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Review: Black & White Bushido

For the longest time in the PS3 and 360 generation, I remember complaining to my friends about the lack of decent local co-op games. Most releases around the time were mostly online and if you wanted some fun local action, you had to stick with Nintendo, the Kings of Couch Multiplayer. But thanks to the explosion of indie titles, we’re starting to see an increase of quick, yet fun couch co-op games. Personally, my favourites are N+, Castle Crashers and Broforce.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have no shortage of local multiplayer games these days, with the newest one being Black & White Bushido, developed and published by Good Catch. It originally came out late 2015 on PC but it has finally made it’s way to consoles.

The objective of Black & White Bushido is rather simple, kill your enemy. There’s no storyline, just an all-out brawl between the light and shadow. But there are 3 game modes, death match, capture the flag and challenge. You can have up to 4 players and there are a handful of characters to choose from, all of which have different weapons.

The game is built on the concept that the samurai can blend into the background but only at certain times. When you start a match you will choose either the light or shadow and as the match plays out you will notice the black or white back drop. It constantly changes, so you will have to sneakily move around in your coloured background waiting to pounce on the enemy. Of course this is easier on-line as you can only press a button to see your character but on local co-op it comes down to guess work as whatever you see, your buddies will see too. I like to think that my tactics change when playing locally compared to online. Playing on the same screen will make me more of an aggressive player, striking blow after blow on my targets while online, I try to be stealthier as the option is there. You can play against bots but it’s absolutely pointless as you can slay the AI with ease.

There is not much else to say about the game modes really as they’re your standard death match and capture the flag but the challenge mode is where you can sharpen your skill. Challenge mode is only available on single player and it sends out waves of enemies against you. While this it happening you will have tasks to complete like capture the flag, don’t move and so on. Every task you complete will go on to your overall score but all this will need to be done without dying. It’s probably the only decent mode if you wish to play the game by yourself due to the lousy AI opponents but I did get stuck in a rut when I stayed still for too long. The game kept sending me way to many units and I was unable to move from my position without the risk of dying, so it became just a repetitive right to left slashing away at the endless flood.

I can’t really say too much about online play as I couldn’t find a game.  I understand when I received the game it was just out but after a week it was still over 300 minutes of wait time as you can see from the screenshot below. Luckily I have a few buddies who were destined to die by my hand. We played the game both locally and through private matches online and it’s a lot of fun jumping off walks, slashing away and then blending in to the background so you can pounce again at the next target. There are a few items which can help you out like a teleportation smoke bomb, shuriken and finally spikes which will show down a players’ movements and won’t allow them to jump.

What I did find odd though was the lack of a rematch button in the online matches I played. Every time I had to start a new private match and once I invited a player, I was unable to make changes to the options given. This shouldn’t be a problem in this day and age, to be honest it should never be a problem ever! I know it’s nothing serious but it’s a right pain, especially if you want to play back to back games. Another complaint is the lack of difficult options for computer controlled enemies. The AI doesn’t offer a challenge so there is no way to really improve and there are only so much challenges you can do.

In summary, Black & White Bushido is a fun multiplayer where you can chill with your friends and bash out a few matches but nothing is going to keep you playing after they’re gone. The monochromatic visuals are a real treat along with the stealth mechanic but the over £10 price tag is hard to justify. There just isn’t enough there for that price tag, the desperate achievement hunter may pick it up but more than likely will wait for a sale.

Black & White Bushido










Replay Value



  • Black & White Visuals
  • Simple Controls
  • Fun Gameplay


  • Useless AI Enemies
  • Price Tag
  • Won't Keep Players Engaged For Long

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