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Review: Poker Night 2

Poker Night 2 was one of those games that I wanted to review for the site, but when coming to ask people if they knew how to play poker we hit a snag. Now with a team of about seven of us at the moment you would think one of us knew how to play cards, turns out this is not the case. So the valiant leader I am I took the reigns for this, even if I am rookie with cards unless I’m playing 21 or snap.

Poker Night 2 sees you playing poker with stars of videos games across a few genres, but being honest with you only a couple stood out to me, one of those being Claptrap from Borderlands, and the other being GLaDoS from portal fame, but you could have stuck the others in my face and I would have shown no interest. You have two gametypes available to you, one being the standard poker game, and a game called Omaha Hold ‘Em, which being honest with you I had to Wiki due to my lacklustre Card knowledge.
You play these games with the guys I mentioned above and Brock Samson who is apparently from the Adult Swim Show, The Venture Bros. some guy called Ash Williams (don’t hate on me because I don’t know him), and Max from Sam and Max.

Now before you all jump the gun and think “this is just your boring old poker game where you sit around a table playing with cards” it does add a little more than that. For once in a poker game you kind of feel like you’re playing with buddies, as the interaction with each character as you play each hand of poker does add a whole lot to how much fun the game is. You have GLaDoS mocking you if you play a bad hand, or just the guys chatting amongst each other about things that have gone in their life, which some even made me laugh out loud. That being said though, after around 3 to 5 hours play I did start to get repeat stories, and with no way to skip them you’re kind of left sitting there not interested, when this happens you would normally jump on to a multiplayer session of a game, but for some weird reason Poker Night 2 does not offer this, as if it did it would have scored higher from me. So with no MP on offer to you what makes you keep coming back?

Well the game offers avatar unlocks and also things to unlock in the game like tables, decks, and chips, which to unlock you must of course earn money and beat things called bounties. Bounties are set tasks that are given to you like, beat two people at once in a showdown, or go all-in on a game, so all rather easy tasks early on in the game. On top of that you can also unlock some Borderlands 2 skins and heads, but sadly with my lack of skills I have no images of these apart from the press shot. That’s kind of your lot when it comes to content for Poker Night 2.

I know the review is kind of short, but for a non-poker guy I saw little else that I felt deserved a mention, this is not to say I never had fun with the game, in-fact far from it, whenever I have 30 minutes to kill this has become one of the games I load up, as it’s great for killing time. I could have typed pointless stuff like how great the characters look and sound, or how you can buy drinks for the other characters while playing that will make them tipsy but when I do it nothing has really changed, but you guys want to just know if the game is worth your cash.

Overall though if you’re a poker guy this will be right up your street, but if your like me and not really a poker dude it will be OK, just nothing fantabulous, the cameos are great, but other than that you just have a poker game.

Review: Poker Night 2 Tony

Poker Night 2

Replay value

Summary: If you're a poker guy then dive right in, but for guys like me who are not clued up on all things poker, be sure to at least give the trial a go.


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  1. Bingo says:

    I’m a bit of poker player, I don’t play much anymore because I’m usually not in the right mindset for it. I don’t personally think that older poker players would be into this game for the actual poker experience as it doesn’t offer the real gamble you’d get elsewhere or the social aspect of it. I am intrigued to see how the game compares to real poker in terms of how the characters play certain hands and wether or not you could guess what cards they’re holding. The games of poker are usually ones where you’re with sociable people, regardless of wether you win or not. If the game manages to replicate the social experience then it’s a winner and even losses will be bearable. If not get some buddies round buy a deck of cards to see what I’m on about

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