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Blog: Xbox Live is 10 years old today, but as a UK gamer should I care?

I was at first going to write a blog post on how amazing the 7 odd years I’ve pumped into Xbox Live has been, but something caught my attention on Twitter that I’ve been meaning to speak about in a blog post for a while now. The subject of this blog post is as a gamer outside of America do you feel like we get screwed over with what our friends across the pond get?

The reason this links in with this post at all is recently I saw a bit of news to celebrate the 10 years of Xbox Live gamers who had used the service for a long time would have the chance to win a special Xbox 360 console, so of course this perked my interest as a 7 year veteran I though what a cool way to show love to long time users. Then news today broke like always only our buddies in the USA would be able to enter such a thing, but my question is why is this the case?

The amount of times I’ve seen better content on their  dashboard is shocking, with sweepstakes and giveaways being done on a weekly basis over there, but for us guys very rare do we get to try to win anything or game with devs like they do. Now if any Americans reading this start shouting sour grapes this is not the case at all, all I’m saying is as a paying member like yourself with such a big company as MS surely everything I mentioned above should be available to all.

Take away giveaways and look at the content you guys also get, we once had a nice little show called Inside Xbox that many gamers loved watching, This was until MS cancelled all this and gave us apps to download for Gamespot and IGN, both of which I’ve used about twice. I’m not saying I hate those guys, but the Inside Xbox shows let us see the UK team, which is something you guys have in abundance with Major Nelson and a few other annoying people that had there own shows on your dashboard for a while now. This may have all changed now though, as it has been a while since I’ve taken a look at the American dashboard.

Quite simply this is a blog post just to say hey MS you have users outside of America as well who pay good money and are part of the reason you are still around 10 years later, and we like giveaways and free stuff to.

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