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Headset Review: Afterglow AG7/Anka Xbox One Wireless Stereo Headset

Here I am with yet another headset review, but this time thanks to the guys at PDP/Afterglow who kindly sent us over an AG 7/ Anka wireless Xbox headset to review and unbox for the site. Now if you read or watched my recent experience with an Afterglow headset on the website you will understand why I went into reviewing this headset not expecting that much from it at all. For those that haven’t checked out our review of the Afterglow Karga XB1 headset just yet though please go check that out here, but for now lets see what you get in the box with the AG 7’S/Anka’s.

As per usual with all my headset reviews I always cover the same features and standards I think most of us expect from a new-gen (high-price) headset these days. First off I look at the build quality that the headset has and see if it can handle both myself and two kids under the age of ten (8 & 9) using them on a daily basis, and after a few weeks of use seeing how they’ve handled it. Then I look at the comfort the headset will offer its user both in short and long-term times of play. Then finally  I look at audio quality in terms of audio when gaming and also using on other devices like the laptop for music and so on, not forgetting of course the mic quality when gaming with friends. If I miss out anything you need answering though please do contact me either via the comments below the review or via our social media networks, where I will happily find out the answer to any question you have and get back to you.


Headset Quality:
This was where I was sure the headset would let me down, what with my last experience of an Afterglow headset ending in a headset that was only fit for the bin bag thanks to some pretty flimsy plastic holding the whole thing together. This time around however where the the headset was weak previously now looks to have a thin sheet of metal going through it to help give it that extra bit of firmness it needed to it, so even now after being man handled by both myself and the kids for a few weeks it’s all still looking pretty sturdy. I will say however that the lights in both the earphones and on the end of the mic do give it somewhat of a cheap look rather than the cool look that the company thinks it gives off. I am 35 years old however, so what’s not cool for me is probably the best thing since sliced bread for a teenager.

Headsets normally tend to have those tight few weeks where they get used to your head shape and then slowly over time start to loosen up but not this headset. I’ve had it now close to a couple of months and still I’m finding it squashes my ears so much so that I’m constantly finding myself having to move them every ten minutes or so just to give my head and ears a little breather from being given what feels like a headset death lock. It’s not that the material used on the earcup is bad, as that part of the headset is pretty decent, but the feeling of having a clamp on my head just won’t seem to go away.

Audio Quality:
This is where the headset lets itself down sadly, with a few issues standing head and shoulders above the rest. One such issue was a buzzing coming from the right earcup when using it via the console. I’m not sure if this was something to do with the headset itself or because of the fact some sort of interference was taking place because of them being fully wireless when using them on the Xbox One, but when using another recently reviewed headset in the same enviroment no such buzzing takes place. Even when game audio was taking place the slight hum could still be heard in the background through my right ear, and even turning the headset fully down you could still hear it. Now of course this could be something my end and you might not get this issue, but if I left it out in the review I wouldn’t be being fully honest with you now would I? Away from the buzz however everything worked as I pretty much expected from the headset, and if the buzzing never took place I’m sure I would be saying how well they had performed.

Mic Quality:
Once again like the audio quality I had mixed feelings about the quality of the mic used wth this headset. While I had no complaints about the quality of my voice going through to my friends, the one issue I did have personally was how well it would pick up my voice. None of us like to shout while in a party wth friends so we do try to talk at a normal level the best we can. I found myself not getting picked up by the mic though on a number of occasions, even when talking at a pretty higher than normal level and with the mic as close to my face without making friends hear every breath coming out of my mouth. This did get annoying at times as no one wants to say something and get that awkward silence waiting for a reply back from the friend you’re gaming with.

My second PDP headset that I’ve been lucky enough to review, but I’m still to find one that makes me want to urge you to go out and purchase one for yourself. Like I said earlier in the review the fancy lights may be enough for some to go out and make a purchase, as that side of headset is unique on Xbox One headsets at the moment. In terms of audio quality & overall comfort however, PDP need to do a lot more work in these areas before they have a headset on the market that demands the attention of any serious gamer out there . With an RRP of £99.99 (currently being sold for the weird price of £71.54 on Amazon UK), I certainly can’t say right now that the AG7/Anka wireless Xbox One stereo headset is a headset that requires your attention or one you should be throwing money at if you want value for money. On the plus side on this headset, at least it has stayed in one piece for the time it has taken to review them so at least the build is of better quality than my last PDP headset.

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