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Blog: Why so serious?

Over the last few weeks or so I’ve been watching way too many pro gaming events, just because the fact they have been shoved in my face via Tweets on our Twitter account.
I’ve seen COD events, Gears of War events, but one thing that has stood out for me is not the skill some of these guys possess, but more the anger that sometimes happens at these events.
Eurogamer touched on this in the last week with a rage compilation that showed some of the trash talking that takes place at some of these events, but before you could say anything people jumped on this video like a ton of bricks saying ” yeah its just trash talk we don’t mean none of it” so am I the only one who knows this to be lies?

All that was missing from the above video was the guy telling me that he had a sexual relationship with either my Mum, Nan or sister  in the past week for it to be no different to a nightly session on either FIFA, COD or any other big games out there. Now sure, these guys above had the chance of playing to win a million pounds, but what excuse does that give regular Joe on Xbox Live who chooses to talk to me or other chilled gamers in the same sort of way?

The Eurogamer video above is just the tip of the iceberg, as also on that same weekend I watched a Gears of war stream via twitch, which once the match had finished you clearly heard a fight break out between the two teams, and this event was tweeted out by a guy at Epic Games, so surely it had some credit behind it.
Sadly I forgot the link to the Twitch channel I was watching this on at the time, so you get a Marvel  VS Capcom punch instead.
But back on subject, when it comes to a point where you’re being punched in the face over a videogame, surely you have to take a moment and question your life.

Another thing that makes me laugh is people who break things while playing, as I’m always hearing about people smashing pads or discs when having a bad game.
I can honestly say I’ve done neither of those in all my years of gaming, and I played harder games than the young guns of today.
They should try playing that has no checkpoints and die on the very last jump, so you then have to do the last 10 minutes all over again, then you would have reason to throw a pad across the room.
Am I the only gamer who sees the pad  or disc for the £30.00 it actually is these days, or have I become soft in my old age?

Surely we need to go back to the dark ages of gaming (a few year ago) when we loved to game, rather that this hate filled experience gaming is filled with these days.
So come on you crazy guys, stop being so serious and let us all enjoy gaming again. Yes, even if you did make love to my 60 year old mother 🙂
If you have done any of the above (apart from my mother) please comment below and tell us why,  so we can get a little insight to why gamers do such a thing.


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5 Responses to Blog: Why so serious?

  1. PixieNinja23 says:

    Caught the EuroGamer article earlier this week, and my biggest issue with the video? The event organisers from the COD tournament are justifying the behaviour. I’d consider such events more credible if they actually brought some rules into the environment that forced players to actually treat eachother with respect, same way that the majority of professional sporting bodies do. If the event organisers stick to their mindset, then such ‘pro’ gaming tournaments will be resigned to the corners of Twitch, and will never have the chance to be picked up by a TV network in the future.

    These guys need to take a look at how Korea handles it’s pro gaming leagues, and see the scale they that grow to. Is it really so hard to just concentrate on your game, and then shake the hands of your opponents for having had a good game? If they’re playing in a gaming league, they’re bound to be kinda good, so drop the yob mentality, don’t lower yourself to bullying tactics, and actually win the game with the skills you actually have.

    I’ve never broken a disk, or thrown a controller, but I know people who have. Sure, I get frustrated with games, and I’ve been playing them longer than some of my friends have been alive. I’ve had some good natured swear and laugh sessions online, but most of the time I try to avoid playing with random strangers due to the sheer number of idiots out there. If a game angers you so, it’s time to step away, find someway to channel that.

    As for the abusive messages? Just file a complaint on XBOX Live against them. It often works. If you feel the urge to anger them a little, then you can always send a response correcting their grammar 🙂

  2. Glidding says:

    I have in my younger years punched a wall – that’s it though. However a particularly annoying section of black ops had me considering if I could crush my controller in sheer rage.

    Like yourself I see the financial impact more than anything, more so when some little spoilt sprog smashes up a disk/controller that their parents forked out for.

  3. Scot Mackay says:

    “Winning isn’t everything–but wanting to win is.” ? Vince Lombardi Jr.

    With the rise of competitive gaming comes with it a rise in competitive players. With sports you have coaches providing a structure of rules and guidance ensuring that the individual cares more about the team objective than their own.
    With every game released having some degree of competitive edge from online scoreboards and stats to head to head racing, everyone becomes a challenger and without any guidance its easy to see how people go off the rails.

    Now throw in £1 million as prize money and let a mixture of hormonal teenagers and bedroom warriors who are still maturing emotionally take to the world wide stage to show off their prowess as the ultimate force in their chosen game. Without the lessons of sportsmanship it is easy to see that when “the going gets tough, the tough get…….stroppy”.

    If anything it highlights that winning is east but losing is the hardest thing to do.

    Now I am not a hypocrite and I have to say that I have rage quit in the past due to feeling completely frustrated with stupidly un-important elements within a game. From getting killed 9 times before getting a single kill in Black ops to being frustrated with other players running off in separate directions in Left 4 Dead. It is the inability to directly confront the focus of my anger that makes it easier for me just to switch the game off for a while, take a step back and go have an argument with my missus to release the frustration (she always wins).

    Jack Nicholson said it best in Mars Attacks

    “Why can’t we work out our differences? Why can’t we work things out? Little people, why can’t we all just get along? “

  4. David Guild says:

    Back when Sega and Nintendo ruled the halls of console gaming and Commodore, Amiga plus Atari were in the home computer market. I actually did some gaming tournaments. There was prizes but nothing massive either. There was some small angry strops but nothing major plus at the end we all came together pat each other on the back and exchanged tips.

    But as I said before gaming is different these days, Sony and Microsoft has made it easier to get in to gaming and started to produce adult gaming which was mostly a PC thing back in the days. Consoles are now the cool thing and ppl who probably use to bully gaming geeks/nerds now play CoD or anything along the lines. So no suprise with how popular gaming has become some idiots have arrived.

    I’m no perfect, started gaming when I was 3 playing Atari 2600 then 4 I got my Amstard CPC then moved on to Amiga and consoles. I never had any problems playing games I got frustrated at some points in a game but never felt the need to break something. My joysticks use to break all the time for trying but it wasn’t due to throwing them just wear and tear they said lol.

  5. Tony Winkett says:

    Stop trying to out blog me fools 🙂

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