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Victor Vran Overkill Edition

As a true fan of dungeon crawler genre I was excited to get my hands on Victor Vran, in the back of your head you want to compare it to the industry standard that is Diablo however it unfair as this game is different in a lot of ways. Through the journey there is a lot of good points and lots of bad points, if am being fully honest apart from the pure sarcasms of the narrator I lost interest in the story early on, I was never emotionally involved in the game,for me it was more about being a pure smash buttons and kill, as such we are not going to really touch on the story as it takes away from what is a great game. The features and gameplay are the same for both the main title and the DLC included in the overkill edition (Fractured Worlds and Motörhead: Through the Ages DLC).

Now don’t get me wrong, I love smash and kill games, and this game offered some great features to help me in my slaying of the vast amount of AI that was in my way but unlike other dungeon crawlers you don’t have any special races, instead the weapons and items you equip in a way create what would be a traditional race in this type of game. For myself I set myself up with a powerful close range hammer and a gun to shoot from distance, going with the powerful close range hammer resulted in a slower hit rate. On top of this you unlock card slots that you can drop cards into, the cards range anything from boosts to type of hits to health points, with my close range power style i opted for getting my health as high as possible, suddenly you then have a race that would resemble a barbarian in many other game. This has to be the great thing about this game as you can suddenly change the whole plan by swapping out the cards and weapons and go for a very fast hit ratio instead, so your player can freely evolve as the challenges of the game represent themselves. The challenge is when suddenly you are faced with 50-70 AI running at you and in a blind panic you are smashing all the buttons on your controller to kill the wave after wave of these unruly foes, or perhaps that says more about my game style then the game itself.

Speaking of challenges… the game structure is that each “dungeon zone” carries 5 challenges that will either give you weapons, xp or money for completing them (as well as an achievement for completing them all!). This helped with the want to replay zones within the game to get the target, some of the targets were just mean, such as not using any health packs during your fight with a zone boss. Thankfully this is where the free-form changing of your player kicks into effect as you find yourself looking at the challenges and then setting up the player to beat that challenge.

When you get to the point where the game getting a bit too easy then you can enable up to 5 ‘hex’ symbols that boosts the AI, in exchange you get more XP for killing them and some of the challenges need these hexes enabled to complete the challenge also. This is an other feature that helps you want to go back to older zones, as the want to go back to a zone where you can single hit every AI is a bit boring, so to up the anti mid game can help make it a more level playing field.

Naturally there would be questions over if this game is suited to using a joypad or would be better on the traditional keyboard and mouse, I have got to say for once this did not bother me as much as other dungeon crawler games as you are limited to two non weapon items to use at once (ie two of health, shield, flash bombs and etc) but in the back of my head I did wonder what would this be like on the PC, would I be restricted to just two items at once, I decided it best left unanswered as it could sway me on the thoughts of using a joypad on this game!

This leaves us in a very odd situation, the story is not there but I keep playing this game, at the same time I can’t quite explain what sets it apart from the rest of the games in this marketplace. All I really know is for the price this package packs quite a lot of game, and a lot of game that am still playing some 30 hours of gameplay later, looking at a lot of games I own recently that cannot be said for many. So in summary if you want an fun game that a bit button bashing then pick this up, if you are looking for that deep rooted storyline that will have you on the end of your seat that I would give this a miss.

N.B. This review was redone after the patch was released for Xbox One in June to resolve issues with the game crashing, if you have not updated your game ensure that you do as I did encounter bugs prior to the patch.

Victor Vran










Replay Value



  • Fun
  • Range of options in game
  • easy to pickup and play
  • Lack of defined classes


  • Story
  • buggy at first

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Gary Mullen is an avid gamer from the days of C64 up to the latest generation of consoles/computers, for him the most important part of a game is the plot and storyline that drag you in and where you can't stop playing the game till the ending however the exception for the rule is his love of tycoon style games where he has spent far too many hours building his perfect theme park/water park/hospital/prison and so on! He has studied and currently works in the IT support industry with a wide range of IT technology exposure.

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