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Review: Titanfall – Expedition DLC

So Titanfall, the game that made me cave and buy an Xbox One (Darn you…)! that said I’ve no regrets with my purchase and have enjoyed my time with the console and game, that said I have to admit I bought the Xbox One mainly for this game after playing it briefly at EGX 2013 and immediately falling in love with it!

Anyway, back to the game and DLC in question… if you’ve played the game on either format, you’ll hopefully be one of the many that love it and want more from the game even though it boasts no offline gameplay (sorry, had to dig!) but plenty of game modes and maps.

Now I’m no expert when it comes to shooters or this game, but one thing I get from playing online alone or with mates is a great sense of fun that has been missing from FPSs for a while, so I was hoping my investment in the season pass would be worthwhile!

The Expedition DLC adds 3 more maps that offer more avenues to take out your opponents in numerous ways. This first DLC comprises of the following:


This map is set at a water collection & treatment facility, offering so many levels for you to take out foes. It has two main areas for titan battles as well as many tight corners and blind spots for both pilots and titans to combat each other. Also, this is the first map offering multiple level combat for titans with a two level structure to the map which offers a new playing angle for players to consider based on dynamics to both pilot and titan gameplay. One thing is for sure – plenty of ambush tactics will go on on this map!

I find this map best suited to Last Titan Standing but I also enjoyed Hardpoint and Capture the Flag on this map.


This map resembles something from Halo 4’s forest levels set in a dense forest that also contains ruins and a water processing facility. You are able to climb up high or stay down low depending on how you wish to play with the load out you have. I thought this map would be perfect for sniping, I was sadly mistaken! On first play the map seems to be absolutely huge with plenty of blind spots within the forest and ruins combined with fog/cloud that obscures shots making this map very challenging to master. One downer that I’ve noticed is that titans can become stuck at certain points on the map; not great when you want to dash and a damn tree root stops you from moving!

This map is perfectly suited for Attrition but because of the size of the map it can be hard to chain kills. The battles orientate towards the middle or far sides of the map and you cannot snipe from one side to the other. Also, going up high to snipe will not work so well due to the amount of trees around. I found this map suited for just staying mobile and getting kills working through the ruins as they come to you, unless you die first (like I do, lots!), and sniping with a medium scope gun if range/sight allows.


This map is set as a pilot certification simulator training session which also has it’s own cutscene away from all the usual dropship cutscenes. It’s like a portion of the VR missions you begin the game with which has the same bright blue and orange neon textures with many parkour walls for wall running. It features portions of other maps all in this one map which, for me, is the most annoying of the new maps – it quickly becomes disorientating as you think you know a certain part of the map only to be whisked off to another segment from another map.

That said, it’s great for capture based games such as Capture the Flag and Hardpoint as you can set up multiple ambushes as well as predict player movement with all the wall run/hang spots available. The white area at the start of the level makes kills easier too because you can see what you are shooting most of the time. It has various vantage points to defend from. That said each time I’ve played War Games, the play style/tactics of the team always changed which is refreshing but I guess that’s down to the variety in the map.

A few days after the DLC became available, there was an update that introduced two more game playlists which are “Expedition Variety Pack” and “Expedition Attrition” which obviously let you play the many game modes on just these new maps. In addition to the above there was another update to the game which has improved the game experience and I look forward to what comes next for Titanfall.

The price for this single piece of DLC may be a bit steep compared to what has been offered before, e.g. 4 maps and added weapon/game mode, but these are tried and tested maps which offer a unique experience with each play. That said I did want a new titan or custom paint jobs, etc. Both the Expedition DLC and Season Pass are available now.

Review: Titanfall – Expedition DLC Guest Contributor

Titanfall: Expedition DLC

Replay Value
Value For Money

Summary: If the next two packs are anything as good as this pack, I'm happy that I picked up the Titanfall Season Pass. Great fun!


Great Fun

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