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Review: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Apocalypse DLC

With this DLC coming out only a few days ago and time being in short demand with two kids at home for another week, rather than wait it out like I did with the previous Black Ops 2 DLC, I thought I would get this review out pronto.
This DLC will set you back the weird sum of £10.20, which is a little more than I am used to thanks to the removal of MSP of late, which in my eyes was a stupid idea, but that is for another blog at another time.

For your money you get the pleasure of four new maps, Dig, Frost, Pod and Takeoff, and not forgetting the zombie map Origins.
Two of the maps mentioned above are my much hated re-imagined maps, but to be honest with you I don’t remember them from previous games so I guess they were not favourites of mine.
Short reviews of all maps to follow.

Let’s begin with Pod. Pod is a failed utopian community from the 70’s which is set on an abandoned cliff side in Taiwan. Since then the place has been deserted so it now just a pile of broken rubble and mess.
Think of pods with walls smashed in and rubbish and broken down cars abandoned all over the map and you have Pod in a nutshell.
While the map does not sound that exciting it actually plays a good match.
The sides of the map tend to favour the campers/snipers, but the run and gun guys have enough wall cover to try their best to either flank them or bob in and out for the kill.
The centre of the map has two small pods with one wall smashed out in them, which seems to attract the campers of the game. With every second that passes on the map, you will find someone risking their luck in them.

Onto Frost which is a snowy level that has a frozen canal running through the middle of it.
Only the centre bridge caters for the sniper fan out there, as the rest of the map is tight corners and cover aplenty, so it will favour the hiding shotgun guy or the guy who likes nothing better than a good prone behind a box or bush.
When played with players who do not favour the camping technique though it can be a fun seven minutes of play, as you fight it out toe-to-toe to win the game.
Other than that there is not much to say about this map, as like Pod it does not have anything that stands out about it.

Takeoff is the first of two maps that are “Fan favourite maps that are re-imagined” as Treyarch likes to call it, but I see it more as an easy way to add a couple of maps to a DLC package.
Takeoff is a fresh take on a map by the name of Stadium from the first Black Ops, which being honest I was not a huge fan of.
When looking over old captures of this map though you can see all that has been done to it is a lick of paint to the map and a few other cosmetic changes.
Other than that Takeoff is no different than playing the previous version and is the reason I do not enjoy paying for such maps.

Dig is another map “re-imagined” which was previously known as Courtyard and to be honest with you is the worst map in the whole pack.
Set out in a giant circle the map allows for tons of camping or grenades being chucked in hope from one side of the map to the other.
Short and sweet this one I’m afraid and easily summed up best in two words: Hated it.

Origins is the last Zombies map/experience in Black Ops 2, and as I’m not big zombie fan I never held much hope for it. It turns out though I was wrong.
Origins is my second favourite zombie map of all time in Black Ops 2, with it coming behind Mob of the Dead which in my eyes is still the best zombie experience that the game has offered this season.
I’m a late starter to the zombie side of the games that Treyarch always bring to the table as before they started it, we already had tons of games that offered this so I kind of side stepped away from them.

Origins brings back the guys from the very first Zombie game by Treyarch and as such, kind of ties up a few loose ends but as a guy coming in rather late I just look at the fun that it brought to the table.
First thoughts were that this map was going to be the typical map where I played it a few times and the lack of story in it made it be another map that just sat there never to be played, but on further plays this all changed.
Origins offers tons of things to do while also chucking in a few things that I’ve not seen in this mode so far from Treyarch.
Take the feeling of scale on this map, with robots towering over you where on certain points in the map they can crush you with their giant foot unless you shoot them to activate a secret place inside the foot.
This just brings a huge sense of scale to the map like never before, as just looking up at these massive things gives it a sense of awesomeness that has not previously been achieved.

There is also tons of stuff to find on this map, like Staffs that have certain powers, and items that build a drone that will shoot zombies down for you which all make it a frantic fun time when playing with friends.
You also have the powering up of generators which can be attacked at any time so you will find yourself trying to run back to them to save them.
One thing I will say though is that if you enjoy this mode then play as you normally do, but for a player like me I always find that pacing yourself with it and only playing it a few times on alternate days stops you getting sick of such DLC.

Overall Origins saves this DLC pack amazingly. The maps are okay but the lack of anything new and fresh makes it a basic map pack that will still delight the waves of fans of the MP that are happy with anything.
Origins is a blast to play and ends Black Ops 2 zombies on a good note at least, but next year Treyarch please come back with more new maps, and fix certain things with your multiplayer to at least make me remember why I liked what you bring to the series.

Review: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Apocalypse DLC Tony
Value for money
Replay value

Summary: The new maps bring nothing new to the table, but the fun will be had on zombies. If you're a zombie guy then buy it, but if you expect a bunch of good maps with it just save your money


Zombies FTW

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