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Blog: Idiots on Xbox Live

Many people don’t understand how tough gaming life can be. Playing an amazing game on MW3 only for your Internet to die when your moments away from a moab/nuke, putting 30 plus hours into a game only for the save to corrupt, surely we’ve all suffered one of the above.

But one thing that has been a constant since I can remember is the XBOX LIVE PENIS.

These are not rare things that David Attenborough hunts down for a BBC one special, oh no, these people ruin a game every minute somewhere in the world. I kind to need to get this off my chest, as I think this has been going on since I can remember and clearly the system that Microsoft has in place is a failure.

A Category One Penis:


The final straw for me was the other week while reviewing Wrecked for Xbla. Having the game about 30 minutes I decided to try out MP only to stall the game through no fault of my own with the game having day one DLC. What followed was a voice message from a low life using many curse words and questioning if I had a brain. I know my Grammar sucks, but trust me I do have the brain capacity to press an A button. But what hit me was my 6 year old sometimes jumps on my gamertag, what if he had heard that?

Now I know the 360 has all this family settings for blocking such things, but why should I turn this on just because of people like the above. Does he have a block nice gamer filter on his Xbox? I pay my 40 pound per year just like he does. So what could Microsoft do to maybe improve the system?

I would like to see a forward message option for every message you receive from anyone, as you then know any such message will be read or heard and not get put into a long lost vault of complaints. Maybe even a record function such as Call of duty, which you could record in game voices rather than footage and then forward that on. With Microsoft making millions every year from us surely they need to start looking at the growing increase of this major issue over Xbox Live and do something about it.

Interested in whatever you guys have to say below. Have any of you suffered from the Xbox live penis? if so tell me about it and what did you do about it.

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14 Responses to Blog: Idiots on Xbox Live

  1. Scot says:

    God i hate these people!!!!

    I know hate breeds hate but i find it hard to be as passive as Ghandi when im subjected to 10mins of abuse, inane noise and general caveman attitudes in each round of COD.
    I cant possibly imagine what it must be like for female gamers, judging by the comments i see on ‘rptr’ its 1000 times worse.
    I know that Microsoft state that they tackle each and every complaint made but without seeing any of the results of these investigations, jts hard to feel confident in the system they have in place.

    • Robert Young says:

      I gave up playing Fifa and COD online purely because of these idiots… You can’t even have win and do some friendly gloating or banter people take I too serous… Amount of times I played FIFA and lost and then had a rematch and was winning for them o quit on me and send me abuse… I mean if I can and a loss they should too… It’s a game… Right?

  2. Freddie says:

    Hahaha I think its so funny when someone accuses you of hacking when your not, It makes you feel like a boss at whatever game you are playing, I Get it allot on cod when I’m at peak performance 🙂 Also I normally just block communications with people who send me hate and delete there messages and report there gamer tag 😛 It would be better if Microsoft come up with a better way to punish people quicker I think.

    • Robert Young says:

      I suggested I in the past – a flag system system like this:

      Green caution : 2 reports of neg gameplay/abuse = 1 day ban from XBL, 5 day message ban
      Yellow caution : 5 reports of neg gameplay/abuse = 3 day ban from XBL, 10 day message ban
      Red caution : 10 reports of neg gameplay/abuse = 5 day ban from XBL, 20 day message ban
      Black caution : 15 reports of neg gameplay/abuse = month ban from XBL and messages

      No recompense and if offences repeat total ban from XBL messages – blacklist profile

      Just a suggestion but something like that but maybe tweaked could work?.

  3. steelshox says:

    It is without a doubt an issue that needs to be looked into.

    With Microsoft widening its demographic to inlcude families and youngsters, more people are exposed to the darker aspects of social gaming. I know that there is parental controls that can be put in place but that is an attempt at preventing issues not dealing with issues that have happened.

