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Resident Evil 5

Another month, another re-released Resident evil game and another generation of gamers getting ready to step into Chris Redfield’s overly manly shoes.

No doubt if you have played RE5 before, you will know what to expect and whilst it is not being heralded as a remastered version or even a general remake, the main plus is the fact that it runs at full 1080p HD and at a higher framerate.  Whilst this really isn’t the main selling point for the title, it is worth pointing out that there has been reported issues with the framerate dropping and glitches appearing within the game.  Capcom is already aware and have a team on getting the fix out to gamers as quickly as possible.

But enough about that boring shenanigans. What about those gamers that haven’t played it before? Let me fill you in.

We re-join Chris Redfield’s quest to rid the world of the Zombirific biochemical weapons in a region of Africa called Kijuju.  As part of Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), he has been tasked with taking down or taking out Ricardo Irving (cause all bad guys should be called Ricardo) before he can sell of a bio-organic weapon like it’s a box of girl scouts cookies.

res 2

Dates who kiss with too much tongue. Am I right?

Like most Americans, he arrives on the scene in an armoured Humvee, his hair billowing in the wind, muscles straining to be contained by his ridiculously tight top and with a brooding demeanour ready to dispense freedom and justice, one bullet at a time.

This time however, he is not alone.

Greeting him in the African shanty town is the owner of possibly one of the best videogame bottoms in all history, Sheva Alomar. I’m being honest here.  At pretty much every opportunity throughout the game, the camera focusses on her T&A.  She provides Chris with local information, back up support but more importantly, she provides us with our player 2…. our Luigi to Chris’s Mario as it were. As pretty as she may be, she wields a weapon just as well as Chris but also has formidable hand to hand combat skills.  Throughout the game if you are playing on your own, Sheva will be computer controlled and will come to your aid when you inevitably find yourself being turned into zombie food.  With a 2nd player alongside you, this becomes optional as if you’re anything like my family, we would sit back and laugh as they chew you up with their teeth and machetes.

So with our dynamic duo on the case, it doesn’t take long before things take a turn for the worse and the infected (the Majini) start to gather.  Like most of the later Resident Evil games, there is less emphasis on actual horror and more focus on action.  Even though the pace is faster than the original, there is no option to run and gun. If you try and aim, your character stands stock still to allow you to take your shot. It really is a case of stand, fight and die, or run, cower and survive.

Sometimes, running away if a perfectly viable option…. unless you’re me, in which case you may stroll…just quicker.

There are hordes of Majini (I keep saying mankini) to deal with, and with plenty of back alleys, dilapidated buildings, underground tunnels and marshes. There are lots of different locations giving you various ways of working your way through or around them.  With the heavier emphasis on action, there is no shortage of weaponry or ammo for the most part as long as you use it sparingly.

res 3

Uncle Phil is really looking worse for wear these days

It’s not only the Majini you have to worry about.  Albert Wesker makes an appearance and other characters from the series (old and new) make an appearance.  You also have your standard boss battles and in Resident Evil, you really have to tip your hat to them.  They do make some of the most interesting looking creatures and fill them out with stunning detail.

That brings us to the overall look of the game.

RE5 is a beautifully stunning game. I’m not talking about framerates and being in high definition.  I’m talking about, design, detail, character models, motion capture and the environment.

With over 3 years of development time and with a crew of over 100.  RE5 really pushed boundaries and attempted to re-write the way we enjoyed horror games.  Taking influence from movies such as 28 Days Later, new advanced lighting technologies of the time were put to the test to make sure that “Horror could be created without darkness”.

It is this lack of darkness that allows you to take in the surrounding areas in all their glory.  You can take a path through a building and come across all sorts of unnerving scenes ranging from mutilated animals, to blood soaked knives hanging from ceiling racks. Slipped in amongst the gameplay are some stunningly performed cut scenes.  For those of you who had the special edition Resident Evil 5 previously, you might remember watching the documentary’s about using fully virtual cameras to shoot each of the scenes and truly capture the performers doing their thing.  This really stands out and they deliver a wonderful performance but like all eastern made games, they can’t get the scripting right and there are a lot of unnecessary gestures and character articulation seemingly put in to give the character and exaggerated sense of life.

res 4

Laser sights are a must apparently

Each segment is painstakingly crafted and you can instantly tell that with this newly released RE5, it has had more filler than Renee Zellweger’s forehead.

Don’t think for a moment that they have forgotten all about the DLC.  According to, this is fully stocked with “all previously released DLC (Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape story expansions, versus mode, extra figures and 4 costumes), and the previously PC-exclusive No Mercy mode, as well as the new mode “The Mercenaries United” which combines the two fan-favourite modes, The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion for an even more intense experience.”  So plenty of bang for your buck.

Speaking of Bucks, this neat little package will set you back around £15.99 but there is a sale on at the moment, so who the Hell knows if it will stay that high.  It also takes up just under 16gb of your storage so it’s not going to force you to delete the millions of arcade games you have been picking up for next to nothing lately.

As a Resident Evil fan, It’s an enjoyable experience to play through. And whilst it’s not my favourite of the series, its most definitely not the worst (Resident evil 6, I’m looking at you).  Either pick it up individually or wait until we see if they will release them in a bundle.  It is a must have for those Resident Evil fans out there.

Resident Evil 5













  • Looks prettier than your high school girlfriend.
  • The multiplayer elements makes it more enjoyable.
  • Fantastic character animations and design.
  • Continues the Resident Evil storyline flawlessly.
  • Genuinely unsettling moments.


  • Framerate issues still to be resolved.
  • Unlikely to survive multiple playthroughs.
  • Strict guidance through each level.
  • Some strange moments of scripting.
  • Difficult to get someone with a mic to help with the multiplayer modes.

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