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Blog: Bringing People Together

This is my first blog post for HXR and thought I would talk about a gaming matter close to my heart and something that gaming has done for me, the social aspect of gaming.

For a large part of my childhood I was home schooled and was not the best at being social when meeting new people, normally it would take people a month just to get more than a Hi out of me. I only had a small and close group of friends that I saw about once a week in person and was not able to communicate much in between seeing them, also I did not get Facebook for a long time. But then in 2008 I got my hands on an Xbox 360 and a year later Xbox Live. Suddenly I was able to communicate with my friends on a daily basis and not just that, but also meet a whole new range of people to talk to and game with and improve my confidence in talking to people.

Since my first game online game, which was on Halo 3, I have enjoyed every minute of being on Xbox Live. I stated playing co-op and multiplayer games with my friends online, giving me the chance to speak to them on a daily basis and soon enough I was jumping into random games and talking to people online, and I’m thankful for meeting many friendly people on Halo and Gears of War to play with and chat to. Pretty soon and I found that I could just pop in Halo 3 and get in a random private game with some people and have a great time talking and playing pretty much everyday or go on Gears of War and have a fun afternoon staying in a game with a load of other players. When Left 4 Dead came out I made great friends surviving the zombie apocalypse, and these are people I did not know at all an hour before. I could include a very long list of games here that I have fond memories of playing and meeting people on, and it is a list that has been growing.

Since I first got my 360 I have talked to interesting people from all over the world and made many new friends, not to mention keep on gaming with my original group of close friends. Along the way I have meet some less than pleasant people but these guys are in the minority, most games I have played I have meet an overwhelming amount of pleasant and welcoming people that gave me another reason to love gaming and come back to those games.

Besides helping me to be social online whilst playing games even in my everyday life they have helped me. By getting used to talking to talking to people online they have increased my confidence in talking to people in person and now I find myself far more sociable than I used to be, people now get more than a hi out of me in a few minutes rather than months and I have now made many new friends. Plus games usually provide a lot to talk about.

Over the past few months I have been unable to get online due to some internet problems at my current place, next month new place with new internet and I am very much looking forward to getting back on Live and catching up and having some games with my friends, and of course jumping into Halo 4. Over the years I think features like party chat being added have also helped further the social aspect of gaming on Xbox and with the Xbox One incoming and an emphasis on online gaming with games like Titan Fall, Destiny and Sunset Overdrive I look forward to meeting and playing with many more new people online, as well as seeing what the new console offers in regards to being social.

Games I have found have the power to bring people together and to bond over, and I am very thankful for that and hope to see you all on Live.

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2 Responses to Blog: Bringing People Together

  1. Alex Porter says:

    Nice one! Many of my closest friends I met on Xbox Live, those are the guys I talk to daily and even though I’m in another country, we meet up every now and again. I’m heading over to England in August for one of these friend’s 21st birthday, been a while since I’ve seen him so I’m very excited!

    • Robert Young says:

      Strange how a simple connection can lead to that eh – I got mates on live I’ve never met (yet) but have a great laugh with and looking forward to getting more on the FL. I once had 100 on the FL but most only friended me because of sites I ran haha

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