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Review: Neon Chrome

Let me start off by saying that top down shooters are not my thing. I played GTA on the Playstation and whilst I enjoyed it, the top down aspect of the game constantly frustrated me. As such, when I started Neon Chrome I didn’t have high expectations. I’m glad to report that those expectations were dashed. The music especially really sets the tone. Described as “A cyberpunk top-down twin-stick shooter” I expected the controls to be fiddly and the setting to be rediculous, but I love it. The controls took a little getting used to but after a few attempts I got there.

Set in the future, you stay in a huge place called Neon Chrome which is ruled / controlled by someone called the Overseer. Your character has decided to take the Overseer down via something called the Immersion Chair which allows you take control of an “asset” (cybernetically enhanced person) and go fight the bad guys. You fight your way through levels to work your way up the building to take down the Overseer who I presume is at the top. Every few floors or so you will encounter a boss enemy.

There are various assets, each of a different type and skillset / attributes. This could be anything from +10% speed to favouring energy instead of HP. If you die, you come out of the Immersion Chair, can buy power ups or choose to start with a specific weapon and then grab a new asset and start over. As you progress further up you can start from a higher floor.

Weapons vary and you can pick up new ones as you go or grab an upgrade for the one you have. As well as this you also have various… plugins I suppose (cybernetic enhancements), that allow you to modify certain stats. There’s one that increases HP, a one time credit boost and various others too.

Neon Chrome is not a game I’d play for hours on end but it’s fun to pick up and just blast some bad guys. Prettyful with a great soundtrack, it’s something I think I’ll go back to every so often just to blast out a few levels.

Review: Neon Chrome Steven Scott
Replay Value

Summary: Looks good, sounds great but not sure how often I'll come back to it.


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