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Edition Review: Watch_Dogs Dedsec Edition

Another day, another Ubisoft special edition… Yes, that’s right folks, time for another Edition Review! This time we’re covering Watch Dogs and, as you can expect with this being a Ubisoft title, there are nearly a dozen different editions. Today however, we’re looking at the biggest, or rather most complete edition, the Dedsec Edition. I say ‘most complete’ for a particular reason which I’ll come back to later on but for now, let’s have a look at what this version of Watch Dogs offers!


So first thing’s first, the contents of the Dedsec Edition. This version includes:

  • A Collector’s Box
  • A Steelbook case along with a separate copy of the game
  • 3 DLC missions: Bullet Drive, Signature Shot, Palace Pack
  • A Map of Chicago, the game’s setting
  • The Watch Dogs Official Soundtrack
  • 3 badges
  • 4 Augmented Reality cards
  • An Artbook
  • A 23cm tall statue of Aiden Pearce

Once you’ve gotten past the rather impressive outer box, the first thing you’ll come across is the Steelbook case. As usual with nearly any game that has a Steelbook case, the Watch Dogs case is stunning and really looks the part alongside the rest of the Dedsec Edition contents. With space for 3 discs, the case will store the game perfectly although there is no space for the soundtrack, just the 3 game discs (PC). You’ll also find the DLC missions in the game case but you’ll have to check them out for yourself!

Once you’re past the game cases, you’ll encounter the first of several goodies, the Map of Chicago. The map is only paper but is fairly sturdy and provides an excellent aid for finding you way around the game world. Along with the map, you’ll also find a set of 3 badges and the game’s Official Soundtrack. The badges are nothing special and feature several symbols from the game. The soundtrack on the other hand can provide you with a preview of what you can expect from the game’s musical score or you can use it to listen to your favourite Watch Dogs’ tracks. Either way the soundtrack is a nice addition to this collection.

On to the Augmented Reality cards. This set of 4 cards work alongside the Watch Dogs phone app. The cards themselves represent different game characters and are rather sturdy. While they are kind of cool, they feel rather gimmicky and almost unnecessary. The artbook however, overshadows this with an impressive array of artwork from the game. The book is beautifully presented and is of a decent size so you’ll find plenty of content to peruse at your leisure.

Last, but not least of course, is the statue of Aiden Pearce himself, Watch Dogs’ protagonist. The statue is of a decent size at 23cm tall and features Aiden aiming a pistol whilst holding his smartphone. The statue is of good quality and looks the part when placed alongside others. It would have been nice to have had a status with a little more happening with it, especially with the Dedsec Edition’s price tag, but it is a fine item that features well in the collection.

Overall the Watch Dogs Dedsec Edition is packed with gear for you to get your hands on. As you can expect with Ubisoft, the quality of the items is quite high so you can expect the contents to be pristine and well put together. As for whether this edition is worth the approximately £75 price tag, it is a little steep for what you get. What would have been nice would have been for Ubisoft to include Aiden’s mask and hat in this edition but sadly as this is Ubisoft, no single edition containing everything is available. While the Dedsec Edition will make a nice addition to my collection, it doesn’t quite breach the 4 star firewall for me.

Edition Review: Watch_Dogs Dedsec Edition Alex Porter

Watch_Dogs Dedsec Edition

Value For Money

Summary: A good special edition with many cool items for any collector. The contents are well made and well presented. Unfortunately, it's let down by Ubisoft's need to make far too many editions of a game meaning that no one edition has everything. The slightly too high price tag also doesn't help!


Doesn't Quite Hack It

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