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Review: Bioshock Infinite – BradyGames guide

Gaming guides have come a long way since I was a young gamer playing things like Sonic and Mario. Back then if I wanted level tips or cheats I would buy the cheapest gaming mag like Gamesmaster, which sometimes did guides/cheats near the back of the mag. Now though gaming is a big deal, so chances are if a big game is coming out it will have a huge guide from BradyGames attached to it if you look for it. This week alone we got review copies for this guide and other big games like Gears of War Judgment and Tomb Raider, so if you need help on any of those it’s worth searching Amazon and such places.

Bioshock Infinite is surely one of the best games of the year so far, and is already on many peoples GOTY lists, so I thought what better game guide to begin with.

Right away looking at the front cover of this guide you can see the quality and time the team at BradyGames take with each of their review guides, and the guide is full of stuff that would normally not notice if you are a in and out gamer, like many achieve whores out there are. Guides are perfect for gamers who love their gamerscore/trophies, as they tell you everything you need to know in a step by step basis through the campaign, but for a story buff who likes to enjoy a game by themselves maybe guides are not for you until after playing through it one time. The Bioshock Infinite guide even kicks off with a foreword by Ken Levine himself saying how the games lead character (Booker Dewitt) would have killed for a book of knowledge like this guide, and you know what? he is absolutely right.

The guide is a full 269 pages long and covers everything a gamer will need to get the fullest experience from BioShock Infinite. The guide covers such things as Guns, vigors, full details and tips on all the bad guys you face, and of course all the tips you need to help your way to get the full 1000 Gamerscore from the game. All the way through the guide its high quality images litter the pages, which certainly make it that much more of a purchase, as who doesn’t love pictures right?

Overall this guide covers everything you could want or need, so if you’re like me and was not really a guide guy it might be worth your money and time to maybe give one a shot next time you see it in stores, as I for one am now a guide fan.

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