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Blog: There once was a man called….

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names”John F. Kennedy

We all have one, each and every one of us.  Our super heroes have them, our video games legends have them…hell, even our pets have them but what makes them special?

Some of us have straight forward boring names like me (thanks mum) and others strut about with fabulous monikers such as Jet Li, Engelbert Humperdinck or Timmy Mallet.  I have come across a plethora of names with some being rather creative, others being tongue in cheek hilarious and others….well…just being crude and rude.  Now I will be the first to admit, i judge people on their gamertag’s purely because that’s all you have to go on…until they speak.  If i enter a gaming lobby with two other people and one is called “Fluffysnuggykins” and the other has “ipunchedyourmamma”,  I know which one i would like to play with and which one i would like to avoid.

Timmy Mallet’s banhammer

One night, i was trawling through my friends list to see who would make the grade and who would be unceremoniously cut and abandoned, when i realized that most of the names on the list sounded like Decepticons or 80’s action hero’s.  It made me wonder…..why chose that specific gamertag?  Is there a significant reason or maybe it was created by the random gamertag generator, or possibly even its your first name with a few numbers after it?



My gamertag came from my favorite style of trainer, the Nike Shox and the fact that i thought the heels should be made of steel as i tend to be very heavy on my feet and shoes rarely survive 6 months with me. Not terribly exciting but my reason nonetheless.  With the next generation around the corner, i have been deciding if i should stick with my original gamertag or splash out the 800MSP’s just to freshen things up.  I haven’t fully decided yet so if you have any suggestions let me know.

If any of you wonderful lot want to share the creative process behind your gamertag’s or even if you just want to have some banter, drop a message in the comment box below, we love hearing from you guys.

Be well and play well


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A 33 year old father of three from Inverness who has a deep rooted passion for the noble profession of gaming. As a child he explored dungeons, defeated Dr. Robotnik, explored space and even managed to help Mickey and Donald escape the World of Illusion. He is currently the Charlie Sheen of Titanfall and Is looking forward to The Division. He is known to obey Wheaton's Law 60% of the time. GT: RayzingKane

7 Responses to Blog: There once was a man called….

  1. Tony Winkett says:

    I’ve gone through a few. I’ve had trw1979, which was a dull one. I then moved on to The Toeminator, which is still a fave. I then got bored and wanted my full first name in it somehow so tried for Toeknee, but it was taken and MS said how about Only Toe Knee, it sounded right so I said yes.

    • David Guild says:

      I really have my slow moments and it took a few weeks for it to click that Toe Knee was Tony … :S

  2. David Guild says:

    I started off as “The Gamer Monk” to “EchoPark25” as EchoPark was taken but then a year or so after MS announced they start deleting accounts that haven’t been used for a few years and EchoPark must of been one of them 😀 Yay

    I been EchoPark for a long time now, must be over 10 years. I needed a new account and listening to Feeders – Buck Rogers it clicked, the album was called Echo Park so i used it. 😀

    Tho I admit on my last job as a chat host, I did change the story to make the ladies feel sorry for me. I got the name Echo due to my speech problem and I tend to repeat myself a few times like an echo. Hence Echo …. its kinda true, I do have a speech problem lol

  3. Andy Bell says:

    Can’t remember what my GT was long ago, but got my current one playing gears of war 1, was quite apt with the smoke bomb, shotgun combo and my mates would say “that was some misty ninja s****!” so there is!. 5 years later I’m known as Misty to most of my mates! (GT.. The Misty Ninja)

  4. Robert Young says:

    My gamertags have gone throw alot of changes mainly because I’ve run different gaming sites. The first site I ran was called Neophytez and it was based mainly around Halo 2 and I think around the mk4 of the site Tony joined and that’s our history in a nutshell. I’ve been through a few… My first and some still refer to me by this name was FEXT, mainly because I always looked pissed off and it was based around the word vexed which had the same meaning only I wanted it to be unique.

    I then changed my gamertag several times based on sites I was running and also included my own name – this is the list, each has a story:

    – post Neophytez closure]

    – Debrii and 360G sites

    various game communities

    no site attachment, personal linked to my art

    This is the one I use now and tied to this site and is my name Rob Young reversed, bob being spelt with a zero


  5. My tags tend to change as I move up through Console generations. I had one for original Xbox, then changed up for 360 and two ago felt the need to be reborn and became the Cockney Charmer.

    Named as such from some legendary Friday Night Blur games where the name was thrown out mid session one time and it stuck with me, I am a Cockney and I am charming…it was fate!

    I like it when people have put thought into their gamertag, hate anything with Z instead of S’s and CoD terms as its just lazy and lame. Much like Superhero names and “hacker Matrix” stylings, your online tag should represent your online persona….although did come across one simply as “Dave”….and I bowed my head in immediate respect!

  6. Nikmou says:

    Nikmou – It’s my name!!! (3 forename, 3 surname)

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