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Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts – Onslaught DLC

With many Ghosts players waiting with season pass in hand, we recently saw the release of the first of four DLC packs for the game with this one known as “Onslaught”.

“You’re late again”. Yeah yeah, I know this came out a few weeks ago, but with a man on a get fit regime, two kids that like watching the Disney Channel 24/7, it’s hard at times to get on my beloved console. I’m here now anyway, so stop your whinging! 🙂

If you read our review recently, you will have seen I was not overly impressed in what was offered in the full game of Ghosts (but I still stand by that review). Like I do every year though, I soldier on with the game in the hope that campers and some of the games faults get fixed at a later date – because I’m an optimist. With four new maps, two new guns and a new Extinction mode on offer at the asking price of £11.59, I thought I best give Onslaught a go and see what I thought for anyone that has it on the maybe list.

The DLC pack does give you two new guns as I said above, but they feel just like guns to me so I won’t even attempt to review them, instead we shall kick things off with the maps.

Set on a picturesque board-walk, Bayview is a fairly decent sized map out of the four with a few places of height thrown in for good measure. The “big wow moment” on this was a bit of a let down, as it is not as visible as others, this being a naval shop raining down mortars onto the map. Unless you get killed by one of those mortars though it is not such a wow moment like a couple of the others. The map itself has a couple of places known to campers with a place at the rear right of the map housing a veranda where people tend to sit being one, and the other being right at the opposite side of the map with a handy window each side. Both of which can be easily attacked to combat this though, so don’t worry about it at all. Sadly the same can not be said for the shops and places littered on the map as if you’re still playing Ghosts you will know people seem to love sitting prone behind a door waiting for the gamer who likes to run and gun, for that easy kill.

Overall: A decent sized map and with it being open on the outskirts but compact and tight on the inner parts of the map, it does make for a frantic game.

What feels like the smallest map in the whole pack, we have Containment. This is the weak link of the whole map pack in all honesty, with nothing we’ve not seen a million times before in many other maps. Very small to play on and the “big moment” so to speak centres around a gas truck placed in the centre of the map on a bridge, which like above can be taken out with a team order mortar strike. Other than that nothing really stood out for the map at all, and as always I tend to try and skip it when it comes to voting.

Overall: Worst of the bunch.

This map is the one many gamers will have bought the map pack for, as it features the character and theme music of a certain Michael Myers. Now I was more of a Jason/Freddie guy growing up, so this is not as a big of a deal to me as others, but I do think it is a fun idea for a map. Going through with the team order and being lucky enough to get it from the following care package causes the map to fill up with fog, the classic music to hit, and sees you run around the map in a maniac fashion slashing people to death with an axe. I won’t lie, it felt great to do it and it certainly brought something new and fresh to a CoD game never seen before, but I can see it becoming very old and repetitive in a couple of months. The map itself is quite small, so makes for fast, frantic gameplay when played on TDM. Unfortunately one side of the map has a house that you can set up camp shop in, and the other side has a swamp like area that people tend to sit down in for that easy look down a thermal site kill that seems to plague the whole game.

Overall: Felt like one of the smaller maps of the bunch, but the Michael Myers team order swings it into the good light as it’s something you least expect from a Call of Duty game.

Excuse me if I bust out to the R Kelly classic when reading the name of this map, it’s a curse. Ignition has some of my most hated words tagged along with it, some being a “re-imagining” of a “fan favourite” map known as Scrapyard from MW2, but has a lot changed? Well… no. Of course the layout is the same as before, but this time the map is more alive with rockets all over the place and much more grass, but that is your lot. If you go into the workshop on one side of the map you have a cool rocket engine lying about that can blow your enemies to death if pressed at the right time, and the big moment is a rocket engine that hangs around the middle of the map.
Yeah, other than that though we don’t really have anything to talk about here. 🙂

Overall: If you played it and liked it the last time around then of course you will like it now looking even more shiny. If you never played the map last time around, then you will enjoy this new map they are giving you, simples!

we have the first of the four-part episodic adventure for Extinction mode in the game, which I went to hoping for a lot judging by YouTubers having a mini orgasm over it all. Extinction has not been a mode that was for me in all honesty, but I can see where people get enjoyment from it. Think Left 4 dead in a more basic form with the feeling of a zombies game in CoD and you have Extinction.

The game kicks off with a woman by the name of Samantha Cross telling you to listen to her or millions of people will die. Turns out an idiot smuggled some of the virus out of a quarantine zone when it overtook the world in the Point of Contact episode that was on the disc at release. Your job is to unravel this mess and learn more about the story.

The same things plague this episode for me as the other Extinction map, as unless your willing to put the time and effort in to this, it will only join that unfinished Point of Contact episode you have sitting on your disc if you’re anything like me. You certainly need a bunch of mates willing to sit through the same episode as well, as trying to play with unknowns who try to play it like they would a game of Ghosts MP end up needing to be revived every minute or so, which can become a pain in the ass. The basic thing to do is taking a drill to each hive and surviving until the drill has done its job and moving onto the next one, which trying alone can be kinda dull. It’s a great mode to drop in and out of don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t get the link between this and the full game, so it always just feels a bit odd when loading it up.

Thank you to Activision for sending us a review code for this DLC pack.

Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts – Onslaught DLC Tony
Value For Money
Replay Value

Summary: Overall this whole pack falls under the "it's alright" category when judging would I pay the asking price or not. To be honest I would, as I know the £11.00 asking price would easily get returned back to me in play time, but if you're just a regular user I would say you might as well just leave it and hope for a sale later down the line.


One For Big Users

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