    Some transparency would be nice. Name and shame is always a possibility but people would just aim to be the worst they could be. Banning people wouldnt work due to the fact that microsoft knows that anyone who is banned can jump ship to Sony.

    Legal options? ….possibly. Fines?….unlikely.

  4. Radabe says:

    I always delete voice messages from unknown gamertags, not worth the grief.
    I would like to see a system where gamertags who are reported enough become restricted to only sending messages to people on their friends list. Might help limit the problems.

  5. Tony Winkett says:

    Another thing that annoys me, is when playing online FIFA pro matches you’re swamped with tons of messages for hours later asking you about joining someone or them joining your club. Those earn a instablock right away.

  6. Warren Crosby says:

    It is an issue that is easily avoided. Set your privacy settings to messages from friends only. As for your son playing on your account well thats clearly outlined in the code of conduct that you shouldnt be account sharing

    • David Guild says:

      The problem with all that is, I do get some nice random messages from folk, either they seen my GT on a forum and wish for a chat and what nots. Plus I don’t see the deal allowing ur child play ur account. Its a crap rule and everyone knows it, I use to let my son use mine all the time, no harm in it at all so thats a pretty BS answer 😉

      In the end, gamers these days and sadly to say console gamers are all idiots who take the game way to seriously and should be banned from having children in the future. I played online gaming since Unreal, CSS and C&C days and you got yer few idiots who didn’t have good sportsmanship but back then it was it was rare. But the consoles have opened a gateway to many idiots who need to calm down and think what they say. I’m not the best online gamer these days but I don’t go about blaming shouting and swearing and sending stupid messages to players. Got far more important in things in my life than losing at a game of Cod

  7. Tony Winkett says:

    This whole era of the troll via Youtube has not helped things one bit.
    Chances are every game you play these days has a keyboard warrior in there somewhere. Also letting my own son use my account that I pay for in the house we live in is hardly account sharing surely?

  8. Glidding says:

    You have to be a certain type of person to troll. And that ain’t my thing – and don’t find it funny in any circumstance. I take great pleasure in reading stories of people who physically confront Internet trolls.

    • David Guild says:

      Agreed, I can’t be one of the folks who troll, but when you get the guys who moan about how bad you are doing when they are on the same team then I just stand still or chase him and make sure everyone sees him. I don’t take the game seriously and if it isn’t a good lobby then shut up and go to another one 😀

  9. Nikmou says:

    I’m with Tony on this one, its not really account sharing when its your child playing in your account. We have 4 accounts in our house and occasionally I will go onto my sons to help him with a game (or he’ll jump into his brothers as he has a higher ranking on a game).
    Kids accounts were set to messages fro friends only but my eldest son (age 14) has changed his now. The amount of abusive messages he gets on fifa are unbelievable and all we can do is report them. He enjoys the online gameplay on Fifa so why should I make him stop because of the narrow minded idiots out there. But by them sharing a machine and dipping into each others gamertags my youngest might see some of this nastiness through no fault of his own or his brothers, if people can’t take losing they shouldn’t play online.

    • Robert Young says:

      You hit the nail on the head.

      I’m more orientated to going in to MP on my own with no mic on these days due to the pure immaturity of the other players on with you. The best way to play MP is with guys you know or are getting to know.

      I stopped playing fifa online because of the players i was pitted against would beat me in a game, accept a rematch and then quit because I had this knack of being able to always win a second game against unknowns but these quitters really ruin it and then you get the profanity filled messages from these guys you play, I used to revel in correcting their grammer and telling them to moan to mummy before reporting and blocking them but it became more and more frequent and a chore so I decided to call quits on being competitive online, it’s all about fun, if you are like me and don’t give a shit about dying lots but want a laugh by all means lets get on a game and take the piss out of each other, if you live for gaming and throw your toys out the pram, controller at a wall or snap a disc, like some others have said, gaming is definitely not for you but anger management most probably would be.

      *gets back to his online quest of trying to find a cheap copy of GOW Judgement*

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