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Review: Overwatch

Blizzard is trying to take on the big boys on the arcade FPS market with Overwatch, with gun crosshair clearly set on Team Fortress and Battlefront who both aim at a large age range of gamers. This action packed team brawl FPS game has a lot to offer. I am by no way the biggest of FPS fans however I do enjoy the team brawl aspects of Team Fortress or Battlefront over the more traditional FPS such as Call of Duty or Battlefield.

The game comes with several different game type modes ranging from a capture the flag type style mode to an attack/defend transport mission. I preferred the transport style of game more it was the right balance of frantic and skill based for me. You are either on the defending team or the attacking team and need to get rid of your opponents around the vehicle that is being transported. If the opposition had control it would move nearer the end goal. If you were the defender you could take control of the area and bring it further away from the end goal. The vehicle was on a set track and auto moved depending which team had control of the area.

Graphically this game was designed in a very colourful fashion opting away from the more serious style. Interestingly this game is not full on cel-shaded but the style does lean heavily in that direction with bright bold colours and a shiny effect. This style works very well for the game as it helped bring the age rating down to a family friendly 12 along with the “non violence” killing which even Battleborn, in it cartoony nature, could not manage. This opens up the FPS to a whole younger audience on the console that most (if not nearly all) FPS cannot officially aim for (yes parents will still buy their 12 year old CoD).

Characters on offer are split into four sections, Offence, Support, Tank and Support. The key in this game is to get a team using all four categories and when your team picks players it highlights to you on the screen if your team does not have one of the four categories. Each of the characters have their own unique weapons and powers that can be used ranging from teleporting to shields. I found myself often sticking with the same option for most games, mainly as his double shotguns fit into my “run in like and idiot and shoot” tactic.


The game is purely an “online game” but does have an against the AI only and training mode, but does not offer any form of story mode. This is something that annoyed me, it felt like it was missing something when I played it and the more I played it the more I thought I wanted to play a campaign mode.

DLC is always an iffy subject in FPS especially when they are online only, Blizzard are not going to follow the norm. They have gone on the record and said any new heroes or maps added to the game will not be charged for, which is a very bold promise to make from the outset! This is something that none of the major players in the FPS market offer the now.

When you compare this game to the other FPS on the consoles there is a more chilled out gaming time. I don’t really recall checking out my Kill vrs Death stats and purely that’s because I was having fun regardless if I died once or a hundred times which was a rather refreshing time and one of the reasons I am not a huge fan of the FPS games out there, things just get taken far too seriously.






  • Great Fun
  • Fast Gameplay
  • Quick Games


  • Gets boring
  • Game modes limited
  • Hard to get decent teams

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