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Review: Metro: Last Light

A few years back a game by the name of Metro 2033 was released by the guys at THQ, a game that never really did anything for me if I’m honest. Fast forward present day and here we are with Metro: Last Light, which is the sequel to that very game. Sadly though with the demise of THQ not so long ago Deep Silver took the reigns on this one and a few other THQ games, so well done to those guys for picking this up.

While I did play Metro 2033 I didn’t play it fully to the end, as when I got a few hours into the game I kind of got bored. Also back in those days I was a full on achievement whore, so if no gamerscore was coming my way every five seconds I left a game and moved on, in hindsight I wish I had finished it, as it left me going into this one not really knowing the back story for this, and for the first time in a game I felt like I needed to have played the first to fully understand this what I was about to play the more I played this game.

In Metro Last light you control Artyom who in the first game made a choice that brought down missiles on a thing known as a Dark One, it turns out Artyom never killed them all and spends most of this game tracking down the one that survived the blast. If I had to compare Metro Last Light with any previous 360 games, it would be the darkness of Dead Space meets the look and emptiness of the world of Fallout, but not open world like Fallout as the game takes a chapter by chapter approach. Like a silly gamer I went in with my COD shooter mentality as I thought it would be a full on action shooter, but in fact Metro Last Light is all about the art of telling the games story to you and it does a fine job of doing that. Sure you have guns and grenades at your disposal when they are needed, but the game can also be played in a stealth like way if you wish, as the ammo can also be quite hard to come across as I found to my peril a couple of times. The game will take you around 10 to 15 hours to finish if you like going on walkabouts in games like I do, and away from the story there is of course the much loved collectables in the form of notes. These are scattered around every chapter and will sometimes require you to go off track a little to hunt them down, but be warned going off track will mean you will more than likely come across some hidden bad guys.

The enemies in the game come in a few shapes and sizes, you have the normal human bad guy who will be part of one on the many legions that litter the harsh underground of the world, then you have the mutated scary enemies that range from spiders that will give anyone with a fear of them a scare, right down to werewolves which line the tunnels that you are forced to use in the game to get around. The game is best played with a set of headphones if I’m honest, as hunting in the dark and hearing weird noises really adds to the effect that you feel like you’re being hunted, while the actual scares don’t really kick in until late in the game when they do kick in boy do they kick in, for the first time I think ever in a videogame I actually threw my pad in a moment of panic as one such scare happened, so don’t say I never warned you.

Now when you’re being hunted by all sort of weird things you need a good weapon right, so it’s lucky that the game is full of decent guns that can be sold, upgraded, or even customised at certain areas in the game. You’re given a choice of shotguns, pistols, even a sniper and throwing knives to plow through the mutated and normal bad guys that try stopping you in your quest. Sometimes the game will offer you an achievement of trying a chapter without weapons and not being spotted, but sadly asking me to quietly clear a level in a game is like asking a bull not to smash something in a china shop.

The game is sort of open world, but not open world if you know what I mean? You’re told where to go, but with no mini-map and with only a map that can be viewed by getting it out by the press of a button (hence you hardly use it) you can kind of walk off in the wrong direction now and again, but we’re talking some maps having the open world feel more than others. This did become a bit annoying when on a later level you are asked to travel through a place lined with swamps, as with tall grass all around you you can easily just walk right into a swamp, which after two dips into said swamp you’re find yourself dead, apart from that the levels/chapters are spaced out in a even tone with them mixing between action filled levels to parts where you find yourself at base camps where the metro world truly comes to life. One such moment in the game happens early on where you’re treated to a show put on at one of the base camps that you can sit through or easily just stand up after 3 seconds of watching it. Those with a love for gamerpoints though I urge to sit around though if you know what I mean! Another moment happened for me when I met a lovely ginger stripper whose name I forget, this lovely lady gave me a five full lap-dances that I paid for with in-game cash for the pleasure, sure after the first one I should have walked away, but I really was expecting a bleepblop to happen with ’10gs: This gamer is a pervert’ to pop up, sadly it never did so I was just left wondering how I would get those 20 minutes I spent with the typical dance moves of a video game stripper since 1990, all it  was missing was the lasoo move. In all seriousness though there was a few lady nipple bit parts in the game, but for me they wasn’t needed as it just made me feel a little uneasy about it all, so maybe less nipple action next time guys yeah!

Overall I’ve enjoyed my time with Metro: Last Light, but there was nothing there that got me thinking “wow, I must tell every gamer around the world they need this game in their life”. The story is decent, the game looks OK in places, but there is nothing here that we’ve not seen a million times before. It falls into that region of I can’t really say much bad about it, but I also can’t say anything great about it, so it falls into that much hated mid-score bracket that we came in with to begin with that wastes both the time of you and I. Try the game out if you’ve had your eye on it, but don’t go in hoping for anything to blow you away, well apart from seeing a ginger persons boobs, the Internet will love pictures of that I’m sure.

Review: Metro: Last Light Tony

Metro: Last Light

Replay Value

Summary: A decent game just nothing that stood out for me. A decent game if you like a good scare, and with a pair of earphones on the sound in the game will have you looking around in fear.


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