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Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

First off before I kick into action with my delightful intro for the review let me just make something clear to all gamers about this game. I’ve seen many people saying’ I do not have a copy of Far Cry 3, so will not be able to play this’ via social networks… YOU DO NOT NEED A COPY OF FAR CRY 3 TO BE ABLE TO PLAY THIS GAME!

I feel bad for people who missed out on the 80’s, as still to this day they was easily the best time for action filled entertainment via cinema or TV. Being brought into this world in 1979 by my lovely mother and father I got to dwell in the delights of such classics as The A team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, all of which are still deemed classics today, when you think of movies one guys leads the pack in this era, that being the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger (or Arnie to his pal), with such classic movie lines as “I’ll be back” or “Hey Light Bulb, Hey Christmas tree” from the classic Running man, to the classic “GET TO THE CHOPPAAAAAAAA” which is surely not used by just me when playing any call of duty game when calling in a pavelow. In summary the 80’s were a great time to live, but if you missed out on them then this game might be right up your alley if you liked anything I spoke about above.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon takes place in the Far Cry 3 engine, but rather than having the delights of Vaas to play with the world takes place in a 80’s lovefest with everything we loved about the 80’s being somewhere in the game. At the start of the game you find out a nuclear war has taken place and out of the ashes comes you Rex (power) Colt, who is a mark IV cyber commando who is part-man, part-machine, in English that would be a guy with a red cyber-eye and a robotic left arm with all the charm of a guy with a huge chip on his shoulder. Right from the start of the game it’s full of 80’s nostalgia as you’re character is built with what sounds like the Terminator music booming away in the background with the typical voice over guy who sounds like he smokes 200 cigarettes a day, the story is your typical 80’s action flick storyline, bad guy has a plan to kill a lot of people you must end those plans, but damn it’s good.

The campaign took me around four hours to finish the story side of things, but that was with me pottering about having a look what the game had to offer, side quests include such things as saving scientists, killing dragons, and taking over Garrisons (not the guy from South Park) but just like liberating outposts in Far Cry 3. The game is basically Far Cry 3 with neon lights and an 80’s soundtrack, so chances are if that was your cup of tea you will love this. Blood Dragon also offers old collectibles that we all love to collect, these come in the shape of VHS tapes that are scattered around the medium sized map that the game offers you, so I would say to do everything your looking at around a good eight to ten hours.

Another thing that needs talking about is the cut scenes and some of the best damn montage music use I’ve heard since a Rocky movie. Sure the scenes in between each story mission look to have been ripped out of a retro game you would have played on your Master System, but that is all the more reason I love this game so much, on top of that the music is cheesy as hell, but that is what the 80’s was back then, so this captures it all perfectly in some sort of time-warp-dragon-killing-adventure. If I had to pick bad points I would say the story felt a bit short, when it was completed it left me wanting more, but surely that is both good and bad, also any guys who hated Far Cry 3 won’t see anything they like here unless they loved the 80’s. I loved Far Cry 3 though so I was sold from the get go on this, so Ubisoft get me some DLC pronto I need more damn it.

Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Tony

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


Summary: A great look back and a classic take on a much loved era. Yes the game is short, but I dare anyone to play through without a smile on their face. Ubisoft we need more of this and the faster the better please.


Love it

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6 Responses to Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

  1. Akafusion says:

    Nice review, I think I may try this game,good that it’s not just an expansion pack too

  2. Polerand says:

    Excellent. 8-10 hours for everything and cheesy montages? I am looking forward to this one!

  3. dazzadavie says:

    This will be mine tomorrow. I was born in the 80s but thanks to my Mums cheesy taste in tv I also fell in love with it all.

    Fucking can’t wait, great review too.

  4. HellspawnRei says:

    Great review and i loved the streaming too.
    It’s all about the 80’s , how could you not love this game!

  5. David Guild says:

    Just can’t wait to play this, and after watching the stream i was just blown away at how it was. I just love the sense of humour in this game 😀

  6. Andy Bell says:

    this game is a must and on the list, great review.

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