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Review: Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America

You creep through the undergrowth, careful of every step that you take. Stopping to take in the wind direction and speed, you shift to the right aware that your prey is just over the mound and it can sense and smell your approach. Raising your rifle and taking a deep breath to steady your shot… BANG! … You suddenly wake from your day dream and realise that you are playing the rather boring simulation, Hunter’s Trophy 2.

Hunter Trophy 2 falls into a very small niche in the gaming world, hunting and fishing. Personally I am a fan of both sports but of all the games that I have played in this area have failed to hit the mark. For me both sports hold a life experience, like the battle you have landing a fish that you have just waited patiently for the last hour to catch. Of course it wouldn’t be practical to have a fishing game that you wait for an hour to catch a fish, only to have your line snap would it?

Onto the game and it is important to be honest, at first I was slightly impressed and the environment was nice to look at, plenty of greenery and a nice backdrop. Starting the game you get to hunt the small stuff like ducks and wild turkeys, you have a hunting quota … and off you go! Sadly this is when I noticed the first fail of many. Hunting the birds in this game involves you moving to a flush spot pressing “A” and watch the birds fly over and shoot them down, now remember when I said you get a quota? So you can only shoot what you’re allowed, so what happens if you hit your target before the plentiful time runs out? Ummm… Make yourself a cup of tea I guess. Shoot more? No, you will fail the mission, explore? No, you will fail your mission; take a look at the ducks? No, they get spooked and you fail you mission, stand still and go off to make yourself a tea? Yep, you got it.

Ok, ok, let us stick with the game a bit longer, we still have the big game licence and a dog licence to unlock and different guns and camouflages that should spice up the game. The big game hunt’s see you hunting among other animals, wild Pigs and Elk’s but that is not as simple as wait and shoot, you have to track them first, this is where your trusty dog comes in. in Big Game Hunter you get to actually be the dog, which at first took me by surprise and seemed interesting but wait! It handles like a dog you say?! And I don’t mean like the animal, sadly the controls change when you are the dog to the most awful set up possible. So you have sniffed some poo and now you chase the scent leaping over fences and boulders to track the animal down and call your master when you have reached your objective. Unfortunately you will have to find a different route as you might be able to walk through a bush in the game, the hunter can’t manage to overcome a small rock and you will have to walk around it!

Ok, I’m on my hands and knees now but I have nearly unlocked everything and one more licence to get, the sniper licence, so hang on in there! But wait! Surely all the extra gear with added benefits you unlocked have made a difference to the game? … Ummm no, what about the perks you have upgraded? No, sorry not noticed the difference, the new guns…? ok, never mind.

Sadly unlocking the sniper brings nothing new to the game, couple of different animals to hunt and nothing more, you still find yourself hunting and tracking in the same repetitive way as before. Big game Hunter 2 is a poor game; the producers have taken all “arcade” elements away from the game and had a go at making a simulation, although as I said before trying to recreate the realistic element of these types of sports fail, as it’s just not practical and no game will give you the experience of being out there in the wilderness. To add, the game is too short, has a zero replay value and is unchallenging, plus there is no desire to unlock further weapons or costumes. Big Game Hunter is badly thought out; it desperately needs some action and thrill to entice you to play, I understand what has been attempted to achieve in this game but I would be actually surprised if it appealed to more than 2% of the gaming public, sorry all, one to avoid.

Review: Hunter’s Trophy 2 – America Andy Bell

Hunter's Trophy 2 - America

Replay Value

Summary: A failure of a game, you might play it for 20 min’s before you realise you just wasted your money.



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