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Xbox One Headset Review: Turtle Beach – Stealth 420X Wireless Headset

So here we are once again reviewing the latest Xbox One headset from the guys at Turtle Beach, who kindly sent us over their latest offering, the Stealth 420X Premium Wireless Gaming Headset. Coming in at just under £150.00 in the UK and around the same price in dollars in the States this headset will certainly be classed as being in the high-end price range in terms of Xbox One headsets from Turtle Beach, but I wanted to find out would it be worth the money.

I’ve been lucky in terms of getting my hands on a few headsets via Turtle Beach over my time with this website, and the one thing that has always stood out to me no matter the headset price is the quality TB bring to each headset they release. The Stealth 420X’s are one of just a few totally wireless Xbox One headsets available from Turtle Beach at the moment, with this headset very much looking to be the lowest priced wireless Xbox One Headset that Turtle Beach have to offer.

If you’ve read any of my previous headset reviews you will know by now that I am about the most un-tech guy you will ever meet, and a way a headset scores well with me is by it offering great quality and value for money for you guys. I’ve never been about all the shiny bells and whistles a headset has to offer, as while they may look nice to begin with the most important thing for a headset, more so when priced like this one I’m reviewing today, is that it will be with you for a long time.

As always I will cover ease of setup, quality and comfort of the headset itself, and finally a good look at both mic and earphone quality when gaming and also using via a laptop/Tablet. As with every other headset review though if I miss anything out that you have a question about then please do send me a message either via the comments below or via our social networks which can be found at the top right of this page.

Ease of setup:
This was without a doubt one of the easiest headsets to set up EVER!!!! Upon opening the box and fighting your way past the pointless stuff found on the top layer (see video above) you are greeted with a wireless transmitter and the headset itself. Simply plug the wireless transmitter into any USB port on your Xbox One (I used the one on the left hand side of the console) turn on the headset and you are good to go.

On the right earphone are all the controls you will need to make the sound just the way you want it with both sound and mic volume controls being found there. Also found there are the hole to charge the headset, mic on/off button, the sound preset button which will offer you four choices of sound to choose from (will get to how these differ in the audio section of the review). Like I said at the start though this is one of the easiest headsets I’ve had the pleasure of setting up.


Quality build & comfort:
The second I set eyes on the headset in the box I could tell right away that the build quality was easily one of the best ones I’ve seen in a Turtle Beach headset so far. In the past and with the lower price headsets I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, you can tell when the arms of a headset look pretty weak and you are going to have issues later down the line if mishandled the second you set eyes on them. The arms on this headset however have a somewhat bulky look to them giving you that feeling that if you happen to drop them at some point for whatever reason you won’t be crying into a broken headset as you pick them up.

In the past with Turtle Beach headsets I’ve also tended to have those first few weeks of what felt like my skull being crushed by the headset until it loosened up a little, but this time around this wasn’t the case at all. The 420X’s right out the box sat on my head perfectly, so perfect infact that 99% of the time it didn’t even feel like a headset was on my head no matter how long I wore them for.

The material choice once again does a great job of stopping sweating around the ears too, as I’ve wore the 420X’s for as long as 6 hours on one night session and not once did I have to move them because of becoming uncomfortable or any sweat starting to appear. The only issue I really had with the headset with the time I’ve spent with it may be a personal reason, and that’s gaming when lying down. When its been a long day we all like to chill out of the sofa, lay back and kill things via our game of choice, and with the game audio dial set on the middle section of the right earphone it did becoming annoying that when trying to game like this the dial was situated in such a way that it would turn itself up and down. The issue arises because the audio is a stick out sort of dial we’ve all used on a headset at some point in our gaming life, so it’s nothing new. Like I said this may be just a personal issue I’ve had with it so don’t read that much into it, but for me I would have loved a much better way of turning both the audio and chat volume up and down than a cheap basic dial. If not that perhaps a lock feature on the headset that locked the audio and chat in one spot once you had found your sweet spot the first time around.


Game and chat audio:
Getting away from the dial issue above, there is no way I can bash the stereo sound that this headset offers to both myself and people who are picking up the headset when it launches later this week, as once again TB have done a great job. I was however made aware that the box on the official Turtle Beach website and others has an image on the box promising 7.1 surround sound, which is not the case at all (seems like they have now changed the box art on the official website at least). For what the sound is however it does a fantastic job in being both crisp and clear when it comes to both game sound and audio quality.

The headset also has 4 preset audio options for the game sound with natural sound, bass boost, bass & treble boost, and finally vocal boost. Now I’ve played with all four of these and I can honestly say as a none tech guy myself each one sounded no different to the last when gaming, well apart from explosions and such being a little bit deeper when equipping bass boost, but other than that it was a feature I tended to forget about.

In terms of game chat I’ve had no complaints when playing with friends, online came across crystal clear which is what we want to hear. I can’t really praise the audio side of this headset enough in truth, so rather than me sounding like a guy repeating himself over and over again I will just say the audio on this headset is fantastic.


If you’re in the market for a reliable Xbox One wireless headset then this is the place to start. Offering fantastic audio quality, fantastic build quality, and just bloody comfortable to wear, The 420X headset does it all. I’ve not even mentioned the 15 hour battery life in the whole of the review above, but once again that is another great quality of the headset.

I would say however if you are tight on funds sitting back and waiting a while until clicking that buy button as I think soon enough we will see much lower priced Xbox One Wireless headsets (come back to the site at the end of the week to see what I mean) starting to flood the market as the year goes on. Will they be able to beat the 420X headset when it comes to quality though? Only time will tell.

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