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Review: WWE 2K15 (Xbox 360)

It’s that time of year again when we get to have a new play with our jacked-up underpant wearing wrestlers, as WWE 2K15 is here, well last-gen consoles for now at least.
I was a bit worried about this game what with all the focus being centered on what the new-gen consoles were bringing to the table, as this poor game looked to be the one who was just given a cuddle and chucked on the streets. Truth be told it also feels that way after playing it now for a week or so, as it does feel like nothing has really changed from 2K14 from last year.
I don’t normally put out my feelings of a game in the first paragraph in a review, but there is no way to sugar coat it this time around sadly.
If you can handle the truth here it is. The true WWE 2K15 will be found on new-gen consoles, as this one is surely the last game you will see on the 360 or PS3 as they have now just hit the peak of what they can physically do with the game on these consoles. The tagline of the game leading up to release was “feel it” I felt it alright, I felt like I was still playing the same game from last year.

So what new things does WWE 2K15 offer the WWE fan out there wanting to getting his fix on the older consoles?
Two new modes are the only new things on offer to you sadly with both Who Got NXT and the 2K Showcase offering fans the chance to take control of pre-set wrestlers on their road to glory.

Who Got NXT sees you taking one of the guys from the NXT roster such as Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Rusev and a couple of others into a few matches (four infact) in which you must complete goals to move onto the next match. We’ve seen this countless times before in many other WWE modes where you have to kick out a finisher or get your opponent to moderate damage and so on, but doing it in this mode does not kick of any sort of cut-scene. What you’re left with because of that is your run of the mill match which in truth made the mode nothing special to me, as I’m an old-school WWE guy so the whole NXT roster is lost on me in truth.
I also found when getting to the final match that the opponent seem to become some sort of machine who could will power up a signature move up from nowhere with just one move, so trying to beat the goals on offer tended to really test my patience. When beating this mode you also unlock a mode called Proving Grounds in which you face a powered up John Cena with one of the 5 guys from NXT with a 30 minute time limit.
Think of the defeat the streak seen previously and you’re on the right track.

2K Showcase is also a mode we’ve seen in different guises before in these games, so once again it’s a bit of a letdown.
In Showcase you’re taken on this journey from the past playing out matches and watching montages building up to the matches, but with with only two sets of rivalries taking place it does feel rather limited.
Both Triple H v Shawn Michaels and CM Punk v Cena are the main stars of the rivalries, but you will face off against other opponents with either one of these guys as you play through it.
The same rules as above in the NXT mode run through in this one with each match having set goals in them but this time around each match has some sort of story to it, so instantly makes you want to keep playing it.
Other than that there is nothing much more to say on this mode, as yeah, it’s alright I guess.

Other than those two modes 2k15 offers nothing more to veteran players of the series other than a slight update in graphics and some new commentary by Cole and Lawler.
In both modes both Lawler and Cole talk about the back story of each fight and even bring out some facts, but you soon find that they are nothing more than the same scripted words no matter how many times you play the match. This became more noticeable in the NXT mode, as when facing Cesaro with Sami Zayn I heard the same William Regal line in his last match about 15 times at some point in the match when replaying it for the annoying last goal needed to finish the match.

All other old modes return like Universe, single/two player offline matches, and Xbox Live of course.
Universe is still a mode in which you sort of become the GM of everything and set up matches that you see fit, but personally this mode has never done it for me.
For those fun offline matches with a mate with two pads all the choices from last year return, but once again nothing has changed from previous years.
Online suffers the same fate as well with no really changes in that department.
The online still houses those guys who do nothing but spam the same cheap moves over and over again, so unless you have a buddy who wants a fun experience then just stay clear.
You can also still create your own superstar, clothes, logos and arenas like you could last year, but once again it all feels like déjà vu, much like most of the game.

It’s hard to be excited for this game in truth, as seeing what the new-gen versions will offer has slightly put a damper on what I was expecting to be a like for like release in some regards on the older consoles.
Like I said at the start of this review it certainly feels to me like WWE 2K15 will be the last game of this series to be seen on last-gen consoles, but I suppose we all expected that.
My tip would be save your money buying this version and put that towards a PS4 or Xbox One if you want a fresh new experience, but even that is me hoping as a fan.
So see you in a few weeks when we review what I guess we can class as the proper release of WWE 2K15.

Review: WWE 2K15 (Xbox 360) Tony
Single Player

Summary: It saddens me so much to give a bad review for a series of games I hold close to my heart, but the simple fact is that WWE 2K15 is nothing more than 2K14 with a different cover. Even the addition of both the NXT mode and Showcase mode are still not a worthy enough reason for 2K14 owners to pick this up. Fingers crossed for new-gen versions I guess.


A sad sad day

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