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Blog: Am I too old to game?

With no Internet this week off I’ve had the chance to write about a few things that I always wanted to Blog about, but never had the time to do so. One thing that I’m interested about hearing about from you guys over on our social networks and from you nice people who have signed up to the site (you get extra love) is people being ageist over Xbox Live.

Surely anyone of you guys around the age of 25 has suffered this over Xbox Live? I’ve suffered this via messages over live when such comments like “I’ve done your mum” or “You’re a virgin” fail to get the response they expect. I even heard one guy get ridiculed because he was a 30 year old gamer on Modern warfare 3 once and this got me thinking, are us gamers over 30 too old to game?

The way I see it is this. Without us gamers playing older consoles and making them the big thing they are today you younger generation would not be getting what you’re getting today. Now while I’m not one these retro gaming folk, I know older gamers played games on Tapes that took 30 minutes to load up, but I came into gaming proper around the Atari 2600 era. I’ve played games such as Keystone kapers, Popeye, and many other classics in their day. In those days gaming was a fun, enjoyable experience where age, colour, sexual preferences never came into it, so why is it such a big deal these days? Any game lobby you enter these days if you’ve not heard a racist, ageist or sexual comment you’ve been very lucky. So in this day and age is the Internet is to blame? I believe so, as it gives the person on the other end of a mic the voice of a hard man when in reality he has the balls of a five year old.

Women suffer more than us guys, as they also have to defend themselves as an actual gamer for some reason. I’ve met a few women over live who are decent gamers, now while this may shock a few, why should it? They only have different body parts than us men and can do everything we can. Boys are shocked when they find a women on live who can hold a pad and use it, so I used to like nothing more than being in a lobby with a lady and hearing the comments of “they have a girl on their team” to then watch the girl make them rage quit one by one.

This Blog post has kind off gone of track and rather than being about age has now gone into what is wrong with live in general, but in its defence Live is like the world wide web, sure there are cocks out there who use a keyboard as their big boy mouth, but there are a few out there who still enjoy the true meaning of gaming, which is FUN.

How old is too old to game?
What is wrong with the gaming society today?
Have you come across any bad apples over live, but have you also met nice people?
Are you a female gamer? And do you get any flak for it over live from idiots?

Cheers for your time people and please do comment below.

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7 Responses to Blog: Am I too old to game?

  1. dazzadavie says:

    Lets see I’m 30 this year and my best gaming buddys are older than me. One is 40 this year and another 50. There are no limits to age and the kids need to learn that. As for girl games one of these mates has a wife who will happily join us on Battlefield and there any nothing wrong with that. Also she is over 30 maybe over 40 so there is two birds with that stone.

  2. steelshox says:

    I think something to look at is, What is a gamer?

    A gamer is ageless, genderless and non race specific. A gamer is s a person who values the games that they play not just by points but by the experience they are having either by themselves or as part of a team.

    They play for the love of the game.

    I do not define a someone as a gamer if their experience is purely of one type e.g. – people who have only played specific games due to trend setting such as COD; FIFA; MADDEN.

    A gamer to me is someone who takes the time to welcome other players wether they are new, inexperienced or Pro’s.

    I just turned 29 this year and i have loved games since my Atari 2600, playing games such as Riveraid, Combat and Solaris. I have enjoyed jumping from console to console Atari, Mastersystem,Megadrive, Amiga,Gamegear,Saturn. Dreamcast, PS1,PS2,XBOX,XBOX360 because of the new and interesting experiences and adventures that i can have. I believe my love for these experiences is what defines me as a gamer.

    I have every intention of being an old, grey, wrinkled Gamesmaster.

  3. Glidding says:

    Instantly thought ‘NO’ when I saw the title of the post. I occasionally think that as a 36 year old I could be doing something more productive with the little spare time I have. Then I think, I’ve been playing games for 28 years, why stop now?

    However, listening to a little prick on the GOW judgment mp demo today made me want to pack it in.

  4. Farron says:

    Nope. I’m 21 and I really don’t think you can be too old to game as long as you want to. Games like CoD and GoW for whatever reason seem to attract nasty little immature people who’ll verbally abuse anyone they get the chance to. They’re worse with these sort of games because they have anonymity behind their gamertags and with their friends on there they can abuse whoever they like with little to no punishment.

    I don’t talk to people on games like that because you have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding some decent people these days. On other games however, you can still find a bunch of friendly people. Many just want to go on Live and have a good time and some of those people will sit with their headsets on in case someone else appears in their lobby who’s playing for the same reasons.

    I don’t think it’s something just wrong with gaming as it is how some people are raised. If people are screaming down their mics like that and still living with their parents then there’s no way their parents couldn’t hear that and if nothing is being done about it then they likely behave that way outside of games as well. Others are just horrible people and some have never had anything to make the question why they’re doing what they’re doing.

  5. Steven Euden says:

    I would say your never to old to game. My father is 50 and still games. Ok its not as much as he used to play and he sometimes gets confused easier now but he still games and if you feel you can handle it at any age do it if you love it 🙂

  6. Nikmou says:

    You’re never to old to game (or too female).

    It makes me chuckle when the kids I teach (Secondary computer science) react to me playing games after the initial “Miss plays COD” comments have passed we can have some interesting discussions and often debates.

    To be fair I don’t play online much anymore due to time and family constraints but when I did I could quite happily hold my own in FPS and racing games.

    And I am over that 30 line

  7. You’re never too old, they may have to pry the controller from my cold dead hands (if controllers are still in use).

    As far as i’m concerned it’s about escaping from the boring work sleep work routine for a few hours and having a laugh or scream (cat in the locker in Silent Hill 1) with your mates that makes it. Will I ever be too old to have fun with my friends, hope not.

    As to the idiots online they must have some social issues, most of which may be solved by washing their mouths out with soap. Girls, Boys, Grandads etc, I will always be happy to shoot you or give you a medi pack and laugh at you in a non specific sense when you fall off the scenery..

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