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Headset Review – Xbox One Afterglow Karga Headset

Once again we have taken ourselves out of the field of reviewing games as we try out one of the latest headsets for the Xbox One with the Afterglow Karga headset.
This review came about by chance, as this is the first time I had heard of the company and only became aware of the headset via a Vine tweet via Major Nelson not so long ago.
The thing that stood out for this headset was you had cool looking lights on each side of the headset, but other than that what makes this headset come in at the price of £65.00 and above here in the UK?
As usual I shall be covering three key factors I think most of us want from a good headset when we part with our money, those three things being quality of the headset in general, audio and chat quality, and finally comfort.
As always if you have any other questions be sure to fire them at me in the comments below, or you can contact me on Twitter @HGamesreviews.

When I first opened the box in the unboxing over on our YouTube channel just over a month ago I wasn’t really blown away in all honesty, as the look of the ear cups for each speaker had that leather that tends to make you sweat around the ears after prolonged play. The ear cups sit on the ears nice enough when you get the  on for the first time but there is a little squashing to your ears the more you use them, as the cushion tends to give more and more as you would expect and because of this the sweatness around the ear does start to appear. The top cushioned bar on top of the head is never an issue at all, and the skull crush you tend to get on headsets such as a Turtle Beach headset right from the get-go is never there, but is the comfort anything really amazing? no not at all. With no real swivel on it like other headsets offer at the moment you also will find it much harder to find that sweet spot on your head, as I did find myself moving them every few minutes as it began to squash my ears.

Quality of sound:
I have mixed feelings when it comes to this, as I’ve kind of spent my time 50/50 using them between my Xbox One and listening to music as I type away with reviews and posts on the website on my laptop..
Weirdly in-game I tended to get a bit of cracking in the audio when it was set to a certain level, so I was kind of forced to have it at a certain level or have what sounds like cooking bacon in a frying pan in my ear over the game sound. When swapping over to the Aux cable and my laptop this issue soon stopped however, so I can only assume it was something to the with the Xbox One headset wire rather than the headset itself.
When it was turned down though the sound itself was fine in regards to both chat audio and game sound, and every footstep and explosion was clear enough to know what was around your area of play.
I shared the quality of recorded audio with you in the video I did below via Upload on the Xbox One.

General Quality of the headset:
This is where the review will get kind of harsh sadly, as if I had paid the £65.00 asking price and found myself with the images of the headset below I would be kind of angry.

I’ve had this headset just over a month now so to see such hardware wear and tear as above is just mental, as I’ve also had the Turtle Beach XO4’S now since launch and they still work fantastically and are now even cheaper than this headset. I can’t even think how the above damage came about as when the headset is not is use they are always placed on a side cabinet and are well looked after.
The only thing I can think of it is when opening the headset to place on my head that the cracking appeared due to just being used, as you kind of have to open the headset to place upon our head.
I give it a few weeks now until they fully crack and I end up with just an ear cup that flops down to the side.

Away from the obvious cracks on the headset thought nothing else in regards to general quality outside of the above mentioned things on the headset has let me down
I’ve not had any issues with the retractable mic that I was initially worried about when seeing for the first time when unboxing, as still now it goes in out perfectly fine with no hassle.
I’ve not even mentioned the lights on each ear as after you’ve seen them a couple of times they kind of get forgot about, and also in the long run when one light no doubt dies your just going to be left with something else that fails to work on the headset correctly.

Final thoughts:
Unless I’ve not been clear enough I think you know where I’m going with this review,  but if not this is what I’m saying. I wouldn’t recommend getting this headset for the high price it’s listed at in stores at the moment, as for me there are other CHEAPER headsets on the market that do a far better job than these do at this present time. The fancy lights are nothing more than a decent cover up job of a pretty basic headset when you get right down to it, so unless the lights are too much of a pull for you I would at least avoid getting them until they come down to about the £20.00 price range.

Bonus Review:
When we were sent the headset to review we were also sent an extra item out of the blue with the Energizer X2 charging station, which can be found here in the UK here on Amazon.
Like I said this was not part of the review we were meant to be doing, but it would be rude to just ignore them, that and they’ve turned out to be a pretty nice addition to my console collection.
Now I think like most gamers with an Xbox One we all own a charge and play kit, or at least you soon will do once you pick up your console, but with most of us owning two pads it always meant having to charge each pad at separate times. Now while yes to charge up the pad via this charger you need to stop playing for it bit, I have to say since using it that I couldn’t actually live without it.
I’ve found sticking my pads in the charger in night before bed I’m left with a full battery for the whole of next days play, and it helps that it looks pretty snazzy while being charged of course.
The pack comes with the charger itself, 2 rechargeable batteries, and two battery covers for your joypad, as unlike the normal ones this has a special hole that allows your batteries to charge by simply slipping your pad onto the charger. Like I say, a decent bit of kit if your on the look out for a double pad charger.

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