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Blog: A sad day for an Xbox fanboy

With the big press briefings out the way, gamers have all but made their mind now on which console will be lucky enough to get their money come release. With feelings on the Internet giving Sony the slam dunk against Microsoft, and poor old Nintendo never really looked at as a serious contender anymore, it seems the days of Microsoft running the show are long gone.

Back before Microsoft become part of my gaming diet believe it or not I was a huge Playstation guy. Me and Mr Playstation one had many nights of pleasure together, as I treated it to a life of much polishing and only perfectly clean discs would only be able to enter the glorious disc tray. I treated him right and this lovely bit of kit never let me down, not once. We shared games like Pool Hustler, Time Crisis, and tons of WWF games to name but a few, but before long Sony teased us with a new console, one that looked even better than what we owned now.

Playstation 2 was my next port of call. With its sleek new look and tons of beautiful games to play I was hooked in and Sony had my heart, but something was missing. Between that time and the release of the Xbox I also owned a Dreamcast, because this was the only console that offered a decent online service, which was my first toe dipping into online gaming. No other console offered online play at the time unless of course you wanted to shell out £500.00 on a gaming PC, but being on a teenage paper round sadly did not pay that well. Soon after this the Xbox was released, but with a high price tag so I had to delay my purchase.
In the end I did the dirty move of packing up my PS2 and Dreamcast into a box going to my local Game store and using those consoles to partly pay for this console that was causing a stir. For the first few weeks the tease of Xbox Live never got me, so I never had Live right from the get go, but this all changed with one game.

Burnout Takedown was the moment I looked at the Xbox as a console that could not only offer me great looking games, but this might be the perfect reason to try out this Xbox Live I had read so much about. From the very first moment I hooked up this console with the online features of this game any gaming memories I had of any other game experience had been wiped from my mind. Will Smith had jumped out the TV in a black suit pressed his little device and poof any thoughts of a Sony console had gone and Xbox was the best thing since sliced bread. Soon after this the console war of the PS3 and Xbox 360 started, and after being shown a great time by Microsoft with their great Xbox Live service I was of course going to be loyal and go with them. Playstation was now a dirty word to me and anyone even asking me would I get a PS3 was met with a laugh and something ending with the word idiot. Over the years we all laughed at PS3 gamers and there huge updates, even when they got hacked we laughed at them such heartless bastards we had become, but karma has a thing about coming back to bite you in the ass.

Fast forward present day and here we are again with the next console war on our hands only this time the person we thought would come out guns a blaze seems to have nothing but dud bullets. Used games locked, 24 hour check-ins, a huge price tag, pointless uses of TV being shoved down our throats are just some of the big things gamers are not happy with. For the first time ever I’m looking at a Sony console as the safe and cheaper option. Gamers are a fickle bunch, me included, so Microsoft still have time to turn this around somehow. Microsoft have surely heard our cries, but have chosen to ignore them, so unless they do something about it between now and November they only have themselves to blame.

If this does happen I would just like to say to Microsoft you had a special place in my heart and I was loyal to you for a long, long time. It’s a shame that the thoughts of getting more money out of gamers like me spoiled you and took you away from what you set out to do in the first place, which was make a console that was for gamers. We don’t need a TV box, we have one of those, we don’t need a music box, we have one of those, we don’t need a console to judge us if money is tight when a new game is released and we go used, we do that to ourselves, we don’t need to be force fed a Kinect if we don’t want it, so give us that choice.

Other than that good luck and I hope you prove me wrong.

Former Xbox Fanboy

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Help start this place. Left. Came back as a part-timer. Shall be here to post mostly PlayStation stuff while I focus most of my Xbox one content on my blog (cheap plug).

2 Responses to Blog: A sad day for an Xbox fanboy

  1. Scot Mackay says:

    When i watched both of the presentations, i could feel a sadness in my gut. I knew that the end of an era was close at hand and i felt powerless to stop it.
    I had held out and hoped, wished and pretty well dam near prayed for Xbox to re-light the gaming spirit in me and whilst they put on a great show with the likes of Ryse catching my eye, I still felt it wasn’t enough to pull me back onto their team.
    I felt like the fat kid getting picked last at dodge-ball, it felt as though the only reason they decided to reveal the Xbox ones features and games in this way is due to it being a last resort.
    I watched the reveal for the new Halo and i hated myself for flirting with the idea of leaving Masterchief (and indeed all my legendary hero’s like Marcus Fenix) behind to venture into the Sony world with their counterparts such as Kratos.
    This is how much gaming means to me personally. With very little in the way of entertainment where i live, gaming has always been my escape. Xbox live brought me into a virtual world of friends, foes, bastards and Ho’s. It gave me adventures in another world and other galaxies when i couldn’t even afford bus fare to go to town. I have invested 10 years of my digital life into Xbox and whilst i have not fully made my mind up about which platform i will be supporting in the future, I have had my faith in Microsoft as the gamers choice viciously shaken.
    It may sound like i’m possibly being a bit dramatic but this is my hobby and lifestyle that i have enjoyed being part of. I still hope that between now and the release date of Xbox one and PS4 there will be some cataclysmic event that will reaffirm any decision i make.
    Its not just a silly games machine, its not a silly boys toy…it truly is a choice between good and evil.

  2. Robert Young says:

    I took a similar journey to Tony but I was solid Sony Fan Boy until I visited a mates house and played the first two levels of Halo CE and the second level took my breath away and then after saving to buy an XBOX I played Halo over and over and went to many LAN parties, played PES (FIFA was rubbish back then on all platforms haha) and then bought in to Burnout 3 Takedown and got on LIVE with that too and from there never looked back.

    I bought a PS3 too because some of the games looked amazing but I never used it for more than a Blu Ray player so sold it recently.

    I’m really gutted with what Microsoft are doing but they have always been a corporation so they will go after the money and the 360 will make money no doubt and it will still sell loads.

    I think the machine seems to have a lot of power and features but to be honest we have only seen the machine and gameplay – we have not seen many features, how the dash looks, will sony online be improved or still the cumbersome interface it has now even with the recent updates?

    I’ll be sticking with my 360 for the immediate future, pre-order nothing, wait until next summer then be in a better position to judge after release, several games and inevitable price drops that will follow or lead up to launch.

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