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Review: The Wolf Among Us

With the Xbox One release getting closer by the second, I think it is fair to say that Xbox Live Arcade content has been pretty poor since the Summer of Arcade promo ended.
A decent little XBLA game to sink your teeth into seems a very rare thing to happen of late, so when I saw this game was on the horizon I knew it would be a day one purchase for me.

Being flat out honest with you guys like always, the books that The Wolf Among Us are based around are books that I’ve never even heard of before. The last comics to ever enter my domain were ones like The Beano and Dandy, so unless The Wolf Among us was about a big man who liked eating cow pies, or a kid with a dog who is as badly behaved as he was meant I was never going to be clued up on this game at all.
So, the review below is from a guy who has no knowledge of the back story to this bunch of characters or the world it takes place in, but that being said I was not a Walking Dead guy for that episodic adventure and I was a hug fan of that game.
After the huge success that was The Walking dead with both gamers and awards, Telltale Games was always going to be judged on what they did next, so with The Wolf Among Us it had to be nothing like what that game offered, but also capture the same magic it had.

When you tend to write a review for such a game you can go one of two ways.
You can be a total idiot and tell all your readers everything the game has to offer via the story, or you can give the gist of who you are and stay clear of the story. I’m no idiot so shall go with option 2, but if you want more detail just ask me via our social network.

The gist of the story is you are Bibsy Wolf, who is a cooler take on the big bad wolf from the fairytale that is Little Red Riding Hood. You are now a sheriff in a place known as Fabletown, which is a town set in the upper west side of Manhattan.
Something happens very early on that involves other characters in the game that sees you become detective, which is to become the story for the following episodes.
You are not alone in this story in The Wolf Among , as a few certain big name fairytale folk take part in the game’s story as well, but that is for you to enjoy for yourself.
While there are such people in the game though, it is nothing you would expect from characters loved by children around the world, as The Wolf Among Us is just as gritty as The Walking Dead.

This series is 5 episodic adventures long, and just like before, game time comes in around two to four hours per episode.
This first episode is much like a meeting of the crew and setting up the hook for the story that will no doubt make you click to buy the season pass once it is finished.
That being said, it will not be everybody’s cup of tea.

If I had to pigeonhole the game into what genre it was, I would say interactive TV show, as the experience is more about the story being told to you while now and again you make a few choices and press a few buttons.
That being said my 3+ hours spent with the first episode was a really enjoyable experience, so if you see buying it as almost renting a movie the £3.39 asking price seems a decent price to me.

The game itself has a few tweeks from Telltales previous game with a much more interesting fight mechanic for one.
Now it is more than just a quick one button press as the fights that took place in previous Telltale games, as The Wolf Among Us saw me pressing both buttons and directions on the analog stick, which does make it feel more frantic.
That being said I did seem to have some weird type of game lag when some fights took place, which did make it impossible to not be hit in places, but I’m hopeful this was a one off.

Away from the game you have a section in the option where you can read up on each character you find in each episode and also get to see some of the choices that gamers made, and see if they match yours.

Overall, at the price this game is you would be silly not to at least give it a try, as the story it offers is worth it alone.

Review: The Wolf Among Us Tony
Value For Money
Replay Value

Summary: If you enjoyed what The Walking Dead offered you as a game, then The Wolf Among Us is right up your alley. Not knowing anything about the world these characters are based is no biggy, as soon enough you will love the story being told to you. I for one shall return for the following episodes.


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  1. Rob Hestar says:

    Glad to know I don’t need to read the comics to get into the game.Kinda wish they would fix the lag issues that plagued the walking dead games.

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