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Review: FireBurst

There is plenty of racing games available for the Xbox, it doesn’t matter if you like your Forza’s, Need for Speeds, or your Burnout games there is plenty of choice. The question is do you want some more? Give a little read on as I think IndiPub and Exdream might tickle your fancy.

So I will salute any developer that brings to the table a racer that does not have a long list of titles or a big franchise behind it, and it’s good to see that some developers are still brave and bold enough to enter into the breach and give it a go, and they are indiPub and exdream. IndiPub has had plenty of experience churning out arcade style games from puzzle to shooter, so they know what they are doing.

Fireburst at its core is an arcade racer, but with a sprinkle of destruction derby mixed in. You start the game with similar options that you can find in most track racing games such as quick race, career and multiplayer with the addition of a carnage mode whereby the objective is to wreck the cars in maps solely designed to do so. What sets Fireburst apart from the rest of the arcade racers out there is the creativity of the game, the tracks are wonderfully thought out and I was really impressed with how some of the tracks twist and turn and use ramps and half pipe designs, so I feel like I am taking a 4×4 buggy down my local skate park and tearing it up! While racing you come across red barrels and blue barrels, the red ones add to your boost meter and effectively heat up your vehicle, while the blue barrels and puddles on the track will cool down your car. A fine balance and some considerable skill is required to manage the temperature of your mode of transport, as if your car was to overheat it will explode and the heat meter is not quick to recede without the aid of water or blue barrels. While you may find that using your boost might not be needed in all the races some races, the career mode will set you challenges and events will force you to boost and destroy other vehicles which actually make some events rather difficult regardless of the difficulty setting.

Further to this the game can be very unforgiving; I applaud the tracks with plenty of ramps and jumps but the game does not allow you to utilize them as much as I would like to see in an arcade racer, after mounting a half pipe and getting some air you simply explode for being out of bounds. In other occasions hitting a barrel directly does not slow you down but clipping one sends the car into a spin, also managing the boost without constantly overheating is a tricky affair and on some of the tracks that you have to use the boost, it can become frustrating and spoil the race.

These negative points aside the game is good; there are plenty of tracks to choose from and the characters although a bit odd, add to the character of the game. There is a great selection of vehicles and the game is great looking and holds a good level of detail, plus as I mentioned before the tracks have been thought out, not some random track loop with interesting backgrounds. Coupled with the multiplayer and split screen and if you have some patience and some time to invest in a game, it’s worth giving Fireburst a go!

Review: FireBurst Andy Bell



Summary: Fireburst is a great looking game, but with it being a tricky game to master it can be a challenge at times.


Good fun

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