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The Walking Dead – Season 2: Episode 1

If you’re one of the 5% of gamers that are still to sample a bit of Telltale Games goodness either via the first series to The Walking Dead or their latest game Wolf Among Us, something is very wrong.
Telltale have no doubt nailed a certain niche gametype for themselves, which has done well and has seen them recently broaden their catalogue of future titles on the way.
With games like Game of Thrones and Borderlands getting the same episodic treatment in the very near future, it will surely be a telling year for the guys at Telltale once all is said and done.
My only worry with them doing so many titles over the next year is that unless the story is of a decent standard, it will make gamers quickly forget what they have built up in the past year and a half.
Yep, us gamers are a fickle bunch Telltale, but surely you know this already.

The first season of The Walking Dead was met with much applause and many GOTY awards by gamers and websites, but a few still do not get the charms that it offered.
Going into a Walking Dead game expecting your hands to be given a test of skill will not happen at all, but what is tested is your mind and what choice you would make when stuck between a rock and a hard place.

For the first time ever I played my full playthrough of this episode via the sites Twitch channel, mostly cause fellow site member Mr Guild never has time to enjoy such a beautiful thing the poor soul.
While playing through it all I not only got to see the outcome of my choices by myself, but I had the instant reaction of what others thought about it when picking a choice they would not have gone for.
In the previous season you kind of made choices within the game that while giving an impact on the game only a few gave an impact on you as a person, but in this episode boy did that all change this time around.
Once again it is hard to say why as I do hate a spoiler, but by the end of the episode Clementine will have done a lot of growing up in the hour and half you get to play as her.
The story itself plays out with Clementine fending for herself for this first time, so the bond you had with her previously instantly returns within five minutes, but the story does have a certain feel.
A few new characters pop onto the scene who no doubt will be back in future episodes, but the main star this time is Clementine that’s for sure.

If you played the new Tomb Raider recently where Lara stopped being an all killing machine and let her human side show, this is how this episode of The Walking Dead feels.
Before you would see Clementine almost fragile and scared of anything that moved in this undead world, which was part of the appeal of this small soft spoken child that you cared so much about.
In this episode you get to almost to see her growing into a strong young woman, a woman still scared of what is around every corner, but with the things that Lee taught her on how to survive in the previous season coming to fruition.

While combat has certainly gone up a notch in this game, sadly some things don’t seem to have changed from previous efforts.
If you check out the playthrough below, don’t do so if you plan on buying, you will see moments of game lag showing its ugly face in certain parts, just like the first season.
Not only this but the game glitched in a big way late on the stream with characters not even in that scene just standing still in a room not moving, which did freak me out a little.

Other than this though it was a fine return to the land of The Walking Dead for me, and for the asking price of each episode less than a movie rental on Live, I shall be buying every episode until I see how it ends for Clementine.

The Walking Dead – Season 2: Episode 1 Tony
Value For Money
Replay Value

Summary: If you loved the first season then buying this is a no brainer really, as it captures what the first season had but with better combat. Sure the game still has its faults, but the classic Telltale story telling has returned and once again they will have you questioning yourself on the choices you make in the long haul.


It's back!

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