they are buying the latest 18 rated game for this annoying 12 year standing next to them. See back in the day online wasn’t a thing so playing these 18 rated games wasn’t a big issue back then, as it was kept to your house alone and not spread around the Internet like some sort of viral disease.

We’ve all jumped into that lobby on our favourite shooter and been met with a teenager trying to rap or trying to leap out windows with a sniper only to cost your team a win with his stupidity, and this is when I realise why I am so strict.

I don’t want to walk in my kids bedroom when he hits the age of about 10 to find him back chatting grown men in a shooter lobby. I don’t want my son sending messages like “U iz gonna get ur account hacked” after a bad loss on Call of Duty 10. This is partly the reason I hate online gaming today, and am thankful that my friend list is barred from people with gamertags like XxSnIpEzKinGxX from coming anywhere near it. But what is the blame for gamers like this these days? I remember gaming being about fun and not about game rage, or feeling the need to be better than everyone else. MLG and YouTube surely has to take some of the blame for this, as you only have to check the latest YouTube trending videos to be met with videos of trolling and COD montages. When did it become cool to ruin the experience of another gamer who has paid money for that game as well? I must have missed that one, as I totally do not get it at all.

Recently I came across this video on the Internet with people defending it.

Now while I don’t agree with what the guys did to this “10 year old” previously part of me feels like he only has himself and his parents to blame. First off he is only ten years old, but the game is rated 18 game. Please excuse me if I’m the only gamer who does not see this as an issue. If I even found my son anywhere near the online mode of Black Ops 2 he would never see a 360 again.
Also can I just say the language in this video to a “10 year old” is outrageous, do we all speak to ten year old boys this way now?
Just to clarify though I have no issues with what this Faze crew did to make the kids pain go away, but boys mind your potty mouth 🙂

I guess this ranting blog post is just me asking the question who is to blame for this? Do we blame parents who let their kids play games clearly not for their age limit? Do we blame companies like Microsoft or Sony for not cracking down on this kind of stuff as much as they should? Or are you fine with kids under the age of 10 playing with whatever games they want?

Please comment below people, and as always thanks for giving us a visit.

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5 Responses to Blog: Shooters Are For Big Boys Son

  1. David Guild says:

    I wouldn’t call myself a bad father, but I guess I’m a little less strict. Now I don’t let my son play Call of Duty, he has asked and I’ve said no. But I haven’t stopped him playing games like Crackdown which he adores. If anything it was myself that got him in to the game and now he loves to jump buildings and kill freaks. He has actually finished the game quite a few times and before I knew he was online and did more online achievements that myself.

    Now as a internet moderator I know whats out their on the net. I been on the internet for years before I even had a PC. And I know its changed so I don’t allow the kid to go online without a friend i know or myself supervising. I locked down his XBL so he couldnt accept friend requests. He knows not to go online without asking me and he is pretty good at that.

    At the moment he is quite in to Minecraft and we do have a server and its a closed server so only my friends can get on and he spends quite a time on there at times speaking to him and we are quite good with him. None of my mates swear and what nots just myself really lol

    Lastly my son asked if he could play. He has seen me play it recently and kept asking and I agreed only for a short amount of time. I grew up watching action movies and watched a few horrors in my time. I started playing adult content games in 95 I guess with Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem, I would of only been 10. I feel it didn’t phase me anything. I don’t like to baby the kid to much, but I also dont allow negitive speech from him. He is pretty polite and doesn’t say anything bad, he knows fine well what he gets if he does.

  2. Scot Mackay says:

    When I used to sell games at a well known retailer, I had to go through strict Age Related Sales training every single time a big title was launched and a minimum of four times a year. I was instructed that there would be a £5000 fine to be paid by ME if i was caught selling an underage person a age restricted game. On top of this, I would lose my job and face a possible prison sentence. Now with this in mind, i would refuse to sell underage gamers age restricted games… lies the problem.

    As soon as the kid was refused the game, they would totter off and grab a parent who would come back and just shrug their shoulders and give in to the demands of the child. I would take the time to explain to them the reasons why the game was age restricted and yet they would simply say “He/she sees worse on TV at home” or “all his/her friends have it”. They would buy the game on behalf of the child and leave, no further questions asked.

    The responsibility to prevent underage gamers from accessing age restricted content or from playing age specific games lies squarely at the feet of the …..*GASP*…..parents. It is their responsibility to regulate what their sprogs have access to, what games they have the ability to play and most of all how they talk and interact with adults.

    I would love for there to be an option to report underage gamers on the Xbox live service but would there be any way of truly enforcing it? I’m not sure but what i am sure off is that there is an abundance of singing/rapping/squealing/abusive kids plaguing Xbox live.

    Saying this, there is no need for an adult (who should be more mature) to abuse an underage gamer over Live. It should be a simple case of muting the player and reporting the player with a valid reason (if they are screaming constantly for example).

    There should be a valid complaint option to highlight underage gamers playing restricted games, even if it means that when the complaint goes through maybe one of the Xbox enforcer team could contact the registered address or phone to the user and talk to the account holder. Maybe this would make people change their minds, maybe it wont do bugger all.

    Maybe a forced segregated games room where underage gamers are unable to join adult orientated games although again, i don’t know how this would be implemented.

    Scooby Doo had it right “he would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids”

  3. PJ Douglas says:

    I was never allowed those games until I reached said age and i’m one of the polite most courteous people you’ll ever meet.



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