Published on February 27th, 2014 | by Andy King


Review: Rush Bros.

Don’t rush me bro!

ARG! I’m angry, I’ve lost the race! Let’s go again …YES! I won! Rush Bros. is bringing out the worst in me. GRR!

Rush Bros. by Xyla Entertainment is a side-scrolling racing game that features a split-screen (or an online competition) between bounding DJ’ing brothers (hence the name). The premise of Rush Bros. is simple. Beat your opponent – either a local ‘ghost’ of yourself or pit against a friend or another PC/Mac player via random match making on Steam. The levels are deviously designed with traps and puzzles that can hinder your (or hopefully your opponents) progress to the finish line.

Blasting beats from Israeli psytrance/electronica duo Infected Mushroom match the overall tone of the game perfectly, however this isn’t to say you may fancy a bit of Manilow whilst playing! No problem, just drop in your MP3 or OGG file into the game and you can be listening to ‘Mandy’ before you know it. Doing so also has the consequence of changing the movement of some of the levels traps, obstacles and environment while playing – which is great and gives you a real advantage when you know when that key change is about to occur. *ahem*

Visually the game is vivid eye candy and the cell shaded characters and world they inhabit are maddening! As your DJ desperately misses a spinning death trap you can’t help but appreciate the wonder of the level …right before your opponent flicks a switch, inverts your screen/controls and sends you tumbling back to the start of the race …d*ck!

40+ stages await DJ’s Amit and Erez. Each will take you a long time to master, so best get in that arcade mode first to perfect your skills and times.

The game can be frustrating, but frustrating in a good way …like going from first to last on the home stretch of a Mario Kart race. That’s how mad it made me. Better to play with a friend split screen as you can have a laugh/give them a friendly punch and share a beer after – rather than thinking about ways you can track down that faceless Steam matched opponent you were dealt and how to make them SUFFER! *Woosah*

Rush Bros. is available now from a number of online retailers, including Steam and Greenman Gaming.

The game was provided, with thanks, by Plan of Attack.

Review: Rush Bros. Andy King
Replay Value

Summary: A great party title and plays like a competitive Super Meat Boy - albeit with lashings of neon. If, unlike me, you have good reflexes you’ll welcome the challenge that Rush Bros. offers! Here’s to hoping Xyla make a nice fluffy relaxing game as desert after Rush Bros. hot, fiery, table punching and napkin clenching main course. “Oh Mandy!”


Great party title

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