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Review: Turtle Beach XL1

Hardware reviews were something we always had planned adding to the site in the near future, but when we first started we began with smaller digital XBLA games, and then moved on to retail games. Now it seems we are starting to be liked by many publishers, so I’ve been able to step off the hard email work and focus on looking at other things we can add to the site, such as things like what we’re about to review today. Headsets are a part of everyday gaming life, which I’m sure all of us own, but the quality of your headset tells us how much of a gamer you are. If you’re a part timer who only puts in a couple of hours a week, chances are you own the wired Microsoft headset that comes with the console, but if your anything above that you will more than likely have a better headset in some shape or form. That being said, I only upgraded my own headset because of this review item, but that was only because I was a gaming mute up until late last year when a family member got Xbox Live. Xbox Live can be full special people at times, the ones who think that it’s cool to call you words that if their mum heard they would be grounded for a month, so I kind of wanted to stay away from that side of the internet, but since using a headset I’ve come to enjoy it.

Turtle beach headsets have been around for a long time now, and with a few other brands on the market they lead the way with gamers in need of a quality headset. Turtle beach also offer a headset for every sort of gamer, at every kind of price, be it over £100 to under £30.00. Take today’s review for instance for the Turtle Beach XL1’s. This headset is at the lower price range of the market coming in at under £25.00, which makes them an easy purchase for any player looking to get a better quality headset than the basic Microsoft wired headset that comes with your console, As I gamer myself I think their are three main factors gamers look at when looking for a new headset to own, which I will focus on in this review. Those three factors are Sound quality, comfort, and quality of the mic, but before all that, I will let you watch the below video by Turtle beach themselves that gives you the lowdown on everything the headset offers, and then give you my thoughts.

Sound Quality: This is of course a big selling point when it comes to getting a new headset, and I would have to say overall quality for what you pay is fantastic. If you’re a FPS guy like me, the ease of mixing both game chat and game sound via the handy little box that is on your wire will let you be able to make it just right for you. When doing this review the two big games I have been playing are Black Ops 2, and Dead Space 3, which are both great games when you want to test the sound on a new headset. One game was great to test out the sound for things sneaking up around you via playing the Black Ops 2 Multiplayer, while the Dead Space scares are made way better when the outside world is blocked out and you’re in the dark all alone with your headset is cranked up and you’re jumping out your pants. Both games sounded great through the earphones, and if anything made me enjoy my gaming sessions more. As far as mic quality goes I can’t fault that either, bar a few times with faults happening and having to unplug my headset, but that may mean I need a new pad. The headset will also pick up any sound outside of your gaming space, so if like me you have kids that are playing, or a wife who likes to nag, your party will have to listen to this just like you do.

Comfort: The Turtle beach XL1’s have a decent sized ear cup with padding, and of course they can be fitted to any sized head you so wish. The padding could be a little bit softer if I’m honest, as while it they fitted over my ears well they always felt like was a gap between my ears and the padding. With the wiring attached to the product aswell, you are kind of restricted in movement, as if like me you forget about the wires you will either trip over it or yank the headset of your face, yes I’m that stupid. It’s not like there is not enough wire, as there is a stupid amount of it, but having cables leading from your console across the living room floor area with two kids who love playing around the TV area can lead to some moments of panic. You will have no issue though if say you’re using them in your bedroom when sitting in your gaming chair or bed, as they give you heaps of wire to play with and it will be fine for that kind of gaming space.

Overall: A cracking headset for a person breaking into the better headset market, no doubt about it. The sound overall is fantastic, the mic will stop you needing to shout like you did if you owned a official wired headset by Microsoft, and the quality of your voice is much better with the mic. In all honesty though I would say if you can afford to spend more I would go for one without the wires, as this was the only bad thing I could say about this headset. I’m a restricted living room gamer , so I would have to sit and play in fear of the wire being tripped over and the headset being yanked of my head, but like I said this only applies to people who game in their living room and have kids or dogs. Apart from that if you want a cheap headset that will improve your gaming sessions I would say go for it.

WORD OF WARNING: If you play via HDMI then you will need one of these to set this badboy up. My Xbox had one in the box, so do check before buying one.

Review: Turtle Beach XL1 Tony

Turtle Beach XL1

Setup - 80%
Build - 60%
Usability - 80%
Value - 80%

Summary: Great value headset for a person breaking into the better headset market, sound overall is fantastic. Too many wires though!


Value headset


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4 Responses to Review: Turtle Beach XL1

  1. Ben Wildman says:

    I had this headset for around a month, picked them up for around £35 with a copy of Batman Arkham Asylum. They were great for a while, but then after around 3 weeks the left earcup started bugging out, and I had to start fiddling around with the wire (which makes it worse in my opinion) So I ended up getting the X12’s instead. But for the time that they were working, they were great.

  2. Tony Winkett says:

    They seem that way, but are worth investing in for new buyers, as mine work fine.

  3. We had a set, but it became increasingly difficult to hold conversations in the house when someone was wearing them.

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