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Review: Prif MixSonic 1

So the past few weeks apart from the E3 week, I’ve been using Prif MixSonic 1 with my Xbox One and PS4. Before I jump in to the review, I should give a wee mention of Prif, a UK company based in England which creates gaming accessories for gamers. We’ve had a couple of their headsets in the past and Danielle rated the PlaySonic 3s quite highly especially for its price. So let’s get in to this review …

The MixSonic 1 is a sound mixer which allows you to control game chat and audio independently and in this day and age of online multiplayers the ability to control your game audio and the folk you are chatting to is quite important.

Without a sound mixer it can be quite difficult to hear party chat with the sound of gun firing and explosions in the background, but this is when sound mixers come in to play. It can be either done via software or hardware. Personally I prefer the hardware route as I can change the volume on the fly which won’t interrupt my gameplay.

So Prif has brought out a budget sound mixer which is fairly small and will work on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. At first the box has no mention of it supporting the Xbox One but this could be due to the production of these MixSonic’s 1 were in production before the second version of the Xbox One control which comes with a 3.5mm jack as standard, only other way before was to buy a headset adapter.

Inside the box you get everything you need to hook it up to current consoles and last generation without needing to purchase anything else. At first I was worried about the length of cables for other potential buyers as my setup is at my desk next to the PC and TV but someone who games in the living room won’t be sitting as close but the cable is quite long, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The box has volume controls for chat and game audio, along with a knob for the volume from another source which could be an MP3 player or another MixSonic. I mention another MixSonic because the main selling point is lag-free communication at LANs. These days on consoles you can create a party or use PC software like TeamSpeak or Skype to keep in touch while playing games but that can add lag. So if anyone has MixSonic devices they can be daisy chained using the audio in/out ports and communicate with each other lag-free and still hear the game audio, pretty neat but I was unable to test that due to only having one MixSonic box. However I did plug in my MP3 player to listen to my own music while racing around the track of DriveClub.

While on the PlayStation 4, setting up was fairly straight forward and worked as planned but on the Xbox One it was another matter. I followed the instructions which closely follow the PlayStation 4 set up but with one extra cable, one that joins the gamepad and the MixSonic box but once I plug that in I get a lot of interference through my headset and I could barely hear anyone in party and they were having problems hearing me. I’m not sure what the problem is but I should mention that I’m on the latest Dashboard Preview so maybe there’s something in that what is causing the problem. Though unless you either want to listen to a 3rd party audio source like a MP3 player or part of a daisy chain of MixSonic boxes for a LAN event then the MixSonic is pretty useless as you still need to use the Xbox One Chat Adapter or the software on the Xbox One to mix the audio, the controls on the box will have no affect what so ever. Which is a shame.


Apart from that Prif has made a pretty decent budget sound mixer and for anyone who is using a headset without its own mixamp this is a must buy but I do have my concerns. This just adds more cables and the game industry is looking more and more to wireless technology especially on the Xbox side if it did work. Wireless headsets are getting cheaper and more third party controllers are becoming wireless but having the MixSonic 1 will add those additional cables.

Using the MixSonic 1 on the Xbox One just by itself, no MP3 player or LAN event, then it isn’t worth shelling out money for. You still need to use the software on the Xbox One and can’t change controls on the fly compared to the PS4 side of things and you could just buy the official Xbox Headset Adapter to give you some options, that’s even if you can get it to work. Once I can get access to a non-preview Xbox One, I will test it again and update the review but at the moment it’s a bust on Xbox. Not just for the technical difficultly but just that it’s pointless and that extra cable.

On the PlayStation 4 side though and it’s a completely different story. I like being in control of the audio on the fly using the box without going in to the consoles dashboard, it’s quick and easy to use.

So if you’re looking for a sound mixer for the PlayStation 4 then the MixSonic 1 can be a great additional to your gaming set up, especially if you do a lot of online gaming in parties. For £30 you can’t go wrong.

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