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Headset Review: Turtle Beach Star Wars Sandtrooper Wired Headset

Talk about anything Star Wars of late and chances are that person will lose their mind right in your face and within minutes start doing lightsaber moves while uttering lines such as “use the force Luke” or “I AM YOUR FATHER” at you. I however sit on the “meh, Star Wars is alright I guess” fence when it comes to this franchise, which will no doubt send many people grasping onto their plastic light sword into a fit of rage. I do however love me a good headset. So when the guys at Turtle Beach offered me the chance of reviewing their Star Wars branded SandTrooper headset which released a few weeks ago, I of course said don’t mind if I do.

Over the past 12 months I’ve been lucky enough to play with a bunch of headsets from TB and others, and because of this I’ve begun to appreciate what these higher end headsets offer over the standard headsets on the market out there. They really do add a lot to the experience you have with your console, be it scoring the winning goal in a cup final on FIFA, or blowing up bad guys and hearing all the sound effects on the latest Star Wars Battlefront.

Coming in at around £69.99 on the Turtle Beach website (shop around for better prices) the headset certainly falls under the middle price range bracket, and I will admit paying this much for a wired headset is a little odd. Something about wires and me do not mix well, and even with reviewing this headset I ran into issues on the first pair sent to us very early on in regards to the wires. The guys at TB are great at making both reviewing and paying customer happy however, even after you have used the headset for a while.


Comfort: From the start the Sandtrooper headset tends to have a force grip around your head a bit too tight, but if you’ve used a headset from TB before you know this soon passes after a week or so of normal use. After this they truly became a pleasure to wear at all times, be that for an hour or so gaming on my Xbox One, to sitting down at the laptop to relax and type while listening to some music. The cushion around both ears and on the bar that sits on top of your head make you almost forget your wearing a headset at times. A massive plus for me to was the fact they block out any outside noise when wearing them, so for once I could get some gaming time in without having to listen to the Wife 😉

Audio Quality: Once again scoring well in this department, forgetting the whole sound coming from one earphone on the first set sent to us. The second pair however has worked fine in both gaming sessions and times on the laptop and smartphone. I would say however that you do take extra care of the wire to not get an issue like I did on the first pair. The mic as expected offers a crisp clear sound to your friends, and also stops them having to hear you breathing heavily or surrounding noise around you.


I could go on and on about how cool it looks and how well it performs, but the true fact is it only really comes down to a few things for me when asking yourself should you buy this headset. One, do you love Star Wars and buy anything associated with it? And two, do you mind that you’re paying £69.99 for a wired headset when you could perhaps pick up a fairly decent wireless headset for about that price already? If you love Star Wars and don’t mind paying a premium price for a wired headset then this is the headset for you. If you’re just in the market for a great headset, then please do check out some of our other headsets reviews on the website before making your choice, as any headset in the Turtle Beach brand will have you covered.

You can order this headset from Amazon by clicking here for just £64.83

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