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Review: Dishonored – The Brigmore Witches DLC

Dishonored is one of Bethesda’s latest titles developed by Arkane Studios. It was released back in 2012 and provided a fantastic new world and setting. The game focused on bringing stealthy game-play while allowing players to make choices that would inevitably affect the outcome of the game. Dishonored itself is a great title and since its release there have been two additional DLC packs, with the recent release of The Brigmore Witches becoming the third.

The previous DLC, The Knife Of Dunwall, followed the story of Daud from the point after he assassinated the Empress. Seeking redemption, The Outsider appeared to Daud and tasked him with finding information on the name Delilah. The Brigmore Witches is the second half of this story and sees Daud tracking down Delilah. The story itself is interesting and playing through the eyes of Daud is arguably more enjoyable than that of Corvo, Dishonored’s main protagonist. The game provides you with a sense of purpose as you track down Delilah but it also connects to the main Dishonored storyline in multiple ways which include returning to the prison that Corvo initially escaped from. It ultimately ends with Corvo either sparing or killing Daud, a choice the player had to make during the main story. The result of this, as you would expect, is based on your actions during the DLC chapters.

The Brigmore Witches has all of the game-play elements of the main game which means that once again players can take the stealthy, low chaos approach, or the high chaos way and massacre everyone in their path. With multiple paths to choose from in every mission, each playthrough can be done differently and helps to maintain the DLC’s replay value. There are also choices, just like in the main game, which will affect the outcome of the story depending on how you choose to complete your objectives and take out your targets. You can also use your Knife Of Dunwall save to bring forward any gold and upgrades that you already had.

Daud shares many of Corvo’s traits meaning you can jump start into the game without getting used to a different set-up. Daud also shares several of his abilities, each with their own variation. The ever useful Blink, for example, will now freeze time when you are not moving which allows for more tactical use of the ability. He also has some of his own abilities such as Summon Assassin which brings one of your apprentices in to either fight by your side or provide a distraction as you slip past. As for weapons and gadgets, Daud has many of those that feature in the main game. Once again you can use sleep darts to subdue targets or grenades to wipe out groups but he also has a few new ones. The Choke Dust, for example, is similar to a smoke grenade and can easily distract enemies allowing you to take them out or move on unnoticed. The combination of the familiar and the new gadgets allows for some new strategies for surprising the enemy.

The Brigmore Witches allows you to visit areas both new and old. The new areas each have their own paths and secrets to discover with some fresh design ideas thrown in. This is especially evident during the final chapter at the Brigmore Manor with its vegetation. As for the old area, you get to return to Coldridge Prison from which Corvo escaped during the main story where you can pass through recognisable sections as well as discovering paths that were previously closed off to you. The new environments continue the unique theme that the game portrays and being able to return to such a prominent area from the main story is a welcome experience.

With the addition of new gadgets and environments, we also see new enemies. You will once again encounter the city guards alongside thugs and gang members, but there are a few interesting new additions. You will encounter the Brigmore Witches themselves who have their own array of void powers and can be tricky to kill as they blink all around you. On occasion the Witches are accompanied by another new adversary. The Gravehound is an undead dog that drops its skull upon death. If you fail to destroy the skull, the hound will respawn. This trait is also used to set up traps by placing random skulls in your path which activate when you approach them. These enemies throw up their own new challenges and make a stealthy approach the more desired option on the harder difficulties.

With the amazing game-play and theme of the original game, The Brigmore Witches brings more of what made Dishonored a great game and adds its own compelling tale which concludes with one of the final events of Corvo’s story through the eyes of Daud. Daud brings back some old tricks but brings some of his own along to help create new opportunities and strategies for players to work with. If you are a fan of Dishonored, then this DLC is definitely worth your money!

Review: Dishonored – The Brigmore Witches DLC Alex Porter

The Brigmore Witches

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Summary: With the same great features that made the original game brilliant, The Brigmore Witches bring along some new tricks and a new story. This is a DLC for the fans and is definitely worth picking up!


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