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Blog: Multiplayer and DLC going too far?

Ok, so we’ve all gone and bought games before, totally excited about getting on and 100%ing the crap out of it! Or is that just me? I dunno, either way I’ll get back to my point. I, like most of the people I know and love, am an achievement seeker. I will play a game again and again to ensure that I have those darn little pesky achievements. (At the moment it’s DmC: Devil May Cry – anyone else?) However, I cannot help but notice the amount of games now that are demanding that you get some DLC to complete an achievement? I’m sorry CAPCOM I didn’t realise that Vergil’s Downfall was going to have so many achievements in it too…? Multi-Player Portal 2 That and multi-player Portal 2 springs to mind. One of the achievements for that was “Professor Portal.” Which was – “After completing co-op, complete Calibration Course online with a friend who hasn’t played before.”  What? All of my friends that I had online either didn’t want the game, or had already played it, how am I then going to get this achievement? It just seems to me like it’s something put there in to try and get more people to buy the game, you know? Not that I’m going to beat on the game, because believe me, I have completed those multi-player courses so many times I know what I’m doing on each level without even thinking about it. (Yes I am that sad, don’t laugh.) While we’re on talking about DLC, though, there is a few games I can think of that did get a little bit over the top with their DLC packs. First of all was Resident Evil 5. How many DLC packs CAPCOM? Three? Wow, and how many extra achievements is that I now need to obtain to 100% this game? 20? Challenge Accepted. Desperate Escape And still working on it to be fair, I haven’t managed to get the ones on Desperate Escape yet. “Defeat 150 enemies single-handed in one play through of “Desperate Escape”… Sound’s easy… But it’s not. Final Fantasy XIII-2 also jumped onto the band wagon of DLC, they had LOADS! I still haven’t obtained all the DLC for that yet, don’t even think I’m going to bother, I’ve 100%ed the game, and the DLC in this is more just for aesthetic appeal. I thought a good thing in FFXIII-2 would have actually been a multi-player option though, either as battles, testing your skills, paradigms and monsters, or playing Chronobind in Sazh’s Story: Head or Tails. I think the inter-activeness of that multi-player format with this game would have been interesting, but I suppose beggars cannot be choosers, eh? Now obviously some people are going to have different opinions on multi-player gaming, mine is personally that it is fun to be able to play online with friends, but it get’s to the point where the game seems to be solely for playing with friends, and it might take away from the general story of a game, and the general single player fun that I have grown up to know and love. I think back to the old Crash Bandicoot games and Spyro, all single player, mini game filled, and those story lines and that single player-ism is what I lived for. Now that I’m older I am more attached to story, and to be honest, graphics, but who isn’t? MW3 Call of Duty: MW3 jumps directly to mind on multi-player, in my opinion, being taken too far. I’ve tried a little few games online with some randoms, and also with some friends, but to be honest, it just lacked the general entertainment that I seek from a game. Obviously, everyone has different opinions, that I think that’s what makes gaming so much more fun. If we all liked the same things, it would all get a little boring. I do understand the importance of having the capabilities of having a multi-player game, with us having such a life on the internet now, it seems to be the more we can communicate over the internet, and the more interactive we’re becoming with the net, the more interactive the games are trying to be, and I suppose they are trying to follow trends. However, personally I would say that it does sometimes get to the point where it is getting a little too much. Let’s go back to the days when playing for just for playing, not for trying to beat the crap out of as many people as possible. DLC QUEST Now, I don’t think I’m actually the only one that thinks that these DLC packs are getting passed the point now. For a start there is “DLC Quest”. Obviously they also follow my opinion of DLC going too far. They’re clearly mocking how DLC actually has taken over the main parts of games, rather than letting us enjoy a full game to start with. It’s 80 MSP, and I’ve gotta say, it’s actually really addictive, but it is the perfect example of gaming going too far with their DLC packs, you have to literally DLC everything in this game. Moving left on screen, animations, jumping, everything, it all requires some DLC. Admittedly, normal DLC is going to be something you physically pay for, and in this game it’s just in game money, but still. Sexy Outfits Pack “Sexy Outfit Packs – Let the NPCS of the world slip into something a little more comfortable. There are no refunds for this item.” Best DLC in the game in my opinion… Let’s put sexy outfit’s on sprite characters? All right then. It is just a little bit of fun, and also, kind of goes a long with my opinion of how gaming can go a little bit too far. So, that’s my rant over about DLC and multi-player. Most of it was DLC I know, but let me know what your guys opinions on this are.

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2 Responses to Blog: Multiplayer and DLC going too far?

  1. DarkWolf747 says:

    I too love achievements for no real reason but for a bit of fun (over 121000!!!) but I hate it that games are getting to the point that the multiplayer is DLC (i.e. online pass) and when the same game has online achievements then thats when I get annoyed.I don’t mind Achievements being tacked on to DLC (because I will more likely buy it then). But the DLC that is the worse? Day one DLC, why? because most of the time when you go to download it most of the time it is 108.00KB which means its on the disc and we are paying extra for something on disc that we already paid for!!

    I enjoyed reading this.

    • Robbie Dixon says:

      Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed. I know, things with DLC are going too far. I think that companies are deciding to have it as “DLC” just to get a bit extra cash, to be honest.
      And online passes are just daft. If they want a game to be online, have it online, don’t make us have to pay for something more.

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