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Headset Review – Turtle Beach XO One Headset (Xbox One)

I’ve once again been bestowed the pleasure of getting to review yet another Turtle Beach gaming headset for the Xbox One, with the XO One headset being the lucky bugger this time around. This certainly looks to be a budget headset from the guys at Turtle Beach when it comes to price and in terms of what the headset offers from its more expensive headset brothers and sisters on the market today, but with the headset selling for just under £50.00 here in the UK does it offer a good return for the gamer who perhaps can’t afford the higher prices when it comes to a new headset?

Like always I will cover the three main factors I think any headset should do well on in this review, those three factors being quality of the headset in general, audio and chat quality when gaming and using them on a mobile or laptop for just audio, and finally of course comfort. As always if you have any other questions about this headset after reading my review then be sure to fire them at me in the comments below, or you can contact me on Twitter @HGamesreviews where I will happily answer anything you need to know.

All round quality:
Not really seeing this headset until unboxing them after turning up in the post, I was initially a little surprised with how cheap the build of the headset actually looked when judged on previous Turtle Beach headsets I’ve owned or been lucky enough to review in the past. Don’t get me wrong they looked like they are made well, but they do look very basic and small when putting them next to say the XO Four’s and the like that I’ve used in the past. Once I had spent a bit of time with them though any fears I had of them breaking easily were squashed as the quality of build by the guys at Turtle Beach once again shines through with this headset, but that’s not to say the headset doesn’t lack in a few areas away from the that.

The few downsides to the build of the headset happen in a few key areas where you want a headset to be sturdy and have a long life, one key area being the mic.
The mic like most TB headsets is the standard removable mic we’ve seen countless time before, but for some reason putting the mic in and taking it back out always leaves me worrying due to it being either very hard to put into the mic socket on the headset, or just as stressful when taking it out, as once it’s in it does feel like it doesn’t  want to move anywhere. Because of this I found myself just leaving it in at all times, as the only outcome at some point will either be me yanking off an earcup with the mic still in it, or making the mic socket become loose and breaking in the long run. Now like I say I’ve been down this road before with TB headsets, but for some reason this time around it left me with more fear than ever before, so be wary of this.

The second thing that did become a little annoying was the length of cable given to you from the headset to your controller, as once again it does feel much shorter than any other headsets I’ve played with recently. While it’s OK when gaming and siting still, I do tend to place my pad down from time to time with my headset on when gaming and find other headsets give me a bit of leeway in regards to wires, but the XO One’s you will find yourself forgetting how short the wire is when placing it down, well only until your head is yanked to the side anyway. To be honest that is only really a small niggle, but I felt it was worth mentioning in this as for people like me who like a long wire it may become a bigger issue.

Overall then the XO One’s score good and bad in this department, with the overall build of the headset build being the great quality we’ve come to expect from Turtle beach, but in some key areas it does have a few letdowns over other headsets on the market.

Audio & Chat Quality:
Once again I’ve used this headset both for gaming and also day-to-day music use on my laptop while typing things up for the site, and just like I expected I’ve had no issues at all.
The quality of sound from the headset on both my console and laptop has been what I would have expected from a Turtle beach headset, with no issues of crackling or the bangs of  a beat in a song or a grenade in Halo all coming through crystal clear with the whole month or so I’ve played with them. The bass can be increased more so when gaming as the pad adapter has a bass boost button on which you can press once to twice depending how much of a boost you want, and that does make the sounds of bullets or grenades and so on that little bit deeper in each 50mm speaker in each ear..

In terms of the mic once again I’ve had no issues here either, as when gaming with friends I’ve had no shouts of “what did you say” when talking to online friends, likewise I’ve not felt the need to shout thanks to the headset having the Mic Monitor feature, which lets you hear your own voice if you shout a little too loud to people in your party.

Overall I cannot fault the headset in this area at all.

Like I said at the start of this review, the initial shock at the size of the headset had me a little worried when it came to being too small for my head, but like the rest of this review I should not have worried at all. The earcups sit perfectly on the ear for prolonged use, and to be honest you could almost forget they were on your head they are that comfortable.
No sweating around the ears like I had in a previous headset review by another company on the site, but that is down to each earcup having the better quality mesh fabric rather than a fake leather effect. I’ve had this headset on my ears for a good 4 to 5 hours per night in some cases, and not once have I complained about anything.
The same can be said for the cushioned bracket on top of the headset, as once again it hasn’t even come into play when using the headset.
Normally when using a TB headset I’ve also noticed initial headset tightness around the head when using them for the first time, this time around though I didn’t suffer any of this at all so I can’t even moan about that.

Final Thoughts:
While the headset looks cheap, don’t be fooled into thinking that this headset is not a quality piece of kit and not worth your time.
Sure it has a few niggles here and there, but each niggle is easily beaten by something that makes the headset a great purchase if you’re in the market for a cheap, quality headset for your Xbox One.

Box contents,
– XO One Gaming Headset
– Micro USB update cable
– Controller Headset Adapter
– Removable microphone
– Quick start guide
– Turtle Beach sticker

After a quick Google search this seems to be the best UK price for this headset at this time, click here.

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