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Review: Technomancer

Technomancer landed onto the market, a game set in space, and is a third person RPG with live combat… This starting to remind anyone else of Mass Effect? Naturally you are going to compare this game to Mass Effect, and in many ways it a very similar game however it a very enjoyable game.  The game has not been loved by all, in fact it been out right slated by many, now am not saying there no faults in this game but am not looking for a perfect game, am looking for an enjoyable experience which this title does give you.

Am going to start with the main complaint of this game, the graphics, 5 years ago it would have been great but since then we have entered a new generation of consoles, we have seen some amazing leap forwards in games but this game seems to have forgotten to come along for the ride. Part of me is shouting who cares about the graphics, gameplay trumps graphics when buying a game, which is correct but some of the jumpy motions of the graphics are really annoying. It feels as if the game lacked it final polish, and then suddenly you see an amazing backdrop and you’re scratching your head wonder why the front end is so bad.

I mentioned gameplay trumps graphics, it does and this is why I actually love this game. The main gameplay is the combat, you can quick change your state from 3 different styles on the fly when fight, no menu simply press two buttons and boom you have gone from fight with the Staff to a blade and gun or a mace and shield. This results in a very good fighting mode as you react to the type of NPC you encountered and change to the suitable stance (or if you are me stick to the blade and gun and forget the others).  As you have these three stances setup ready to go with different weapons then obviously you can set all the weapons for each of the stance by either upgrading them or replacing them with better weapons (you can’t changes the type of weapon for each of the stances).

Got to give a mention to the leveling up system, at first I was a bit like a rabbit in headlights, when you leveled up you would unlock points sometimes depending on your level to update one of your options. The issue was it was spread over multiple pages and you could not pause the game to do the upgrades, meaning if you were in a boss battle it not wise to try and update your player (trust me from experience on this one).

I had a moan about the graphics but aside from the graphics I really did love the area that was built up. It was a very logical way moving around and just made sense to me where to go, I was expecting to find myself bored however this was not the case, the world could have been larger in areas but overall there is enough to keep you amused during the gameplay. There was a drawback with the controls for the gameplay and it was the camera angle, it was rather annoying at times as I could not always see enemies around me, it felt like a dated way of doing the camera angle however despite it being annoying it was not a deal breaker for me. There a lot of games that suffer worse issues with camera angles but I think it more obvious in this game as due to the level design there little room for this feature to hide.

Story of the game ticked over quite well, it was not amazing, it was not gripping where you could not stop playing to find out what happened next but still provided enough to make me keep coming back to the game to do more of the story mode. I did feel a lack of connection to the character which I was disappointed with as I did not really feel invested in them.

The game itself is single player and offers in the region of 15 hours core story and 15 hours side quests to amuse you, so it not the longest RPG however many including myself have played this game more then once so there is something more to this game then meets the eye.

Technomancer is a brand new IP, something fresh, something the market really needed. I have rambled on about issues in the game, and if you look on paper you would argue I have listed more issues then positive points however in many ways it not a true reflection on the points as the plus points are far more important then the minus points. It questionable if this game is worth £44.99, if you can get it for about £35 then it worth buying and I will be playing this game again, however graphics did let it down for the price point…

The Technomancer











  • Good Combat
  • Enjoyable Story
  • Smart Controls


  • Graphics
  • Dodgey Camera Angles
  • Lacks Depth

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Gary Mullen is an avid gamer from the days of C64 up to the latest generation of consoles/computers, for him the most important part of a game is the plot and storyline that drag you in and where you can't stop playing the game till the ending however the exception for the rule is his love of tycoon style games where he has spent far too many hours building his perfect theme park/water park/hospital/prison and so on! He has studied and currently works in the IT support industry with a wide range of IT technology exposure.

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