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Gordon Freeman Exclusive – Collector’s Model

Wake up Mr Freeman…

Time for something a little different here on HGR. Not strictly an “accessory”, but something fans of the Half Life series will appreciate.

Gaming Heads are a company that create collector’s models of popular game characters as well as plushie toys and other items. 2 years ago, I purchased the first in their line of Half Life 2 models, the Headcrab Zombie. Earlier this year they released the second in the series, Gordon Freeman, which on Friday finally landed through my door with a pretty heavy and large thump!

This is the exclusive model, as I have with the Headcrab Zombie. The main model consisting of base, figure and removable glasses are as standard, with the exclusive giving 2 removable hands, one with the iconic crowbar and one with a gun. All the features you know and expect from this character are there, the HEV suit, the crowbar and the geeky looking, spectacle wearing scientist looking just as he does in the game (or the promotional material at least). Being slightly pedantic, the facial features are not 100% like for like to the Half Life 2 posters, game art, etc, but it’s a high quality likeness.

It measures 20″ high, with the model slotting into a 2″ thick base, just as with the previous model. The build quality as usual is fantastic, each individual part is solid and as a whole assembled model, there is no breaking this unless you treat it with the worst of care.

I would have preferred a gravity gun instead of the SMG with the exclusive version, seeing as how it is so influential as a weapon and game mechanic, but that’s a personal preference and doesn’t detract from the product.

Finally, at just over £220, these models are clearly not your every day plastic merchandise purchase from the high street, but the price is very much reflected in the product. Putting a value on it is impossible, as they are worthless to some, priceless to others, it is a purely personal extravagance. However, considering most special editions of games these days cost over £80 to £1oo, this really isn’t all that crazy.

There’s not a great deal more to say really, this is a great addition to the series and I’m very happy with my purchase, even though everyone who I’ve told has responded with laughter! Very much looking forward to any future models…if my shelf space and girlfriend don’t put a block on it!

Gordon Freeman (001)

Gordon Freeman (002)

Gordon Freeman (003)

Gordon Freeman (004)

Gordon Freeman (005)

Gordon Freeman (006)

Gordon Freeman (007)

Gordon Freeman (008)

Gordon Freeman (009)

Gordon Freeman (010)

Gordon Freeman (011)

Gordon Freeman (012)

Gordon Freeman (013)

Gordon Freeman (014)

Gordon Freeman (015)

Gordon Freeman Exclusive – Collector’s Model James Hart

Gordon Freeman Exclusive - Collector's Model

Build Quality
Value for money

Summary: Great addition to Half Life 2 model series, very happy with my purchase, even though everyone who I've told has responded with laughter!


Quality stuff

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14 Responses to Gordon Freeman Exclusive – Collector’s Model

  1. David Guild says:

    For some reason comments weren’t switched on! But i sorted that oot the now 😉

    Bloody love the statue though, if I had the pennies I so would of. Half Life is probably in my top 20 best games of all time. Great read and love the pictures.

  2. Andy King says:

    £220!?! Looks nice, but that’s a lot – to me. Hopefully it can only increase in value.

    • James Hart says:

      Not a chance it’ll increase. Very few of the models have sold out and it’s an incredibly niche product, so is more a personal extravagance than an investment. I don’t see it as the latter anyway, irrespective of what happens to the value, I’m a Valve and Half Life obsessive, so it’s just a personal pleasure item for me.

      It is a lot of money, but it really is a quality item, it’s not your cheapo plastic crap you get in Game or whatever. Lego Star Wars items cost £80 minimum, figurines and items like war vehicles, classic cars, etc are probably in the 100s. So when you put it in perspective in comparison to other similarly quality collectors items, the price isn’t all that bonkers really.

  3. Alex Porter says:

    Very nice! If I were rich I’d have one! 😛

  4. Andy Bell says:

    In my younger days I spent a great deal of money on collectible game figures, and I do appreciate the appeal, £220 is a pretty penny but I spent £100 each on them over 10 years ago!

  5. Alex Norris says:

    If I could afford this I would get it, its so awesome 😀

  6. Andy King says:

    Can you believe that Half-Life Is 15-years-old today! Feels like only yesterday it was released. Looks like Valve aren’t even biting with some news either. Oh well.

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