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Review: Peggle 2

Reviewing a game like Peggle 2 is both a challenge and a joy at the same time, as it being a game with such a basic game concept it’s hard to put it into 1000+ words.
Never when buying my Xbox One console did I think that in the first month of release we would be reviewing such a game, but behind the simple logic of the game is there something hidden away for me to find?
When most gamers heard about news of Peggle 2 coming to next-gen, I think it was split 50/50 in what we all thought.
We had the excited side who loved the addictive gameplay that Peggle offered them previously, while the other 50% kind of laughed at it even being announced.
For me personally it was a bit of both, as before even going into this review I knew I would have to focus more on what Peggle offered gameplay wise rather than how pleasing on the eye it was, as lets face it there is no way you can make coloured balls look next-gen!

In Peggle the main aim of the game is to clear the screen of all orange pegs/balls however you can with the 10 metal balls you begin the game with. These are shot via your cannon at the top of the screen.
You can earn extra balls on top of this though by getting a high enough score on each attempt, or landing the ball in the bucket that is ever present at the bottom of the screen.
The game takes place over 60 levels with each character in the game getting ten levels each and the final ten levels being kind of like a use who you wish deal. This is also the case with all levels once they are beaten first time around.
Further more to this you also have ten trial levels to play with from each world that unlock once the main part of the level is complete.

Peggle can be played a few ways, with my personal way of play being just clearing all of the orange pegs from the screen, but the better players will try to clear the screen fully of all of the pegs.
Depending on your skill at the game it leaves either option, either the newbie or pro peggle player way, of playing open to you.
The game does not punish you if you just want a quick game here and there, but it also pays you back if your willing to put the effort into it.
The pro part comes into play more on what each level offers you via challenges, which you get three to beat per level.
One is always clear the game of pegs/balls, the other is normally score based like beat such and such score, and finally the third normally involves you doing some type of trick shot on the level.
In the game you will also have a few trick show levels thrown at you on each section, but nothing of such toughness that it gave me a longer challenge than five minutes of play.
The second mode of play is trials in which you are given yet more levels to play with yet another three tasks for you to do in each level.
This time around though they seem to be more trick shot based rather than clear all the levels of these pegs, so they add something different to the single player campaign, if you can call it that.

Awww ain’t they cute:
The characters who are tied into each level not only make the game that much more inviting to play, but behind their cute faces they also have a purpose.
On most levels, apart from a few early ones, each will have 2 green pegs scattered on the play area. Now these green pegs are where you can unleash the ability of each character.

Bjorn the unicorn from the previous Peggle returns with the power to see where your ball will bounce to after the original shot, therefore giving you the chance to rack up a decent little score streak.
Secondly we have Jeffrey who is like a big fat bear whose power is that of a big boulder that will smash all pegs where it is aimed, no matter the colour.
Thirdly we have my favourite looking character, Berg.

Our man Berg not only pulls a pixelated moonie on the side of the screen, but he also has the ability of deep freeze in which pegs you hit with the ball will not only light up but slide across the screen in the hope of hitting more pegs.
While not seeing an issue with Berg myself, I did notice when looking over at the game clips of Major Nelson that it looks possible to send a few pegs into a place where you cannot reach with your cannon at the top of your screen, so be on the look out for that when using him.

Gnorman is our fourth character who has the power of the uber volt, which in English terms is hit a ball on a peg and it will light up upto 3 more pegs around it, so good for multipliers.

Finally we have Lady Luna who has the power to pass through blue pegs like they are not even there, making it easier to reach those hard to get at orange pegs.

Sound: Yeah I don’t normally do such a section on a review, but with Peggle it is needed.
Why is it needed you ask? Well when hearing this song any time after playing a few minutes of Peggle 2, you will not get the tune out of your head.

Nailing that final orange peg to be greeted with the above song will only add to your joy as you fist pump the air after nailing a tricky little orange peg, so that is why it adds so much to the game.

Why you not work MP?
This would normally be the part where I would talk about the MP that the game offers, but being honest with you all, every time I have tried to get a game it has failed me.
You can have up to four friends playing with you, but the way you are smart matched for a game tends to just leave me not finding anyone to play with.
So that being said I can’t really judge the online side of the game at all, but if I ever do get a game you can bet your life I will add to this review.

Overall Peggle 2 for the £9.99 asking price is half decent. Sure it doesn’t have the look of a next gen game, nor does it have the deep meaningful single player.
What Peggle does have going for it though is that one more go factor. You will sit there just thinking “One more and I am done” only to find yourself sitting there 45 minutes later.
It was a shame the MP was not very good to me, but I can only assume playing with a buddy would just double the fun that the game gave me.
That being said, if Peggle was not your cup of tea before, Peggle 2 will not do anything new to change that fact, as you could line them both up side by side and it would be like looking in a mirror.

Review: Peggle 2 Tony
Replay Value

Summary: Nothing new in the Peggle world, but another return to what is a very addictive game. Multiplayer needs a good patch to make it anything worthwhile though.


Totally Addictive

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4 Responses to Review: Peggle 2

  1. Steven Euden says:

    I loved the original peggle when I managed to grab it on a popcap bundle disc. This looks of more the same that for me means its a instant purchase when I buy a XBone 🙂

  2. Is it only an Xbox 1 release or will it be on 360?

  3. Freddie says:

    I will consider buying this game is the price drops a little bit.

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